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House Of The Dragon Episode 5 Ending, Explained: Is King Viserys Dead?

George R.R. Martin’s prequel to the Game of Thrones, House Of The Dragon is now halfway done, yet the readers of Fire & Blood, the novel upon which the fantasy drama television series is based, may recall that the backdrop of the story is yet to be revealed. Until episode 5, the plot was molding itself, setting the board for future wrangle.

What Happened On House Of The Dragon Episode 5?

So far, the storyline has only flipped around 30 pages of the original book of the massive historical time. To date, we were not promised endless matchmaking but assured of succession with dragons. We know the makers have great things in store for Westeros, as the prequel has been exciting and fantabulous until the recent episode. 

 House of Dragon

A part of the viewers is left wondering when the fifth episode aired as the restraint began to pay off. It marks the mid-way of the action fiction and also opens the characters into a civil war that is ahead. Nothing out of our classic expectations, the House of the Dragon will be following the footprints left behind by the original Game of Thrones, where the blood will be spilling at a nuptial. 

As a major instigator for all of the later events, Game of Thrones curtained with the royal hunt of King Robert Baratheon. Now we see that years later, Barathon’s son Joffrey is poisoned at his wedding. 

Currently, House of the Dragon has been running behind another royal hunt between the ailing King Viserys and a stag, creating instability. Throughout the first five episodes, King Viserys’ health has been declining day by day. He has been steadily growing sicker after being seen with a kind of leprosy, losing fingers and slowly dying with each episode.

Needless to mention it is a spoiler, but the viewers must have already been hinted at a death that can be expected anytime sooner. The unknown is the number of days left with Viserys. 

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As a standalone drama, House of the Dragon walked carefully through the narrative foil, up to this point. In the latest episode, “We Light the Way”, we were left with more questions than usual regarding the Kind of the Seven Kingdoms, making it hard for us to wait for the next episode.

Spoilers ahead, read at your own risk!

Episode 5 In A Single Stretch

For a Thrones fan, a hunt can be viewed with patience, not a wedding, at any cost. Certainly, the inevitable will happen this time as the throne will be finally up for grabs.

House of Dragon Episode 5 Explained

The last House Of The Dragon episode released in the franchise heavily deals with Rhaenya and Laenor’s wedding. However, it doesn’t go as well as anticipated as Laenor’s lover, Joffrey gets killed by Criston Cole. That way, the feast meant to celebrate ends up with a tragedy.

Following the event, both Tagrayens and Velaryons gather at a specific spot to continue the wedding ceremony, But as soon as the couple exchanges their vows, something inexplicable happens- Viserys collapses- and the episode winds up. 

Unlike any other, Viserys’ death makes it feel like the end of the world as it will be worse to its extent. Also, there is a possibility of Rhaenyra strengthening her possession of the Iron Throne, right before the potential death. 

Only with the emergence of House Of The Dragon episode 5, we can certainly say that a lot is kept under the wrap, including several potential power plays. We have been calmly waiting for something to happen from the pilot episode, and finally, things have started to roll with the brilliantly crafted fifth episode. 

If you want a clear picture of what was on the road of the King, then read ahead and find out more in detail.

Episode 5 Of House Of Dragon Explained

In the opening scene of House Of The Dragon Episode 5, Daemon Targaryen’s wife is seen hunting as she comes to eye with an incognito Daemon, who reveals himself before her to her disgust. He then throws her from the horse, eventually crushing and bludgeoning her with a rock. 

The next scene focuses on King Viserys, who is about to die by the end of the House Of The Dragon episode, heading to the Iron Islands, to wed Princess Rhaenyra to Laenor Velaryon, the bond which will strengthen the realm. 

Viserys, who is visibly ill, proposes the wedding strategy to Princess Rhaenyra’s parents, Corlys Vlaryon and Rhaenys Targaryen, who ends up accepting the deal. Following the conversation with the King, the couple privately speaks with each other about their upper hand in the arrangement, considering the King appeared before them with the request.

However, Rhaenys happens to be still concerned about Laenor’s true nature, which will evoke questions about the throne claimed by Rhaenyra after the demise of the King.

In other words, we can say that Rhaenys have been forecasting what is yet to unleash. To her disappointment, Corlys shuts her up saying no will oppose the proposal as it will definitely combine the two major forces of Westeros.

Interestingly, while the parents are still discussing the possibility of marriage, kids, Rhaenyra and Laenor talk about sex and speak in metaphor about “taste”. Nevertheless, it is not a secret that both individuals are literally not interested in getting married to each other.

House of The Dragon Episode 5

The teenagers have plans to seek their own personal interests outside their bedroom, consummating the marriage solely for the sake of the realm. As per their decision, Rhaenyura will continue to see Ser Criston Cole and Laenir will continue to see his boyfriend Joffrey. 

We certainly get the idea of the youngsters, who are expected to follow the royal duties but are fond of their freedom. However, would it be possible? Sadly not.

Cole happens to suggest a secret marriage after eloping from the kingdom, which Rhaenyra laughs off. From her perspective, she is the crown that cannot be left to live outside the realm.

Neither does she intend to disappoint the love of her life, as she promises to be with him even after officially being the wife of Laenor. Cole, who finds the suggestion a disgrace to his name, walks off considering Rhaenyra’s words as an insult to their relationship. 

Soon after, we get to see the arrangements of the wedding progressing with each passing day and the banquet is held without the presence of the Queen. However, guests pour from across the realm, without knowing how the wedding is about to end up. 

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Opposing Rhaenyra, Queen makes her appearance in green attire, signaling a war, interrupting the King’s speech, and making herself seated on the King’s right. 

Now, the estranged couple, Rhaenyra and Laenor perform a waltz, though it appears to be a sword fight. By and by, the guests also join the dance, indicating how messier the alliance could get in the future. 

Sooner or later, the stage turns into bloodshed when Daemon aggressively touches Rhaenyra, and Cole steps ahead to stop him as does Joffrey. Eventually, Rhaenyra and Laenor have pushed aside, with a climax of Cole killing Joffrey. 

Laenor, who has now lost his true love, Joffrey, then scrawls to the dead body and publicizes their secret relationship, screaming beside him. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop anyone from marrying Laenor to Rhaenyra, after which the king collapses to the bare ground. 

Wait a week more to see what kind of a game will be brought to you by the makers in the 6th episode of House of the Dragon. 

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