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Maury Wills Net Worth- Los Angeles Dodgers Star Died At The Age Of 89!!

Maury Wills, is one of the iconoclast legends who with his prowess carved out a space of his own in the history of baseball. He was the most promising National League, Valuable player. American true born legend Maury Wills has a net worth estimated at $5 million to $8 million at the time of his death.

The unfortunate death of this ultra legend on September 19, was a great shock to the entire baseball fans. He was the figure who people stan and idolized and his sudden departure at the age of 89 was mind writhing and the whole world is in bereavement. 

Maury Wills

Maury Wills was born on October 2, 1932. With his intimidating base-stealing prowess he was a true legend born with outstanding talents and capabilities. He was the most promising National League Valuable player. Maury always desired to become a great baseball figure and has achieved his dreams far beyond he could comprehend.

Full NameMaurice Morning Wills
Date of BirthOctober 2, 1932
Place of BirthWashington
CountryUnited States
ProfessionBaseball Player
SpouseNorine MacDonald
Children(s)Bump Wills
Source of IncomeBaseball Player
HouseLiving In Own House.
CarsNot Available
Date of deathSeptember 19, 2022
Place of deathSedona, AZ
Net Worth$5 million to $8 million

Maury Wills Net Worth

American true born legend Maury Wills has a net worth estimated at $5 million to $8 million at the time of his death. He was a living legend with his massive achievements in the field of Baseball sport and he has garnered much of his wealth from this profession. He died on September 19, 2022 at the age of 89. Being an astounding baseball player he has achieved a plethora of awards and recognitions. 

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Maury Wills Early Life

Though much about his early life and about his family is not available to an extent Maury was born in Washington DC on October 2, 1932. Though much about his early education is unknown, he was the seventh child of the rest of thirteen for his parents.

At the very small age he harboured a vehement desire to become a riveting baseball player and during his sophomore, junior and senior years he became a semi-professional baseball player at the age of vibrant fourteen. According to sources Maury acquired a graduation degree from Cardozo in 1950. 

Maury Wills Career Beginnings 

Maury Wills, one of the deadly talented and promising baseball players who has intimidated his opponents with his unapologetic capabilities, was in Major League Baseball for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

His debut play for Major League Baseball was on June 6, 1959, obviously for the Los Angeles Dodgers. After playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers for a long period, his last appearance was on October 4, 1972. 

Apart from being the vociferous player for Los Angeles Dodgers, he also played for the Pittsburgh Pirates, and Montreal Expos. Moreover being an astounding baseball player he also worked as the manager for Seattle Mariners. 

Maury Wills Net Worth- Los Angeles Dodgers Star Died At The Age Of 89!!

His career breakthrough was definitely when he played for Los Angeles and he rose to prominence after his mind-blowing play in 1962, with a smashing record of 104 bases.

This score not only gave him wider recognition he just broke the score that was set by Ty Cobb in 1915. Ty Cobb was an amazing baseball player and no one till Maury was not able to break the record of 96 bases with his inexplicable power and talent, he within a snap of fingers broke the score. 

After his graduation, Will got the golden opportunity to sign with the then-Brooklyn Dodgers and he almost spent a long eight years with this team. After that, the Detroit Tigers team bought a contract offering Will a salary of $35,000 and but they turned him at last to the Dodgers by stating that he is not a player who is worthy enough of this salary.  But ages proved them wrong and taking his present scenario he was much richer than they could ever imagine. 

Maury Wills unabated enthusiasm towards his passion, and he became the first National League Player to steal 50 bases. 

Moreover apart from being a stupendous baseball player, Will supplemented his salary by performing intensively as a vocalist and instrumentalist. Will appeared occasionally on some of the television and more frequently in nightclubs just to take a load off from his fervent baseball career. 

Will soared like a big baseball player and after his retirement from playing baseball, he then spent most of his time at NBC as a baseball analyst.

Apart from this he was a stringent manager and he managed in the Mexican Pacific League. After this Will got several calls to be the manager and even the San Francisco Giants offered him and he renounced that offer down. 

Maury Wills Personal Life 

Many details about his personal life regarding his relationships are unavailable over the internet. According to some sources, Will got divorced and married Angela Corea. But after that brief marital relationship, Will with his Wife Carla and his children lived happily. 

Wills was once into alcohol and drugs and he often spent a hefty amount of money on drugs. These details are available in his autobiography titled as ‘On the Run: The Never Dull and Often Shocking Life of Maury Wills’. Until getting sober Wills addiction caused him tremendous losses, even getting arrested for the possession of drugs. 

As well all know. Wills’ son Bump Wills is a former major leaguer and he has played for the Texas Rangers and also for the Chicago cubs. 

Maury Wills Net Worth

Wills death has been shocking news to the entire world and he died from his home and the cause of death has not been revealed yet. 

Maury was an unbridled player, an integral part of the Dodgers and with a leaden heart Manager of the Dodgers Dave Roberts said that “ I know he passed peacefully, and I am going to have a heavy heart. Maury was very impactful to me personally, professionally. He is going to be missed. This one is tough for me”. 

The CEO of the Dodgers also stated his reaction to Wills’ death. He was a true legend and the lacuna that he has left in the Dodgers will be forever remembered paying a tribute to him the teammates of the Dodgers will wear a patch in their next season.

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Maury Wills Awards And Nominations

Maury Wills was the All-star seven times in his career

  • 3* World Series Champion
  • He was the National League player in Major League Baseball
  • He has won the National League Base Leader award six times
  • Wills was the recipient of Hickok Belt Award in 1962
  • He was awarded The Baseball Reliquary’s Shrine of the Eternals 
  • He was The Legends of Dodger Baseball in 2022. 

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