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Maury Wills Death, American Basketball Legend, Dies At 89

One of the most intimidating pitchers of all time, the legend of American baseball Maury Wills who has maintained his reputation with his base-stealing prowess passed away at the age of 89. Maury Wills death was indeed shocking to his fans and to the world. Maury Wills was the shortstop on three World Series Championship teams with his valor and resilient power for the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

As per reports, Maury Wills’s Death was right at his home in Sedona at night and his family members announced his death news to the public. Maury Wills Death of death is not revealed yet by his family members. Being an astounding player for The Dodgers, his sudden death has caused massive crevices in each of the team member’s life, and in memory of Wills, the rest of the Dodgers will wear a patch in their coming season. 

Maury Wills Cause Of Death

The Dodgers team president and CEO Stan Kasten said with a leaden heart about Wills as “ Maury Wills were one of the most exciting Dodgers of all time. He changed baseball with his baserunning and made the stolen base an important part of the game. He was very instrumental in the success of the Dodgers with three world Championships”. 

Maury Cause Of Death

His family is in deep excruciating sorrow as his sudden departure has left them with no choice, but to acclimate to this indeed selcouth predicament. He was a good man with a solemn soul. His mourning family has to beseech for privacy and his cause of death hasn’t been revealed yet. 

Moreover, Wills’ manager was inexplicably moved to tears and he couldn’t control his emotions as he recalled Wills’ tremendous impact on him and he said his opinion as a bereaved man “ He was a friend, a father, a mentor all of the above for me, so this is a tough one for me.

He just kind of showed me to appreciate my craft, showed me how to be a big leaguer. He just loved to teach. I think a lot of where I get my excitement, my passion, my love for players is from Maury”. 

Maury Wills’ rapidness was intimidating and a constant threat on the basepaths and with his unapologetic capabilities he has garnered a plethora of fans across the globe. With his speed, he often befuddled his opponents and as a resounding player, he was something beyond words could even express. 

Maury Wills Personal Life

The famous American baseball Legend Maury Wills was born on October 2, 1932, in Washington DC. As an astounding player, he played for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Montreal Expos. Moreover, apart from being a player, Maury was also a manager of the Seattle Mariners. With his prowess, he has managed to make his career steep and in 1962, Maury was the National League Most Valuable Player. 

Maury Wills death

Maury was the seventh child of his parents and at the age of fourteen Maury started to play semi-professional baseball. During his academics, he managed to be an All-City player and in 1950 he graduated from Cardozo. 

Apart from the sports, Will has enacted in an episode of getting Smart Television series and the episode was entitled ‘Apes of Wrath. He also has written his autobiography named On the Run: The Never Dull and Often Shocking Life of Maury Wills. His autobiography garnered much recognition and was circulated widely. Moreover, Will openly stated about his affair with Doris Day but she vehemently denied this statement and he stated her opinion through her autobiography named Doris Day: Her Own Story. 

Will was into alcohol and drugs for quite some time and he has written in his autobiography that without being hesitant he has spent about $1 million of his money on cocaine and he even got arrested for the possession of drugs. He became sober and he soon reverted to his normal life.

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His sudden departure has caused a tremendous loss in the baseball team. He was a prominent figure in the baseball league and his career breakthrough was when he signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

With a leaden heart, Los Angeles Dodgers shared their weeping thoughts “ The Los Angeles Dodgers are saddened by the passing of Dodger legend Maury Wills. Our thoughts are with Wills’ family, teammates and friends”. He was a true legend and an iconoclast player and even the microcosm of the world will truly miss his presence for the team Dodgers, this loss would be a hard way to process. 

Several people across the globe tweeted their condolences for Maury Wills. As well known that Maury rose to prominence was by his mind blogging and ferociously outstanding thievery on the basepaths. Because of his intimidating capacity on the basepaths, he has managed to smash the top record of Ty Cobbs. With this outrageous performance, Maury just stooped into the lives of every baseball fan across the globe. Now his sudden departure has left these baseball fans in a deep pit of doleful state. 

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