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Youtube Star Steph Pappas Father, John Pappas Car Accident: Cause Of Death!!

The trending news on the internet is about the fatal car accident that happened lately and the victim of that crash was Mr. John Pappas. This abysmal incident that happened at Stark County, on Sunday night is pretty horrible.

According to the sources two vehicles traveled from two directions, one was heading to the west and the other was coming and when the Chevy Silverado car went left of the center line, it inexplicably hit a 2017 Toyota. 

John Pappas Car Accident: Cause Of Death – What Happened?

One of the driver cum passengers died on the spot and there was an old woman along with him. The investigators pronounced the spot death of the passenger and they announced to the news that it was John Pappas, a fifty three year old man who is the father of Steph Pappas.

John Pappas Car Accident

This news was indeed shocking to the world and it left the world and his family in deep despair. John Pappas was also an amazing YouTuber and moreover, he was an amazing father and his sudden loss would definitely devastate Steph. The lacuna that he left in her life would be insufferable. 

The old woman who accompanied John Pappas has been taken to the Mercy Medical center. This crash is under stringent investigation and further details of it will be known after completing the investigation there is a possibility of being drunk and driving or maybe the driver of that Chevy Silverado would be inebriated with drugs.

This is just an assumption by the police and the facts related to this crash Accident have yet to be discovered. 

Steph Pappas is an amazing YouTuber and a stupendous web persona is shocked by the unexpected departure of his father. She is stooped into deep sorrow and he is mourning for her father’s sudden accident.

The internet is astonished to witness the bittering truth of this incident and Step Pappas inexplicably expressed her grief and despair on Instagram. The picture was taken prior to this fatal incident, John Pappas holding the household canine and she took the courage to post this picture just twenty-four hours after her father’s relentless death. 

Many of the followers claimed that she wouldn’t be in her proper sense because her heart is shattered into pieces. Everything will be copacetic after some days. Fate has been perfidious to Steph and it took her father so early and didn’t give her sufficient time to process these thoughts.

Steph Pappas having a serene life would have never envisaged a horrendous day would come so fast. The collision with an unidentified man traveling from Strausser Avenue NW was the reason for his death.

The anonymous driver’s carelessness has cost the life of a good soul. Along with her father, there was an old woman who was rapidly transported to the hospital and her condition is also not that satisfactory.

The fundamental reason behind the collision is yet to be uncovered and the authorities are relentlessly searching for facts. 

Steph Pappas Father, John Pappas

Stephanie Pappas popularly known by her nickname Steph Pappas is a beautiful girl of 22 born on July 14, 2000 in Ohio, United States. Being a profoundly unique and resounding social media influencer and YouTuber she has managed to swoop into the lives of her audiences within a snap of fingers.

She is fervently known for her mukbang and make-up videos. Her channel has turned into a wide influencing page because of her innovative techniques and thoughts. Other than mukbang and make-up videos she also shares vlogs, fast-food items related videos, Cooking experiments and clothing haul.

Amazingly she started posting her habits and day-to-day life activities at the very small age of nine. Without any doubt, we can say that she has a large number of fans and subscribers because of her bewitching personality and of her unique videos.

Steph would have a net worth of $800K approximately and her wealth is mainly acquired from her youtube channel. 

Being a foodie Steph always harboured passion for different cuisines and always desired to build a career which would be obviously food related.

At a very small age having these sorts of thoughts she started her youtube channel. Her vlogs never pictured  a novice attitude but rather it was way too different and she embraced a tremendous amount of recognition and love within a brief period of time. 

Details about her early life and education are not that visible to the media’s lens. Her educational background is unknown and she was raised by her mother and her father in the countryside.

She is indeed blessed to have a good family which supports her through thick and thin and this strong support system is the pivotal reason behind her success.

Her family consists of  father John Pappas and mother Kris Pappas and a handsome brother Nick Pappas. Her father’s death has pushed them to a great pit of sorrow. 

Her physical stats are really enthralling to her fans and she has a height of 176 cm and weighs 55 kg. According to sources, Steph Pappas is currently dating another fellow youtuber Ross Smith and by seeing their photos which Steph shares on her instagram we could infer that the couple are getting along with each other well. 

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