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The Anthrax Attacks Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More!

As this year it is the 21st anniversary of America’s 11th September terrorist attacks, Netflix is presenting its viewers with a new investigative documentary movie in tribute to the victims who died in the Anthrax attacks of 2001.

The official video for the new documentary film, The Anthrax Attacks, was distributed globally starting on Thursday, September 8, 2022, and is now accessible on Netflix. A BBC Studios creation, the movie is produced by Oscar nominee Dan Krauss. 

The Anthrax Attacks Release Date Has Been Revealed! Where To Watch?

One of the most devastating biological attacks in the history of America, which resulted in the deaths of five Americans and the hospitalization of at least 17 individuals, is featured in the investigative documentary movie about the anthrax attacks.

The Anthrax Attacks Movie

It tells the tale of lethal toxin and addiction that spreads throughout the entire country and even beyond.

What Is The Anthrax Attacks Movie About?

Now the real question arises, how are the anthrax attacks and 9/11 connected? People began getting mail carrying lethal anthrax spores just a week after the 9/11 attack.

At first, it was seen as a peculiar but normal event but then more occurred, putting the lives of numerous postal workers in danger. As the attacks spread throughout America and around the world, the FBI conducted a protracted investigation. 

The Anthrax Attacks delves deeply into one of the biggest and trickiest FBI probes. Testimonials and scripted recreations based on actual FBI data collected and emails are used to tell this amazing scientific story.

MovieThe Anthrax Attacks
CreatorDan Krauss
StarsClark Gregg
Regan Burns
Brigitte Kali Canales
Official siteNetflix
Release Date8th September 2022

The Anthrax Attacks Release Date

The Anthrax Attacks documentary film was on the online platforms from this Thursday, which is 8th September 2022. As the movie marked the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 attack, it was clearly decided to be released in the month of September, but recently only we got to know about the actual date.

It is released as a short film documentary which is why it has a runtime of around 102 minutes which doesn’t even make the full two hours, thus, making it a short and engaging watch.

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The Anthrax Attacks Plot

Everyone in the world is aware of the 9/11 attack which happened in 2001 in the United States of America, but is anybody aware that after a week, there was another deadly attack at the same place? Well, only the people of America and those who suffered are aware of one of the worst incidents in history. The recently released documentary on Netflix talks about the event and exactly what happened at that time.

The documentary film is the story of the 18th September 2001 event where the people got emails that contains anthrax, a lethal poison. The main target of the sender of the emails was numerous media outlets and also Senators Patrick Leahy and Tom Daschle. And thus, in the whole event, a total of 5 individuals passed away and 17 people got badly infected and hospitalized.

Given that everything began only one week after the 9/11 attacks, there was a significant chance that they were connected and that those responsible for 9/11 had switched to a different type of terrorism. Well, if you are curious to know whether it was done by the people who are responsible for 9/11 or a new person is behind all this, then do watch this amazing and heartbreaking documentary on Netflix.

Where To Watch The Anthrax Attacks Movie?

The Anthrax Attacks was originally released on the Netflix streaming application, thus, it can only be streamed on that platform.

The Anthrax Attacks Cast

Clark Gregg played the major role of Dr Bruce Ivins, and apart from him, Brad Garrett, Casey Chamberlain, Vince Lisi, Dena Brisco, Terrell Worrell, and Paul Keim also joined the cast. As it is already mentioned by Netflix that the documentary film contains interviews and emails, no characters were relatively more major than the other as the 102 minutes long documentary is full of outbursts and the after-effects.

Social Media Talk On The Anthrax Attacks Movie

When Netflix officially announced that they are releasing a documentary on Anthrax Attacks, most of the people who heard about the attack got curious again. It happened because literally no one exactly knows who is responsible for the attacks and now through this documentary they will get the answers to their questions. 

“Thankfully, someone is bringing up the awful #Anthraxattacks occurrences, which have miraculously disappeared. We shouldn’t ever forget the innumerable evils it contained or exposed. “

“#Anthraxattacks have been told in the plots of many movies and television shows, an investigation to find the perpetrator of the anthrax particle discharge in a children’s playground is the subject of a #CriminalMinds episode.”

What Is Anthrax Attacks Movie About?

The Anthrax Attacks discusses the anthrax attacks that occurred in the United States in the year 2001 as well as one of the biggest and most difficult FBI investigations in the archives of law enforcement agencies. A week following the terrorist attacks on September 11, this was considered one of the deadliest biological operations in American history claiming the lives of five Americans and sickening at least 17. 

It’s a remarkable scientific story about lethal poison, addiction, and hysteria that was taking place throughout America and even beyond and was being recounted against the background of the war against terrorism.

The documentary film also offers frightening and devastating experiences from detectives, victims, and the relatives of the people who were affected using a mixture of testimonies and scripted reenactments centered on emails and FBI observation notes.

The Anthrax Attacks Trailer

The trailer of the documentary film, The Anthrax Attacks is 1 minute and 40 seconds long where all types of hysteria that broke are shown. The trailer starts with various voices where that tell us about the lethal poison and how it is killing the Americans one breath at a time.

After that different people are shown giving their testimonies and also a lot of letters that contain anthrax. The people were telling what they found in the letters and how they were affected after that. This documentary film is definitely a gripping story of the history of America.

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