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Armageddon Time Release Date And Everything We Know So Far!

James Gray’s 2022 American period drama, Armageddon Time, was inspired by his 1980s Queens, New York, upbringing as a youngster. Gray wrote, directed, and produced the movie. Armageddon Time release date is confirmed on 28 October 2022.

Anthony Hopkins, Jaylin Webb, Banks Repeta, Jeremy Strong, Anne Hathaway, and others are featured in it. Darius Khondji, the film’s cinematographer, shot the scenes in New Jersey. On May 19, 2022, it had its world debut at the Cannes Film Festival. On October 28, 2022, Focus Features will distribute it in theatres in the US.

Armageddon Time Release Date, Plot, Cast, And Trailer

James Gray’s Armageddon Time will be one of the new movies released in 2022. In case you were wondering what this has to do with Michael Bay’s 1998 movie Armageddon, the answer is no. As an alternative, Gray is narrating a semi-autobiographical tale with a stellar ensemble to play this fictionalized version of his family.

Armageddon Time Release Date

Despite being more of a mainstay in the independent scene than in high-profile Hollywood productions, James Gray has built a respectable name for himself. Little Odessa, his first film as a feature director, came out in 1994.

He has since directed The Yards, We Own the Night, Two Lovers, The Immigrant, The Lost City of Z, and his most recent and successful film, Ad Astra. A frequent attendee of the Cannes Film Festival, Gray He previously presented The Yards, We Own the Night, Two Lovers, and The Immigrant to the French public before Armageddon Time played there this year.

James Gray will write and direct Armageddon Time, a movie that is mostly based on his background in Queens, New York, it was revealed on May 16, 2019. Gray promised that Cate Blanchett will film all of her sequences, including a major monologue, in three days when she was cast in May 2020.

The cast was expanded the next month to include Robert De Niro, Oscar Isaac, Donald Sutherland, and Anne Hathaway, with plans to shoot in New York City as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic’s impacts were at their lowest. According to sources, the movie will be released on October 22, 2022.

MovieArmageddon Time
CreatorJames Gray
StarsAnne Hathaway
Anthony Hopkins
Jaylin Webb
Release dateOctober 28, 2022
Country of originUnited States
Production companiesFocus Features
Keep Your Head
MadRiver Pictures
Filming locationsNew York

Armageddon Time Release Date

Armageddon Time will have its formal release following its Cannes film festival premiere in 2022. On October 28, the movie Armageddon Time release in a small number of US cinemas; this will be followed by a wider release on November 4 and finally a countrywide release on November 8.

Armageddon Time Plot 

Armageddon Time, a film by renowned director James Gray, is a very intimate account of the power of family, the complexities of friendship, and the generational pursuit of the American Dream. Anthony Hopkins, Anne Hathaway, and Jeremy Strong are just a few of the all-star cast members in the movie. As we have stated, James Gray’s upbringing in Queens in the 1980s served as the basis for Armageddon Time. The Focus Features official summary is as follows:

Armageddon Time, a highly personal coming-of-age tale about the power of family and the generational pursuit of the American Dream, is the latest film from legendary director James Gray.

Armageddon Time Where To Watch

Where to watch Armageddon Time is not yet officially announced, however evidence indicates that Netflix will host the film.

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Armageddon Time Cast

Anthony Hopkins and Anne Hathaway are among the Oscar winners James Gray has cast in the lead roles of Armageddon Time. Additionally, Jeremy Strong, an Emmy winner, has joined the team. Hathaway is most known for her role in Les Miserables, for which she won an Oscar, as well as for her roles in The Dark Knight Rises, Rachel Getting Married, and The Princess Diaries.

Most recently, she appeared in the Apple TV Plus series WeCrashed. For The Silence of the Lambs and The Father, Hopkins won two Oscars. In 2022, he has two projects lined up: Armageddon Time and The Son, the latter of which is a collaboration with Florian Zeller, the director of The Father.

Strong’s portrayal as Kendall Roy in the popular television series Succession has propelled him to the A-list of performers. He has appeared in films such as The Trial of the Chicago 7, The Gentlemen, Molly’s Game, and others.

Jessica Chastain plays Maryanne Trump, the brother of Donald Trump, in a brief appearance after the film’s Cannes premiere, as we discovered. Banks Repeta (The Black Phone, The Devil All the Time), Jaylin Webb (The Wonder Years), and Ryan Sell round up the remainder of the major cast (House of Cards).

Armageddon Time Cast

The Talks On Social Media About Armageddon Time

Armageddon Time is a deeply personal drama about the power of family, the complexities of friendship, and the generational pursuit of the American Dream by renowned director James Gray. Anthony Hopkins, Anne Hathaway, and Jeremy Strong are just a few of the all-star cast members in the movie.

The trailer for the American drama flick Armageddon Time has generated a lot of excitement among fans. The ideal option for someone who likes binge-watching dramatic, exciting movies is this one. One of the fans tweeted after viewing the Armageddon Time video, “This song, along with Little Odessa and Ad Astra, seems to be a favorite of James Gray’s. What a poignant trailer with wonderful music. Anthony Hopkins will utterly dominate. anticipating seeing Anne Hathaway “.

Just enough to lure you into the theatre without giving away the entire plot.” According to a tweet, some claim that filmmaker James Gray is underappreciated “James Gray is such an underappreciated director that his movies ought to do better at the box office.

And pleased that Anthony Hopkins is returning to Hollywood.” After reading all those tweets, we can say with certainty that the movie will be a success at the box office.

What To Expect From Armageddon Time 

In New Jersey, the shooting got underway in October 2021. Initially, early 2021 was projected as the commencement date. According to rumors from October, Anthony Hopkins and Jeremy Strong would take the place of De Niro and Isaac, respectively, and feature with newcomers Banks Repeta, Jaylin Webb, and Ryan Sell. Blanchett and Sutherland had already left the project by the time filming started.

Blanchett was replaced in the part by Jessica Chastain. The actors Andrew Polk and Tovah Feldshuh were confirmed, and the production was completed in December 2021. In March 2022, Domenick Lombardozzi’s inclusion in the cast was made public. James Gray is the director of Armageddon Time, which will be released on October 28, 2022.

The running time of this English-language film is 1 hour and 54 minutes. Oona Girton-Marshall, Tovah Feldshuh, Ian Hernandez-Oropeza, Marcia Jean Kurtz, Aidan Christman, Andrew Polk, Eva Jette Putrello, Landon, Anthony Hopkins, Lauren Yaffe, Dane West, Michael Banks Repeta, Dupree Francois Porter, Stephanie Groves, Teddy Coluca, The main cast of this film includes James Forlenza, Jacob Mackinnon, Skyler Wenger, Griffin Wallace Henkel, Psalm Mitchell, Jack Parrish, Stephanie Aguinaldo, Diamond Washington, Marcia Haufrecht, John Dinello, and Jude Washock.

Armageddon Time Trailer 

Here is the Armageddon Time trailer. In it, Jeremy Strong, Anne Hathaway, and Anthony Hopkins assist Banks Repeta’s lead character in navigating difficult difficulties, notably racial ones, while growing up in 1980s America. Click here to view the trailer.

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