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Raymond And Ray Release Date On Apple TV+, Cast, Plot And Everything We Know So Far

Rodrigo Garcia has directed the upcoming comedy-drama film titled Raymond and Ray which has already made its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this year. The Raymond and Ray release date has been confirmed and the film is going to be out soon. The Raymond and Ray release date has been announced the movie is going to be available on the streaming platform Apple TV Plus on October 21, 2022.

The movie is going to revolve around two brothers who are reunited at the funeral of their father. Further in this article, we will get to know more about the Raymond and Ray plot, cast, trailer, spoilers, where it will be streamed, and more.

What Is Raymond And Ray Movie About?

The upcoming film titled Raymond and Ray is written and directed by Rodrigo Garcia who has also given the audience films like Nine Lives, Mother and Child, the famous web series Blue and more. The production companies of the film are Apple Studios, Mockingbird Pictures, and Esperanto Filmoj.

Raymond And Ray

The genres associated with this movie are comedy and drama and it is going to be distributed by Apple TV Plus. The Raymond and Ray release date has been officially confirmed and the movie is going to be available for the audience to watch on October 21, 2022.

MovieRaymond And Ray
DirectorRodrigo García
WriterRodrigo García
Country of originUnited States
Filming locationsRichmond, Virginia, USA
CinematographyIgor Jadue-Lillo
Distributed byApple TV+
Release datesSeptember 12, 2022 (TIFF)
October 21, 2022 (United States)

The Raymond and Ray spoilers look promising and the film is going to highlight the relationship of the two brothers with their late father with whom they don’t share pleasant memories but are trying to go through everything lightly and make the best of what they have been given and what they went through. 

Raymond And Ray Release Date

The Raymond and Ray release date has been announced and for those who didn’t attend the festival, the movie is going to be available on the streaming platform Apple TV Plus on October 21, 2022.

As mentioned earlier, the upcoming film has already been premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival which was held on September 12, 2022.

Among the producers of the film are Alfonso Charon and Bonnie Curtis and the shooting has taken place in locations like Richmond and Hopewell, Virginia. The Raymond and Ray cast includes Ewan McGregor and Ethan Hawke who are the protagonists of the film and are playing the roles of Raymond and Ray.

This upcoming film is going to explore many emotions of two half brothers who have had a bad past with their father but are trying to move forward with the best possible attitude. The casting of the film is impressive and the storyline is captivating. 

Raymond And Ray Plot   

The Raymond and Ray plot is going to revolve around two half brothers named Raymon and Ray. These characters are being played by extremely talented actors who have given the audience significant work in the past. The two brothers meet at their father’s funeral who was not a very good man. Both of them don’t have pleasant memories with him and he was not somebody who they could rely upon or look up to.

Raymond And Ray

His funeral gives the brothers a chance to reminisce and reinvent. The film follows themes of anger, pain, love, family, brotherhood, and more. From whatever information that has been released, it is speculated that the brothers will probably try to understand their father and why he did the things he did, maybe even forgive him and even though he was not a good father to them, they will be seen trying to make the best of the situation by keeping things light and full of humor. 

Where To Watch Raymond And Ray? 

Raymond and stay streaming is going to take place on the famous platform Apple TV Plus which is the distributor of the film. The running time of the upcoming comedy-drama film is 100 minutes and it is going to be available in the English language.

The release date has been confirmed for October 21, 2022, and the audience will be able to watch the same from the comfort of their homes on Apple TV Plus.

As of now, the movie is exclusively being released on one platform only but later it can be available on other streaming platforms including Netflix and Prime Video although there is still no confirmation about the same. The Raymond and Ray spoilers hinted at the film being full of emotions and humorous drama. 

Raymond And Ray Cast

The Raymond and Ray cast includes a bunch of talented actors that are listed below. 

  • Ethan Hawke plays the character of Ray.
  • Ewan McGregor plays the character of Raymond.
  • Sophie Okonedo plays the character of Kiera.
  • Maribel Verdu plays the character of Lucia.
  • Todd Louiso plays the character of Canfield.
  • Tom Bower plays the character of Harris.
  • Maxim Swinton plays the character of Simon.
  • Chris Silcox plays the character of Leon.
  • Chris Grabher plays the character of Vincent.
  • Angie Campbell plays the character of Rose.

Vondie Curtis-Hall is also going to be part of the film.

The Talk On Social Media About Raymond And Ray

Raymond and Ray have created hype among the audience since the time it has been announced because of its amazing star cast and intriguing plot. The film has several pages dedicated to it on social media and the fans have utilized the platforms to express how they feel about the upcoming comedy-drama film.

The viewers who already got to see the film at the festival have given it positive reviews. The rest of the audience has expressed that the movie ought to be good since it has two extremely talented actors and that the storyline looks promising and heart-warming. They are hoping that the film is as good as it seems to be and is eagerly looking forward to seeing it on Apple TV Plus upon its release on October 21, 2022. 

What To Expect From Raymond And Ray?

It is only fair that we expect good things from the upcoming film titled Raymond and Ray because not only does the film have an exceptionally good cast, but also a very writer and director.

Raymond and Ray spoilers have hinted at the film being full of emotions including pain, anger, unresolved feelings, brotherhood, fatherhood, love, hate, and more. The film is expected to beautifully depict a flawed relationship between two brothers and their father and how they cope with their loss which doesn’t just include the death of their father but also, his absence as a good father.
The two grow up without knowing who their father was and are reunited at his funeral. The film will take us on a beautiful journey where the protagonists will try to reinvent themselves and move forward. 

Raymond And Ray Trailer

The Raymond and Ray trailer has not been officially released but a small clipping from the Toronto International Film Festival is available which acts as a teaser of the upcoming film. In the clip, we see the two brothers in a house and a woman who serves them food.

They appreciate the food they have been given and ask the lady how long she has worked in the house to which she says that she lives there and is their father’s former lover.

The clipping doesn’t reveal much but we get the hint that the brothers are in a situation after their father has passed away and a glimpse of what the movie will bring to the table. The official trailer is expected to be released soon probably closer to the release of the film. 

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