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Do Revenge Cast And Characters – Who Plays The Role Of Headmaster?

Do Revenge is an astounding movie that has been streaming on Netflix with a wide range of characters and the film portrays the story that happens at a posh private school.

Here the school witnesses a great number of twists and turns when a dethroned queen at this school makes a secret deal with a new student unassumingly. They both are in pursuit of executing the same plan, to exact revenge on each other’s arch enemies. 

Everything You Need To Know About Netflix’s Do Revenge Cast & Characters!

The film was released on Netflix on September 16, 2022, and the film’s running time is 118 minutes. Do Revenge cast is unapologetically resounding and each of the characters has a well-defined acting sense.

Do Revenge Movie Cast

Each of the cast in Do Revenge is familiar to the audiences if they are usual visitors of Netflix. According to the reports, in late 2020, on October 14, the title of this film was then ‘Strangers’. Netflix is the distributor and most compelling Jennifer Kaytin Robinson is the director and co-writer of this film.

This film garnered inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train. Officially the announcement of this film was in early 2021, and luckily it all wrapped up in August 2021. 

MovieDo Revenge
DirectorJennifer Kaytin Robinson
WritersCeleste Ballard, Jennifer Kaytin Robinson
GenresComedy, Drama
Original NetworkNetflix

Do Revenge Complete Cast And Characters

Camila Mendes As Drea Torres

The central character Drea, that is played by Camila Mendes is on an incessant mission to exact revenge and to take down her ex-boyfriend who committed a heinous crime by leaking a sex tape to the entire school. We all would be familiar with Camila Mendes for her mesmerising role in Riverdale as Veronica Lodge.

Camila Mendes As Drea Torres

Riverdale was a highly acclaimed series that premiered on Netflix and her role as Veronica holds great significance in the series this series is coming to an end with Season 7 in 2023.

This would be Camilia’s biggest role in her career to date but she would always be remembered as the characters that she played in the movies ‘The New Romantic’ and ‘The Perfect Date. 

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Maya Hawke As Eleanor Levetan/Cutler

The other significant cast in Do Revenge is Eleanor played by Maya Hawke and she stars in the movie opposite Drea, that is  Mendes as the new naive girl at school. Just like the same as Drea endures, Eleanor also has an arch enemy, a bully that needs to be stopped and that pugnacious character would be portrayed by Ava Capri as Carissa. When Eleanor and Carissa were teenagers she fabricated miscellaneous rumors about Eleanor.

Maya Hawke As Eleanor Levetan

Maya Hawke would be remembered for her mind-blogging character in Stranger Things as ‘Robin’. People across the world are highly anticipating her appearance in the next final season of Stranger Things. Maya has managed to pull off an astounding role in stranger things and she would always be remembered as Robin among us.

Other than stranger things Maya has also appeared in ‘Once Upon a Time’, and in ‘Street Part One:1994’. Other than her acting skills Maya is a riveting musician and her much-anticipated studio music album will be released on September 23, 2022. 

Rish Shah As Russ Lee

Also, Rish Shah as Russ also has significance as Shah portrays Drea’s love interest. Her other works include ‘Ms Marvel’ and ‘To all the boys: Always and Forever

Rish Shah As Russ Lee

Sophie Turner As Erica Norman

There is also a hilarious and boisterous guest appearance in this movie from, the most highly renowned and acclaimed series in the history of series, that is Game of Thrones. Sophie Turner and  Buffy are the cast who play an important role in this movie with their enthralling acting skills.        

Sophie Turner As Erica Norman

Sarah Michelle Gellar As The Headmaster

Sarah Michelle Gellar, one of the astounding character roles played in Vampire Slayer’s, is appearing as the school’s head teacher.

Sarah Michelle Gellar As The Headmaster

Austin Abrams As Max Broussard

Another prominent character in this movie is played by Austin Abrams as Max. He would be the puny ex-boyfriend of Drea who leaked her sex tape.

Austin Abrams As Max Broussard

The charming Austin is best known for his role as Ethan in Euphoria and Netflix’s series Dash and Lilly as Dash. His other major works were The Walking Dead, Paper Towns and Chemical Hearts. 

Alisha Boe As Tara

The next character who has the biggest significance is the character by Alisha Boe as Tara, Drea’s best friend, her confidante. She is popularly known for her character in 13 Reasons why, Ray Donovan and she also has an appearance in Teen Wolf and CSI:Cyber. 

Alisha Boe As Tara

Talia Ryder As Gabbi Broussard

Following these characters, Talia Ryder’s role as Gabbi also has a pivotal role in the movie as Max’s sister and Eleanor’s dream love interest. Her other significant role that she has played is in Never Rarely Sometimes Always, Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between. 

Talia Ryder As Gabbi Broussard

Jonathan Daviss As Elliot

Jonathan Daviss is familiar to us as his role in Outer Banks and he is playing an important role in this film. 

Jonathan Daviss As Elliot

Other characters that acted in several roles in the Do Revenge movie are:

  • Maia Reficco as Montana
  • Ava Capri as Carissa Jones
  • Francesca Reale as Ariana
  • Olivia Sui as Sage
  • Rachel Matthews as Allegra
  • Eliza Bennet as Jessica
  • Jude Timothy Harris as Peter
  • Todd Allen Durkin as Vice Principal Norris
  • Phoebe French as Willow
  • Olivia Coleman

The Do Revengemovie holds a capacious list of characters from other major series, movies like Euphoria, Outer Banks, Stranger Things, and Riverdale.

What Is The Storyline Of Do Revenge?

The Do Revenge plot revolves around the situations which led both of them to cohorts and they plan to exact vengeance on their arch enemies. Drea and Eleanor share the same uncanny predicament and without contemplating the ramifications they decided to exact revenge. 

Their plight starts when their life becomes upended and rejected by their high school. Things turned pretty nasty when Drea’s so-called boyfriend Max leaked her nude video. Drea trusted him and loved him because of this reason she attempted to do this video which was intended only for him.

He unapologetically broke her trust and tried to disparage her integrity. Drea is aghast to let them know that her beloved was indeed a deceiver and he had broken her implicit faith. Drea falls into the pit of shame and agony and this grief and despair that was formed as a result of the betrayal make her go to the edges. 

Eleanor who was a good student and a good naive girl is broken into pieces and she becomes an outcast when high school was crammed with a rumor regarding her personal life. The rumor was about holding Carissa in an attempt to kiss her. This news devastated Eleanor and she was excluded from her school. Drea and Eleanor happen to meet and when they find out about each other and they both share equal rivalry towards some person they decide to team up together as friends who are in pursuit of exacting merciless revenge.

Without being reluctant they decided to go after one another’s narcissistic bullies. This movie would be an amazing experience and the Do Revenge cast is the perfect cast that would give their audiences their maximum. 

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