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Sarah Polley’s Newest Film ‘Women Talking’ Is All Set To Release On 2 December!!

Women Talking is an American drama film. Sarah Polley is the writer and director of the movie Women Talking. This movie is based on the novel by Miriam Toews and the novel’s name was Women Talking. It already had its world premiere on 2 September, 2022 at TFF. Women Talking will be theatrically release on December 2nd, 2022.

It is produced by Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner and Frances McDormand who’s one of the main cast members in the movie. Plan B Entertainment, Hear/Say Productions and Orion Pictures are the production companies. The cinematography is done by Luc Montpellier.

Here’s All About Women Talking- Plot, Cast, Trailer

The movie’s score was composed by Hildur Gudnadottir. Roslyn Kalloo is the editor in this movie. United Artists Releasing (United States) and Universal Pictures (International) are the distributor for the movie. Going to be one of the buzziest movies of 2022.

Women Talking Release Date

Written and Directed by Sarah Polley, the movie Women Talking is the adaptation of the 2018 best selling novel which is based on real life events by Miriam Toews. She has written about her own experiences with destructive behavior by men and found her version of the story inside of the original and did what a good adaptation should be.

MovieWomen Talking
Release Date2 December 2022
CastRooney Mara
Claire Foy
Jessie Buckley
DirectorSarah Polley
WriterSarah Polley
CinematographyLuc Montpellier
MusicHildur Guðnadóttir
ProducerDede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, Frances McDormand
ProductionOrion Pictures, Plan B Entertainment, Hear/Say Productions

Women Talking is a deep and searching exploration of faith, group responsibility, forgiveness, self-determination and emotionally rich & philosophically engaging in equal measure.

Sarah also mentioned that it will be one of her movies which will be able to pass the Bechdel test. The country of origin is the United States and the movie is all set to release in theatres on 2 December, 2022.

Women Talking Release Date

This skillfully made movie is going to release in theatres in the United States on 2 December, 2022 in english language. As of now, it will not be released on any online streaming platforms such as Netflix, prime video etc.

It already had its world premiere on 2 September, 2022 at TFF (Telluride Film Festival). Sarah was also praised and appreciated for her screenplay and direction, the cast were appreciated for their performances, score and cinematography was also considered to be perfect according to the concept by the critics.
The movie has a weighted average score of eighty out of hundred based on fourteen reviews on Metacritic.

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What Will Women Talking Plot Be About?

The plot of the movie revolves around a group of women in an isolated religious colony struggle to reconcile their faith with a series of sexual assaults committed by men of the colony. It shows horrific true crime took place in Bolivia.

Men had been drugging and sexually assaulting neighbours and the members of the colony. Through this movie, Sarah wanted to prove this perception false that Mennonite women were cultists, extremists, social outcasts, and even freaks. After the culprits get arrested, several men step forward to bail them out.

Women Talking Release Date

As the women are ill- equipped,  what decision will they take, will they stay in the colony Or leave it! While watching this story, we will get to know how a woman decides to manage their future, freedom to move forward, and faith. It conveys the message that until women are treated equally and will be provided with freedom, they won’t be able to see the true beauty of the world.

Where To Watch Film Women Talking?

You can watch the film “Women Talking” from 2 December, 2022 onwards in the theatres in the United States. The average running length of the movie is around one hour and forty four minutes or one hour and forty eight minutes.

The film will be primarily available in English language. However, it is expected to be available in other dubbed versions as well later on as it is firstly scheduled for a limited theatrical release. The movie is gathering the attention of the audience by its incredible cinematography and powerful storyline and it is expected that the movie will surely be appreciated by the audience too.

Who Stars In Women Talking: Cast List

The cast members of  Women Talking includes Ona Friesen (played by Rooney Mara),

  • Salome Friesen (played by Claire Foy)
  • Mariche Loewen (played by Jessie Buckley)
  • Scarface Janz (played by Frances McDormand)
  • August Epp (played by Ben Whishaw)
  • Agata (played by Judith Ivey)
  • Mejal (played by Michelle McLeod)
  • Greta (played by Sheila McCarthy)
  • Miep Friesen (played by Emily Mitchell)
  • Autje (played by Kate Hallett)
  • Nietje (played by Liv McNeil)
  • Nettie/Melvin (played by August Winter)
  • Helena (played by Shayla Brown)
  • Anna (played by Kira Guloien)

Frances McDormand’s presence in the movie was confirmed in December 2020. Claire Foy, Ben Whishaw, Michelle McLeod, Jessie Buckley, Judith Ivey, Sheila McCarthy and Rooney Mara joined the cast of the film in June 2021.

As it’s the first part of the movie, there are no new cast members as such. Only the above-mentioned actors and actresses are confirmed till now that will be present there in the film and we never know if we might get surprise with other famous stars in the movie when it releases.

The Talk On Social Media About Women Talking

Polley received the Telluride Film Festival Silver Medallion tribute award. Composer Hildur Guðnadóttir, the composer of the movie also received a tribute award at Toronto International Film Festival (2022).

This movie by Sarah is considered a poignant film about womanhood, freedom, and identity. Women are supporting and cheering for this movie as it deals with issues relating to them.

What To Expect From Women Talking?

This movie is not like every other usual movie, colors are muted and almost faded, like a memory half-remembered, it depicts a time long past. When it was first premiered at TIFF, she also stated that Luc Montpellier has done a brilliant job at cinematography.

It will consist of mature thematic content including bloody images, sexual assault, and strong language that’s why it’s a PG-13 film.

Believing that it is one of a kind movie that you should definitely watch as the real storyline and the concept of the movie is very empowering and shows the reality of some part of the society and gives a great message to the society.

The message is that women should be treated equally and should be free from the world that has held them down for a very long time. To make people understand that women need not to depend on a husband, son or any other men.

Is Trailers Out?

The makers have not released any teaser or trailer yet of the movie Women Talking. Right now, you will only be able to see the official poster of the movie. Audiences are still waiting for the makers to release the trailer so that they can get a glimpse of the movie. You all don’t need to wait for long as the movie will be out at the start of December.

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