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Possession (2022) Norwegian Horror Movie Release Date, Trailer, And More

Possession is an upcoming Norwegian film that is going to be full of thrill and horror. The plot of this upcoming film revolves around a priest who digs up an old burial land only to unleash the dead which come to haunt the settlers of the area. The Possession release date has been officially announced and the movie is going to be available for the audience to watch in the theatres on October 7, 2022. 

Further in this article, we will get to know more about the Possession release date, plot, cast, trailer, spoilers, where it will be streamed, and more.

What Possession Be About?

The upcoming film titled Possession is a Norwegian horror that is going to witness the Sami warriors coming back from the dead and haunting their surroundings.

Possession (2022) Norwegian Horror

The film is directed by Henrik M. Dahlsbakken who also happens to be the screenwriter of the film. The film originally had a different title but was later changed to the current one. The film is going to be distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films and its production company is FilmBros Productions.

DirectorHenrik Martin Dahlsbakken
WriterHenrik Martin Dahlsbakken
StarsJan Sælid
Eva Nergård
Tarjei Sandvik Moe
Country of originNorway
Filming locationsRøros, Norway
Production companyFilmBros
Release DateOctober 7, 2022

The film is going to have a limited theatrical release and is going to be full of intense horror. The Possession release date has been officially announced and the movie is going to be available for the audience to watch in the theatres on October 7, 2022. 

Possession Release Date 

As mentioned earlier, the upcoming film titled Possession has an official release date. The movie is coinciding with some other major releases including Amsterdam, Lyle, Crocodile, and more. The Possession release date has been set for October 7, 2022, and the movie is going to be released in the theatres for a limited period of time.

Possession filming has taken place in Røros and Tolga which are situated in Norway. Possession spoilers look extremely promising and the film seems to be capable of inducing the chills among the audience.

The ghosts in this film are Sami warriors who are disturbed after their burial ground is dug up on orders of a priest who is given the chance to find the new location of a church for the local mining company.

This decision of the locals comes with heavy consequences that the people of the town will have to face. The film has an eerie vibe to it because of its intriguing plot. 

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Possession Plot   

Possession plot is going to revolve around a priest who is given the important decision of deciding where the new church will be located. There is a Spanish flu epidemic that has made the lives of the people across the continent very difficult and it is continuing to grow.

He has been handed this task after he returns from Madagascar with his son, providing his services. The priest lives in rural Norway along with his family. The priest must choose the new location of the Church for a local mining company.

The mining company is situated over an old Sami burial ground. For the church to be constructed, the priest decides to dig up the remains of the location only to find that he has awakened the dead which can never be good news.


The priest along with the settlers of the locality is going to face the consequences of the same since the dead have started to haunt everybody. 

Where To Watch Possession?  

Possession streaming is going to take place in the theatres upon its release on October 7, 2022. The Norwegian horror film is going to remain in the theatres for a limited period of time. As of now, the streaming options are limited to the theatres only but it is possible that the movie will be picked up by various streaming platforms later on.

After a while, we can expect the movie to be available on platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV Plus, and more. The movie seems to be promising and has a unique plot that includes the ghost of the Sami warriors who were the ancient Vikings that resided in certain regions of Norway and are now raised from the dead because their burial ground was dug up by the people of the town. 

Possession Cast

The Possession cast includes the following actors that are listed below. 

  • Jan Saelid plays the character of Lauritz.
  • Eva Nergård plays the character of My.
  • Tarjei Sandvik Moe plays the character of Oscar.
  • Anna Filippa Hjarne plays the character of Agathe.
  • Dennis Storhøi plays the character of Timann.
  • Benjamin Helstad plays the character of Gustav.
  • Nina Ellen Ødegård plays the character of Mathilde.
  • Ellen Dorrit Petersen plays the character of Suzanne.
  • Alfred Ekker Strande plays the character of Anton.
  • Ragne Grande plays the character Louise.
  • Øyvind Brandtzaeg plays the character of Doktor Eide.

The Talk On Social Media Possession

Horror films have had a large devoted fan base for a very long time now. The audience is always looking forward to good horror content. Possession is a Norwegian film that has created a buzz among horror genre fans specifically and other movie fanatics as well.

The film is being praised for its effects and themes. The movie is giving a creepy, eerie vibe as well as hints of ancient history since the ghosts in the film are those of ancient warriors.

The audience has expressed that the movie looks insanely beautiful. Horror content can be very mundane if there are no refreshing twists and the movie seems promising in that aspect. 

Some of the audience have also expressed that they hope that the movie is later available in dubbed versions since the original language of the film is not English as it’s a Norwegian film.

The audience also hopes that the movie will be released on other streaming platforms so that it is more accessible after its theatrical release although, the theatre experience will only add to the thrill of the film. 

What To Expect From Possession?

Possession spoilers hint at the film being extremely terrifying and full of horrific events. We can expect the film to include and explore themes of the unnatural existence of ghosts, the beliefs of people, and also some amount of drama and chaos.

The film’s setting is not a very modern one and is based in a rural setting in Norway hence, the audience is going to get a more authentic vibe from the film. The film is expected to be extremely scary and will definitely keep the audience on the edge. 

Possession Trailers In Detail 

Possession trailer was officially released a while back and it shows great promise. The trailer begins in an old setting and the priest mentions that Jesus has commanded the people to build on the mountains.

They believe that the monument will stand even after the storm passes because that is what God has promised. The monument in reference over here is a church. As the trailer continues a man is seen saying that the church cannot be built in the chosen location. The Priest questions this man and the man says that the land belongs to the Sami. A rift is witnessed and a man with a gun says that the land now belongs to their Lord.

As the trailer continues, strange events start taking place. It is mentioned that the Lord judges and punishes and, in the background, small clippings of torture are being played. Deaths start taking place which concerns the people of the town. The actions of the priest are questioned due to their consequences which don’t seem to have an explanation in the trailer. 

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