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Mackenzie Scott Net Worth – How Did Jeff Bezos Ex-Wife Get Her Settlement?

Mackenzie Scott, the ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has made headlines, donating a significant sum instead of piling up her fortune. Focusing on philanthropy, she has set her principles that are much to be appreciated. Mackenzie Scott’s unparalleled net worth has also enabled her in many ways that no other billionaire has ever thought of until now.

Following her 2019 record-breaking divorce settlement from the multi-billionaire, Bezos, she penned in a non-private letter, “My approach will continue to be thoughtful regarding philanthropy. It will take immense effort, care, and time. But I will not wait, instead, I will keep at it until and unless my safe is empty.”

Full NameMackenzie Scott
Age (as of 2022)52 Years Old
ProfessionNovelist, Philanthropist
Date of BirthApril 7, 1970
Place of BirthSan Francisco, California, U.S
Current ResidenceUnited States Of America
Mackenzie Scott Net worth$43.6 billion
SpouseJeff Bezos(m. 1993- div. 2019)​
Dan Jewett(m. 2021- div. 2022)
Weight60 kg
Height170 cm

What is Mackenzie Scott Net Worth?

Since Mackenzie Scott net worth has been buzzing among the enthusiasts, it however implies the lady is well-off. Still, you will have a craving to know how much Mackenzie Scott net worth is, won’t you?

Mackenzie Scott Net Worth

So, here is your answer, as of 2022, Mackenzie Scott net worth is estimated to be $43.6 billion, which is something that deserves a “jaw-dropping” expression.

Scott, who married Bezos has certainly kept her promise by far, as she has been giving away her riches, replacing them again with her effort, only to distribute them to charity the following year.

Interestingly, Scott has signed the papers of the Giving Pledge, which encourages the extremely affluent to donate half of their fortune, founded by the former duo Melida Gates and Bill, along with Warren Buffett.

Here, we have gathered most of the details regarding Mackenzie Scott net worth and how much she has given away to date. Find it after a jump.

How Much Did Mackenzie Scott Receive in the Divorce Settlement?

Mackenzie Scott Net Worth

The power couple, Mackenzie Scott and Jeff Bezos parted their ways in 2019. In a joint statement on Bezos’ Twitter handle, the former duo stated, “as our close friends and family know, after a long period of loving, we have finally decided to split and continue as friends. Even if we had known about this divorce which was to happen after 25 years, we would do it once again.”

Following that, Scott made another statement of her own, clarifying her part, “Grateful to have completed the process of breaking my marriage, with support from each other and everyone who simply reached out to us in humility, and looking ahead to the next phase as being friends and co-parenting.”

When the divorce was over, Scott revealed that she had removed Bezos from her name in 2020, while taking large steps towards fulfilling her bucket list with 25% of her ex’s fortune in the form of Amazon stocks, in her hand. It would simply sum up to $36 billion. That’s really A LOT!
As part of the settlement, Scott lost her voting control over her own Amazon shares and had to return The Washington Post and Bezos-owned aerospace enterprise, Blue Origin, to him. Now, it is evident why this divorce is referred to as the costliest divorce in history.

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How Much Has Mackenzie Scott Given to Charity?

According to the calculation of Forbes, Scott has given away around $12.5 billion to more than 1,250 charitable organizations. Although she hasn’t been hesitant of donating, it hasn’t in any way depleted her fortune, instead, she has been still ranked as the 30th richest person and the fourth richest woman, as of 2021.

So far, she has surpassed her former husband in terms of donation as Jeff has not even agreed to the policies of the Giving Pledge, which was signed by several top CEOS including the richest man alive, Elon Musk.

However, Jeff wasn’t ignorant of what Scott has been doing so far. Once, he even made a tweet, cheering for Scott’s philanthropic efforts when she initially signed the Giving Pledge letter, sometime in 2019. “Mackenzie is going to be effective, amazing, and thoughtful at philanthropy, and I am proud of her. The letter she wrote is so beautiful. Go get ’em, Mackenzie,” he penned.

Recently, Scott donated a couple of luxurious mansions she possessed, worth $55 million to the California Community Foundation. Also, the Health Forward Foundation and the Episcopal Health Foundation have reported about each of them receiving a sum of $15 million and $20 million respectively.

Organization to Which Mackenzie Scott Has Ever Donated

Over the past few years, Scott has extended her hands to thousands of charities and has chosen to not hide whatever she has been doing with her fortune. In July 2020, Scott made an update in her pledge letter, where she wrote about not having a single doubt regarding anyone’s personal wealth being a result of a collective effort. She further added, “There is no question in my mind that anyone’s individual assets are a result of social structures that represent opportunities to some, whereas obstacles to countless others.”

By far, the lady diva has been adamant in keeping transparency about her distributions, and she has shared an endless list of organizations, to whom apparently $1.7 billion has been donated. Among that, $133 million went to those championing gender equality, $46 million to those promoting LGBTQIA+, and $568.7 million to various other organizations supporting racial equity.

In the light of COVID-19, Scott altered her letter and on the medium, she shared, “I have asked a group of advisors to help me rev my current giving to support the people, adversely affected by the economic effects of the pandemic.”

In 2002, Scott made donations to 384 organizations in which a group of people claimed basic needs like emergency fund relief and food banks, implying their vulnerability and there were also people who were requesting for debt relief, employment training, and even for education by the historically marginalized people.

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