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Marilyn Monroe Net Worth: Who Inherited Her Wealth After She Died?

Marilyn Monroe, who took the entire Hollywood at her fingertips with her unparalleled prodigious talent, left the world to mourn for her untimely death on the cursed day of fourth August 1962. According to the will that was filed in Los Angeles County, Marilyn Monroe had a net worth of $370,000 aka $3.5 million as of 2022.

If we are still remembering her today, then imagine the magic she must have spelled on hee enthusiasts to pass on good words about the saga, generations over generations. 

Marilyn Monroe's Net Worth

Monroe’s flamboyant behavior has locked the hearts of many as well as her extra appealing and confident looks. However, the tragedy of her death often reminds us of what an incredible and in-demand face she was in the industry. 

Full Name Norma Jeane Mortenson
NicknameNorma Jeane Baker, The Blonde Bombshell
BornNorma Jeane Mortenson
June 1, 1926
Age36 Years (as in 1962)
SpousesJames Dougherty
​​(m. 1942; div. 1946)​
Joe DiMaggio
​(m. 1954; div. 1955)​
Arthur Miller
​​(m. 1956; div. 1961)
ChildrenNot Known
Marital StatusDivorced
DebutFilm: Dangerous Years (1947)
First MovieThe Shocking Miss Pilgrim (1947)
 All About Eve (1950)
MoviesSome Like It Hot (1959)
The Seven Year Itch (1955)
The Misfits (1961)
Education QualificationShe dropped out of high school
Home TownLos Angeles, California, USA
FatherJohn Newton Baker
MotherGladys Pearl Baker
Date Of Death4 Aug 1962
Cause Of DeathBarbiturate Overdose
Net Worth$3.5 million

Within just 15 years, Marilyn Monroe acquired more than 30 accolades. With that in mind, you can definitely see what Monroe’s stardom would look like. Moreover, Marilyn Monroe’s net worth at the time of her demise itself is something to boast about, which is still making her stick to the list of highest-paid celebrities ever. 

What Was Marilyn Monroe’s Net Worth? 

According to the will that was filed in Los Angeles County, Marilyn Monroe had a net worth of $370,000 aka $3.5 million as of 2022. Although Monroe was well-off, she was left with almost nothing at the time Monroe apparently committed suicide. As generous as she was, it was not a wonder to her near and dear ones, where all of her money went.

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Marilyn Monroe’s Income

From film salary alone, Marilyn Monroe earned around $3 million, which is nearly $24 million as of 2022 economy, that too within one and a half decades. Her life was tragically cut short when she was only 36. Monroe’s net worth was whittled down as the profession she was in made the men affluent, and not her. 

Marilyn Monroe's Net Worth Who Inherited Her Wealth

Joyce Carol Oates, the original author of Blonde, on which the Netflix movie starring Ana De Armas as Monroe has been progressing, recalled once he was giving an interview, where he agreed that fame was not an identity with which a person like Marilyn Monroe could live with, which is absolutely true to our knowledge as well. 

How Did Marilyn Monroe Spend Her Money?

Reports state that Monroe often spent a fortune on her clothes, jewelry, and other apparel as well as on luxury gifts to her friends and employees. It is also evident that she had spent a large sum on buying estates and mansions.

Who inherited Marilyn Monroe’s Fortune?

As per the will Monroe had prepared prior to the suicide, she had ordered to give $10,000 each to her assistant along with her half-sister. She left $100,000 in a trust fund for her mom and credited $5,000 in a separate trust fund.

Among all, a major part, comprising around 75% of Monroe’s intellectual properties was left to her acting teacher, Lee Strasberg, and the remaining 25% to her Psychiatrist, Dr. Marienne Kris. 

Marilyn Monroe's Net Worth Who Inherited Her Wealth After She Died

According to Sarah Churchwell, the author of The Many Lives of Marilyn Monroe, Monroe felt Kris was quite sympathetic towards her and she discovered that Kris was however making her understand what was happening with her. 

When Kris died, a part of her share was handed over to Anna Freud Centre in London, which solely works for disabled children.

“That would have definitely made Monroe happy as she always wanted to do something good so that she could feel as if she has accomplished something good”, said Churchwell. 

Although More specifically wrote in her will to pass on her personal belongings to her friends and colleagues, Anna Mizrahi, Strasberg’s second wife, intervened in the middle asking the auctioneers to sell those instead. That way, Monroe’s iconic peachy-rhinestone dress was sold, which the icon has worn while singing the Birthday song to President, John F. Kennedy. The famous dress was infamously worn by the beauty queen, Kim Kardashian at the recent Met Gala. 

The dress earned around $1 million, but when the unique piece was resold in 2016, it was bought by Ripley Entertainment for $4.8 million. 

Monroe’s grand piano, which might have hooked the eyes of anyone who saw it, was also sold to pop star Mariah Carey, who said, “I wish Monroe’s belongings were not auctioned off. It is a shame that nobody had the money to buy all of her things and put them in a museum.”

Reportedly, in 2011, Mizrahi also made nearly $20-30 million from tying with an authentic Brands group, in exchange for the 75% stake she owned in Monroe’s estate. 

How Did Marilyn Monroe’s Net Worth Peak?

When Mizrahi inherited the estate Monroe had offered Strasberg as per her will, she hired a company, CMG Worldwide, which managed the estate of non-existing celebrities to license Monroe merchandise. That was a landmark moment for Monroe although she was no more as the star really began to earn big bucks finally. According to Forbes, it was Mizrahi who made Monroe, one of the highest-paid non-living celebrities in the world. As licensing revenue alone, Marilyn Monroe  LLC earned more than $7 million. 

How Did Marilyn Monroe Die?

As per the autopsy report, Marlyn Monroe’s body revealed contents of barbiturates, in other words, sleeping pills. On the night she passed away, Eunice Murray, her housekeeper, was at their home in Los Angeles. 

Murray felt something was strange and when looked she saw the light was still on at 3 am in Monroe’s room, urging her to check on her. However, the door was alleged to have either been locked or blocked. 

Murray immediately informed Monroe’s LA psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson, who broke into the locked room, only to find Monroe unconscious in her bed. Apparently, an hour later, Monroe was informed dead by her doctor, concluding an ostensible suicide. 

About  Marlyn Monroe’s Autobiography

If this isn’t enough to quench your thirst for discovering about Marilyn Monroe, go through her autobiography titled, My Story. It will take you to Monroe’s world, where she was raised abandoned as an unwanted orphan, and her transformation to becoming an actress or ultimately a sex symbol. 

The book also reveals about three of her failed marriages, which are quite intimate. It unleashes how Monroe became the American icon the world adores today. 

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