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Who is Kiana Yamat Miss Hawaii USA 2022? All About Kiana Yamat

With her seafaring journey, Miss Hawaii USA 2022, Kiana Yamat has clearly garnered tabloid attention, and with her enigmatic beauty, she is gearing up to make millions of jaws drop this year.

Kiana Yamat, along with other participants of Miss USA 2022 will meet their fans live during the event of the Miss USA 2022 pageant, which will air live on Monday, Oct. 3, 2022. The gorgeous ladies are getting themselves prepared for the evening to fit in the swimsuit challenge and dash in round gowns. 

However, we should, first of all, give a big round of applause to the panel of jury members, who will eventually choose one among the many queens to wear The Miss USA 2022 crown, which is certainly a heavier task than anything. 

Who is Kiana Yamat?

Kiana Yamat is certainly a familiar name as she was crowned as Miss Hawaii USA 2022 at Hawaii Convention Centre on February 19, 2022. Subsequently, Kiana Yamat will represent Hawaii at The Miss USA 2022 event. 

Who is Kiana Yamat Miss Hawaii USA 2022 All About Kiana Yamat

Born in Waikiki, Honolulu, Kiana Yamat is of Mexican and Filipino descent. Kiana Yamat is more than 170cm tall, surpassing Allison Chu, Miss Hawaii USA 2021. Kiana Yamat has earned a degree in civil engineering from the University of Hawaii, Manoa. As a field engineer, she has both interned and worked at Hensel Phelps. Apart from that, the pretty 27-year-old lady has also worked at the BFK Engineers in San Francisco. 

The Miss Hawaii USA 2022 was her first ever pageant and interestingly, she cracked the winning title on her first try. Besides, she is also an ex-athlete. In the past, the multifaceted ran Track & Field, and at the same time, Kiana Yamat has also been her school’s cheerleading captain plus the all-rounder has represented Hawaii at the Wrestling Nationals. 

Kiana Yamat on Miss USA 2022

Kiana Yamat has set herself a unique goal which is to become a female model in the STEM industry. The diva has got a second aim too which is to inspire young women to seek and place themselves in reputed positions specifically in male-dominated industries.

She is planning to make use of the popularity that she has been enjoying as a result of being Miss Hawaii USA to do outreach to the community or specifically young women who are confused and standing still in a position just like how she did when he was young and befuddled.

Kian Yamat is entirely targeting those who are interested in STEM so that she can easily fill the blank provided for female role models or mentors. 

Kiana Yamat Biography

Who is Kiana Yamat Miss Hawaii USA 2022 All About Kiana Yamat

The 27-year-old is the daughter of Ray Yamat and Mona and she went to Kamehameha Elementary School, Lahaina Intermediate School, and Lahainaluna High School.  

Right after being crowned as Miss Hawaii 2022, Kiana Yamat took a cute, dolled-up picture of herself lying on a bed, wearing the crown, and penned a long caption that read, “ I’m still in disbelief for being crowned last night.”

“Throughout the pageant, I have been grateful for having the experience despite the results- I changed my style to improve my physical and mental health while making friends with my pageant sisters. I am more than blessed to have been backed by a fantastic support system. I can’t wait to mention each one of you in my coming posts. We did it.”

Now for a long time, Kiana Yamat has been waiting to tackle her next milestone- The Miss USA Pageant. Recently, she shared another snap on Instagram and wrote about her preparations underneath. 

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“We are less than a couple of months away from the Miss USA Pageant,” the beauty queen wrote. I feel proud and honored to represent Hawaii in Nevada on Oct.3.”

“Blessed with the experiences of being Miss Hawaii USA, I have been to places where I wouldn’t have had the means to go before. It has connected me to people across the country and has also given me platforms to talk about matters that I consider important, which was only a dream until. “

To be the next Miss USA, I humbly request your support. I would have never been here without the support and love our community has shown this far and I also hope to make Hawaii proud at the event.” 

When Will Miss USA 2022 Premiere?

As previously announced by the officials, Miss USA 2022 will premiere today, at 8 pm ET and 5 pm, PT. for today’s pageant, Kiana Yamat has put her soul in.

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