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Jungle Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Much More Updates

Amazon Prime Video is going to be the host of an upcoming drama series that is titled Jungle. The series is going to revolve around some of the very famous rap and drill artists of the UK. The audience will get an insight into the lives of these rappers and the background they come from. Jungle season 1 release date has been officially announced and it is soon going to be available for the audience.

Further in this article, we will get to know more about Jungle season 1 release date, cast, plot, trailer, spoilers, where it will be streamed, and more. 

What Jungle Season 1 Be About?  

The upcoming series titled Jungle is directed by Junior Okoli. The Jungle season 1 filming has taken place in London. The production company of the series is Nothing Lost and the Executive Producers are Junior Okoli and Chas Appeti.

Jungle Season 1 Release Date
CreatorsJunior Okoli
Chas Appeti
Nadia A’Rubea
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original networkAmazon Prime Video
Original releaseFebruary 6, 2014

Jungle season 1 is said to be full of emotions and struggles of the people that are depicted in the series. The genres associated with this upcoming series are drama, music, and crime. This will not be just another season from the world of rappers and the hood, it will be more.

Jungle season 1 release date has been set and the show is going to be available for the audience to watch on September 30, 2022, on the famous streaming service Amazon Prime Video. 

Expected Release Date 

The announcement of the upcoming show titled Jungle was made back in the year 2020 by its creators and after 2 years, the Jungle season 1 release date has been officially announced. The show is going to be available for the audience to stream on September 30, 2022.

The Jungle season 1 plot will highlight the rap culture in the United Kingdom and the artists’ daily struggles. Many famous rap artists in the music industry are known to have come out of a very difficult background and these artists have often been subjects to crimes and scandals.

This upcoming crime drama series is going to perfectly blend the music culture with the reality of the artists and how their lives are intertwined. The Jungle season 1 cast includes some talented and promising actors and will also include some very well-known rap and drill music artists that will be playing themselves in the series. 

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Jungle Season 1 Plot   

The Jungle season 1 plot is very promising and intriguing. It is going to highlight the rap culture existing in the United Kingdom, artists and aspiring young men who go through a lot of struggles and have to deal with all sorts of consequences of their actions.

The series will follow the lives of various strangers who are out there in the world trying to make ends meet and make themselves better but life has all sorts of plans for them. London life is depicted from a different angle, an angle that is not known by many people.

Jungle Season 1

A life and area that already exists, the danger, struggle, pain, and difficulties that one has to face just to make something of themselves. The characters in the series will be seen learning the true value of life because of the situations they are put in daily. The plot also includes some renowned artists of the music industry like the famous rapper Tinnie Tempah and more. 

Where To Watch Jungle Season 1

The Jungle season 1 streaming will take place on the famous platform Amazon Prime Video on September 30, 2022, as mentioned earlier.

The show is going to be available in the English language and will have subtitles in other languages including Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, and more so that the show can be watched by people around the world comfortably.

This original drama series is going to be star-studded and will get brutally honest about how things actually are behind the glorious cover that we see. Famous and significant music artists are going to be a part of this series which is going to depict the struggles of the individuals in a different setting in London and the rap and drill music culture, what goes on behind the scenes, and how fame comes at a cost. 

Jungle Season 1 Cast Explored

The Jungle season 1 cast will include the actors listed below.

  • Poundz plays the character of Marcus.
  • Nadia A’Rubea plays the character of Jessica.
  • RA plays the character of Slim.
  • M24 plays the character of 6IX.
  • Madeline Appiah plays the character of Vivian.
  • Malick Bojang plays the character of a gang member. 
  • Ezra Elliot plays the character of Gogo.
  • IAMDDB(Diane De Brito) plays the character of Mia Mor$.
  • Jaykae plays the character of Willow.
  • Seyi Andes-Pelumi plays the character of Danial.
  • Amaria Bb plays the character of Bianca.
  • K Koke plays the character of Stacks.
  • Skeamer plays the character of Shorty.
  • J Fado plays the character of Chapo.
  • Lenny Kapo-Gomis plays the charactwter of Jay.
  • Tinie Tempah plays himself.
  • Rimzee plays the character of Spooks.
  • Double Lz plays himself. 
  • Bando Kay also plays himself. 
  • Matt Young plays the character of Aimer.
  • Dizzee plays the character of AP.

The Talk On Social Media About Jungle Season 1 

The audience is extremely hyped after the announcement of the upcoming crime drama series Jungle. Several pages are dedicated to the show on social media that keep the viewers updated.

The audience has expressed that the Jungle season 1 spoiler looks intriguing and that they can’t wait to see what the series is going to bring to the table. The show looks serious and bold and the audience is keenly looking forward to witnessing the emotions depicted in the series.

The viewers and fans have also expressed that they are excited to see the musical aspects of the series including the famous rap artists cast in the show. 

What To Expect From Jungle Season 1?

From what the Jungle season 1 spoiler has revealed, it is only fair that the audience expects great things from this upcoming series. It is safe to assume that the show will be full of drama, chaos, crime, music, and more.

Various emotions and struggles will be beautifully depicted through the lives of the people in the show. All in all, the audience can expect to witness some serious drama and be sufficiently entertained by this upcoming show. 

How Many Episodes Will Jungle Season 1 Have?

Jungle season 1 episodes guide has been released and the show is going to have a total of 6 episodes that will all be released at the same time on September 30, 2022, on Prime Video. 

Jungle Season 1 Trailer

Jungle season 1 trailer was released a while back and it has managed to grab the attention of a large audience because of its dark theme and intriguing plot. The trailer begins with a man saying that he feels if he stays, he will die which gives off a very intense vibe from the series.

Does a voiceover then say that what if all of this was not just a bunch of actors in front of the camera but was reality? Clippings of different people in the city of London are shown as the man is talking. Captivating music is also playing in the background through the trailer.

There’s blood, questions, and chaos as the trailer moves forward. A man can again be heard saying that the truth was that they lived in a very different world where the same normal rules don’t apply. The trailer continues with strange events taking place. It doesn’t reveal much but only gives us a glimpse of the theme of the upcoming series. 

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