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Shark Boy Lava Girl 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer & More!

Around 17 years ago, in 2005, the first movie of Shark boy Lava girl got released and it got quite good reviews from the audience. That is the reason why Netflix once again released Shark boy Lava girl 2 with the different name “We Can Be Heroes” in the year 2020 on December 25.

Shark Boy Lava Girl 2 Release Date Confirmed! Where To Watch?

Robert Rodriguez’s 2020 superhero movie We Can Be Heroes or Shark boy Lava girl 2 is a follow-up to his 2005 superhero movie The Adventures of Shark boy and Lava girl. In the movie, Guppy, who is portrayed by Vivien Lyra Blair, is the daughter of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in the follow-up.

Shark Boy Lava Girl 2

She is one of several superhero children who, following their heroic parents who are abducted by alien space invaders, are being cared for by the evil Ms Granada. With the support of the other extraordinary kids, Missy Moreno strives to save her heroic father Marcus Moreno.

What Is Shark Boy Lava Girl 2 Movie About?

The first film which released in 2005 was featured the story about the Shark boy and Lava girl but that didn’t happen in the follow-up movie. In Shark boy Lava girl 2, the previous protagonist has a minor role which is of parents and their daughter who had a minor to no role in the prequel is the protagonist of the sequel. This basically means that Shark boy Lava girl 2 is all about the next generation and their daughter.

The movie, Shark boy Lava girl 2 was the highest-watched film when it initially came out, placed third the following weekend, and then took the top spot in its third weekend. In its fourth weekend, it came in second place to the brand-new Netflix film Outside the Wire. Approximately 53 million households watched the movie within the first four weeks, as it was reported, thus, gaining the most Netflix viewers title in 2021.

MovieShark Boy Lava Girl
DirectorRobert Rodriguez
StarsYaYa Gosselin
Pedro Pascal
Priyanka Chopra
Official siteNetflix
Release date25 December 2020

Shark Boy Lava Girl 2 Release Date

Fortunately, the good news for the viewers is that Shark Boy Lava Girl 2 has already been released on 25th December 2020. And it was watched by so many Netflix users all around the world that the production team has already declared that by the end of 2022, we will definitely get the new part of the movie which is Shark boy Lava girl 3.

Shark Boy Lava Girl 2 Plot

The basic plot of the sequel of Shark boy Lava girl is that years after their adolescent experiences, Sharkboy and Lavagirl are already adults and two of Earth’s most powerful heroes. Now the kids of the superheroes must learn how to cooperate if they are to have any chance of rescuing their parents, and hence the world when alien space intruders defeat the Earth’s superheroes and capture them.

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Where To Watch Shark Boy Lava Girl 2?

The prequel of Shark Boy Lava Girl was released in the movie theatres in the year 2005, but the sequel film was not released in the theatres, instead, it was released on the Netflix platform as its original movie on 2020’s Christmas day, which is 25th December.

Shark Boy Lava Girl 2 Cast

Taylor Dooley, who portrayed Lavagirl in the original film, will make a comeback; sadly, Taylor Lautner, who portrayed Sharkboy, declined to do so in the sequel of Shark boy Lava girl.  That is why Sharkboy will now be played by actor JJ Dashnaw. 

Other than the previous protagonist, this movie had a bunch of new protagonists which are the younger generation of superheroes. This involves Lotus Blossom portraying A Capella, Andy Walken as Wheels, Lyon Daniels portraying the role of Noodles, and our one and only YaYa Gosselin playing Missy Moreno. 

Other than our Lava girl and Shark boy, there are also adult heroes who are Pedro Pascal as Marcus Moreno, Christian Slater as Tech-No, and Boyd Holbrook portraying Miracle Guy.  And last but not least Priyanka Chopra Jonas portrays the role of wicked Ms Granada.

Social Media Talk On Shark Boy Lava Girl 2

Because the original film Shark boy Lava girl was quite old, there were lots of fans of it as most children watched this movie in their childhood. But when the news of the sequel got released, there was a lot of buzz found on social media platforms.

The tweets like “Can’t wait to relive my childhood” and “very excited for the upcoming sequel” was seen all over Twitter with the hashtags #SharkboyLavagirl2 and #WeCanBeHeroes.

What To Expect From Shark Boy Lava Girl 2?

In the stand-alone followup “We Can Be Heroes”, which was released more than ten years after the original film, Shark boy and Lava girl made brief cameo appearances as a younger group of superheroes were introduced. In We Can Be Heroes or Shark boy Lava girl 2, the offspring of Earth’s superheroes—including Guppy, Shark boy, and Lava girl’s daughter—work together to rescue their parents when they have been taken captive by interplanetary invaders.

As the aliens have several other ideas, this forces the young superheroes to learn how to cooperate in order to save both the world and their parents. In Addition, the superheroes also have to face the wrath of wicked Ms Granada who is the caretaker of the children because their parents are abducted.

Shark boy Lava girl 2 or We Can Be Heroes earned mixed reactions, although the response from the audience was far more favorable than it was for the original, The Adventures of Shark boy and Lava girl.

After all those humor and connections to not just heroes from Marvel Universe and DC Comics but also with the American president, The Shark boy, and Lava girl 2 aka We Can Be Heroes ultimately succeeded in delighting a younger audience as well as being a film that even more mature viewers could appreciate.

Shark Boy Lava Girl 2 Trailer

The trailer of the Shark boy Lava girl 2 also known as We can be heroes was released one month before the movie and was of 43 seconds long. The trailer starts with the adult heroes and how aliens attacked the Earth.

While the adults were fighting, they got abducted by the enemy which results their children in the under of Ms Granada’s supervision. After that it was shown how the bunch of young superheroes got together and fought the aliens with their newfound powers.

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