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Violent Night Trailer: Starring David Harbour, A Bad Bloodthirsty Santa!

The Violent Night trailer opens with a suspicious Santa, sinking himself in alcohol before ringing the jingle bells. What is more exciting about the Violent Night trailer is nothing but David Harbour being a bad Santa.

While you bask in holiday cheer, Universal Pictures will bring you holiday fear. How is the change though? They are coming with “Violent Night” in just a couple of months. David Harbour is apparently doing an experiment with his millions of audience, where he is going to release a different kind of Christmas movie, something which we haven’t seen before. 

With the approaching of the holiday season, you must be busy preparing a movie feast and compiling your favorite flicks of the season. It is high time to hang those Christmas lights on your balcony and pull out those pumpkins. By the way, are you all already in the Xmas mood?

We are hardly making the days pass as we cannot hold any longer for Violent Night as Universal Pictures has already released its first Violent Night trailer. The trailer opens with a suspicious Santa, sinking himself in alcohol before ringing the jingle bells. What is more exciting about the trailer is nothing but David Harbour being a bad Santa. Who might have expected Stranger Things’ David Harbour to appear as Santa in Violet Night? Definitely not us anyway. 

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As Santa Claus, David Harbour is all set to meet his lively fans on December 2. But this year, Santa does not seem anything ordinary. 

The plot then slightly deviates to a happy family, who is relatively more excited about the year’s Christmas, paving a direct way for their little daughter to Santa.

The scene makes anyone drool for that moment, but in a split second, waves of laughter change to sequences of actions. It turns Santa into an unwitting action hero, who ultimately wears the shoes of a savior. 

Violent Night Trailer

Per the official synopsis, a bunch of mercenaries breaks into the same home on Christmas eve, only to hold the family hostage, without knowing the presence of Santa. The team invades the home with the foul intention of stealing the $300 million fortune from the family’s vault.

But the twist begins from the moment they come face to face with Santa, who surprises them after showing up from a chimney. The appearance itself was more than enough for them to realize he has thrown a whole lot of cola in their plans.

Although the Violent Night mystery thriller is going to be bloody, it still has the potential to make you burst into laughter throughout the 2 hours, while Santa rescues the entire family members from the thugs. 

If you only prefer watching festive-styled movies alone on the occasion of Christmas, Violet Night is still the best pick for you. Besides focusing on the darker sides of Christmas, it also invites attention to the staples of a holiday movie. 

The Violent Night trailer has certain portions that delve deep into the way how an honest Santa Claus punishes those on his naughty list. In fact, Santa even drops his entire plans for the evening, only to save the family whose Christmas is uprooted when the bad guys break into their compound.

Along with David Harbour, Cam Gigandet, Alexis Louder, John Leguizamo, Beverly D’Angelo, Alex Hassell, and Edi Patterson. 

The movie is produced by Kelly McCormick and David Leitch’s 87 North production company, which has also helmed the movies such as Atomic Blonde, Deadpool 2, Bullet Train, and Nobody. The screenplay is by Sonic the Hedgehog scribes Josh Miller and Pat Casey. The flick is directed by Tommy Wirkola and executive produced by Marc S. Fischer. Universal Pictures will distribute it in all territories. 

Although Violent Night will only premiere on December 2, there will be a screening in October, which you can attend, if you’re going to New York Comic Con. 

David Harbour initially disclosed that he had to regain around 80 pounds to play the role of Santa Claus in Violet Night after shedding extra pounds during the seasons of Stranger Things. He also said that he will never again find comfort in undergoing weight loss procedures, specifically for a role.

2023 is definitely going to be a huge year for David Harbour as he has been slated to appear in an upcoming HBO limited true crime series, “My Dentist’s Murder Trail”, opposite Pedro Pascal. Besides that, David Harbour will also lead Cooper Raiff’s upcoming feature film, “The Trashers,” which is based on a true story.

He will be seen alongside Cooper Hoffman in the movie and of course, there happens to be no question regarding David Harbour concluding the Stranger Things arises as it is a confirmed topic as of now. 

By the time the show warped after its first season, he thought, there would not be a second season for the sci-fi series. David Harbour literally admitted his doubt regarding its success, where he said the entire team thought their show would be the first Netflix product, which will wind up after a single season. 

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