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Who Was Marilyn Monroe Father, Charles Stanley Gifford, Did Marilyn Monroe Ever Meet Her Biological Father?

Netflix is hellbent on creating history as the steaming behemoth recently premiered, Blonde, which is a fictionalized take on the Hollywood sags, Marilyn Monroe’s life, who is better known to the industry as the “sex symbol.”

Marilyn Monroe, who flabbergasted her entire audience in the ’90s ostensibly has returned through Ana De Armas, a Cuban-Spanish actress, who is garnering tabloid attention, ever since the psychological biographical fiction drama film, Blonde debuted on September 23, 2022. 

In the wake of the release, Charles Stanley Gifford, Marilyn Monroe’s father, emerged as a suspicious figure, compelling the fans to dive deep into his roots. Is Charles Stanley Gifford her father? If so, why did he deny the truth? Find it after a jump.

Who Was Marilyn Monroe Father, Charles Stanley Gifford?

Charles Stanley Gifford was a Newport native, born in 1898. Sometimes during Gifford’s early life, he went to serve a random Hollywood film-developing company, which turned out to change the destinies of several people as he apparently met Gladys Pearl, Marilyn Monroe’s mother there. Gladys was a film cutter at RKO Pictures. 

Who Was Marilyn Monroe’s Father, Charles Stanley Gifford?

The pair easily got along with each other, eventually falling in love. Soon after, Gladys turned out to be expectant at the age of 26 and by the time Marilyn Monroe was born, not even Gifford’s Dust was to be found.

Literally, Gifford disappeared into the thin air and apparently did never reach out to Gladys or his daughter, nor did Gladys try to contact the man who betrayed her. 

Sadly, only Monroe was constantly trying to find her absent father, while counting her dark days in foster care, only to end up more disheartened. 

The only hope she carried along was the photo shown by her mum, of a man in a golden frame, saying it was her father. Gladys didn’t choose to open up about Gifford’s identity to his own daughter, thus it was unclear how much the blonde bombshell was aware.

Gladys married thrice in her lifetime, referring to her second husband, Martin Edward Mortensen in Monroe’s birth certificate as her father. She eventually lost control of her mental health and collapsed at the psychiatric center and soon Gladys was informed dead in 1983. Starting from then, Monroe was left all alone in the foster homes as an abandoned orphan, who was calling up to his father, Gifford for an escape. 

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What Happened To Charles Stanley Gifford?

After diverging from his sweetheart, Gifford went to become a director and a producer. Seemingly, Gifford remarried in 1919 and led a normal family with their two children, until one day the couple decided to part ways. 

That time, Monroe was persistent in getting back with her estranged father, who to her disappointment turned his back on her. 

Marilyn Monroe’s Father, Charles Stanley Gifford,

But Gifford was careless about whatever claims Monroe made, batting her away until his death. The film icon’s pals and Monore’s first husband, James Dougherty, used to elaborate on the cruel ignorance showcased by Gifford, denying the existence of such a daughter. 

Dougherty once revealed, “ Monroe looked for his number on her phone and called him,” only to hear a response that said, “I don’t know who you are. Contact my lawyer.” To her despair, Gifford also said: “ My former wife wanted nothing from me.”

According to Charles Casillo’s novel, Marilyn Monroe: The Private Life of a Public Icon, Monroe once tracked her father down, being adamant to confront him. But Gifford on the other hand, knowingly pushed away claiming she would be a threat to his current family and that things would have been better if she only contacted his attorney. 

About the meeting that brought the father-daughter face to face, Monroe’s acting coach, Natasha Lytess told, “ It did her no good, except that it broke her heart.”

Monroe, as brave as she is, gathered herself and apparently met Gifford once again in 1950, claims Sidney Skolosky, her pal.

Skolowksy accompanied her to meet him and while returning to the car, she yelled out, “son of a bit**.” 

Although Gifford waved her back every time, she returned like a moth to a flame, however, every time Monroe tried to reach him either by phone or in person, he simply shuts her off asking her to leave him alone.

Even before accepting Monroe as his own blood, Gifford left for the heavenly residence in 1985, while he was residing near Hemet, California.

Charles Stanley Gifford’s Paternity Test

Following 6 decades from Monroe’s death, a damning documentary is finally here to break down the identity of her biological father. Recently, in June 2022, filmmaker Francois made the documentary titled, “Marilyn, Her Final Secret”,- which saw experts finishing a DNA test to definitively prove Griffon’s paternity. 

The analysis was possible even after Monroe’s death as a team preserved a lock of the legendary hair, upon which the forensics conducted the experiment. The hair was kept at the coroner’s office, only to prove one day that Gifford was her father. 

Marilyn Monroe’s Father, Charles Stanley Gifford

Initially, the procedure was hard to complete as Mornoe, who was born Brunette, used to bleach her hair very often, resulting in fading of most of her DNA. Forensic practitioners eventually managed the situation, collecting sufficient DNA to test against the extracted cheek swab, from Grifford’s great-grandchild. 

At the time when the experts went to collect the forensic evidence, Griffon’s great-granddaughter, Francine Gifford Deir was 75 and they hardly located her there.

Finally, after years, it was however proved that Mr. Charles Stanely Gifford was Monroe’s father, clearing the assumptions that were made for a period, which was longer than her existence. 

Who Was Martin Edward Mortensen?

Monroe’s mother, Gladys was earlier married to Martin Edward Mortensen, whose name is so familiar to many of us as he was said to be Monroe’s father as per her birth record. But, was there a chance for Martin Edward Mortensen to be the biological father of Marilyn Monroe?

Martin Edward Mortensen and Gladys Pearl tied the knot on 11 October 1924. Later, on 26 May 1925, the estranged couple apparently went to live separately, finally being officially divorced on 15 August 1925. 

It is obvious from the timeline that under any circumstance, Mr. Mortensen could not be Monroe’s father and his name was dragged in only to dismiss the stigma of illegitimacy. Apparently, Gladys conceived on 25 August 1925, which is 10 days after the former pair’s legal separation. But to be more precise, the couple were already living under different roofs for around 3 and a half months, which is enough to know Mortensen’s lack of involvement. 

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