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Sara Lee Death: Former WWE Wrestler Sara Lee Died at the Age of 30

Sara Lee Death: Ex- WWE wrestler and Tough Enough champion, Sara Lee died on Oct.5, 2022, at an age of 30. With a heavy heart, Sara Lee’s mother, Teri Lee took the devastating news to social media.

“It’s with heavy hearts that we share the news that Sara Weston has returned to Jesus. Arrangements are not complete and we are all in shock. We request that you respectfully let our family mourn,” Teri Lee wrote in the statement.

Cause of Sara Lee Death

The death news was confirmed on Oct.6, however, the cause of Sara Lee death has been not official revealed so far.

“We need your prayers, especially Cory and their children,” Teri further added in the statement.

Sara Lee married Cory James Weston a.k.a Wesley Blake, the former WWE wrestler, and together they have three children- Piper, 5, Brady, 3, and Case Oliver, 1.

Sara Lee Death Former WWE Wrestler Sara Lee Died at the Age of 30

Sara Lee came into the limelight on the sixth and final season of “Tough Enough,” a reality TV show, where both men and women wrestlers surrender themselves in a one-year contract, where they compete for prize money of $250,000. Fortunately, Sara Lee managed to win the title, earning her once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to wrestle for the network for an entire year. She was released from the contract in September 2016 and ever since the wrestler wrestled on the independent circuit. Although Sara Lee career in WWE was short-lived, she has carved her name in its history which cannot be erased or replaced.

At the time, Sara Lee told the Midland Daily newspaper in Midland, Michigan, “I think my fans can easily relate to me as I’m a normal girl. I have just been myself.” Apparently, Sara Lee was more than grateful for winning Tough Enough, after bagging a maximum number of votes from her fans.

Reportedly, Sara Lee, a commoner from Michigan, was a graduate of Meridian high school, Stanford Michigan in 2010. Previously, Sara Lee was on the track team and she was also a competitive powerlifter.

In her Tough Enough audition, Sara Lee confronted WWE with unmatched confidence where she literally called out to other strong women out there.

“WWE, I’ve got one thing that all these are missing, and that is strength,” she said sanguinely.

After winning the show, Sara Lee once again proved her bravery when she smashed the critics’ opinion of her. “You just go and put it aside. It fueled me more to come here and put on a show, only to prove them all wrong.”

By the time the contract ended between Sara Lee and WWE, she went to spend a few months in NXT participating in live events. Woefully, the cheerful lady left her three beautiful children motherless as well as her husband, a widow, who was a former NXT Tag Team Champion along with Buddy Murphy.

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Following the demise, wrestler Chelsea Green tweeted, “No words can bring back this beautiful human, but my heart goes to Wesley Blake and their family.”

“I will always remember her- smiling, laughing, carefree,” Chelsea added.

WWE wrestler Nikki A.S.H separately tweeted, “You were good in many ways. You loved your family and friends. You were equally warm, selfless, and giving. Regardless of how long we went without seeing each other, we often pick up where we left off. You make me giggle. I love you, Sara Lee.”

Shawn Bennett, WWE referee joined the mourners and penned, “Sara Lee was one of the sweetest people I met whose smile lit up a room. My love goes to Cory and their three children.”

Sara Lee Death Former WWE Wrestler Sara Lee Died at the Age of 30

As soon as the news broke, the wrestling community was extremely quick to mobilize. In fact, Bull James, a fellow wrestler, organized a GoFundMe to help support Cory and his motherless children.

Subsequently, James stated in a post, “Every penny raised thus will straight go to Cory and kids.”

“As a community of wrestlers, we are always quick to shower one another with support in times of need,” James said. “Our entire thoughts are with Sara Lee and her family.”

Within 24 hours, the campaign managed to raise over $50,000. Ostensibly, WWE stars like CM Punk, Becky Lynch, and Natalya Neidhart donated a large sum to the organization.

Sadly, a day before Sara Lee death, she published a post on Instagram wherein she scribbled about returning to the gym after a long hiatus due to sinusitis. She wrote I’m celebrating finally being healthy enough to go to the gym twice in a row. The foremost sinuses infection of my life literally wrecked me.”

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