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Copenhagen Cowboy Expected Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More!

Copenhagen cowboy is an upcoming Danish television series that explores the genres of crime, drama, and thriller. The movie was directed by Nicolas Winding Refn.

The Copenhagen Cowboy series marks the filmmaker’s debut production in his native land Denmark in about 15 years. The series was originally distributed by Netflix. Danish is the original language of the series, but it will be available in other dubbed languages as well.

Netflix Announces The Release Date Of Nicolas Winding Refn’s Copenhagen Cowboy Series!

Nicolas Winding Refn is the director behind “Drive” and “only god forgives”. The upcoming series is a neon-drenched noir (black) set in the underworld of Copenhagen.

Nicolas Winding Refn's Copenhagen Cowboy

Refn’s own daughter will also be starring in the series, Lola Corfixen, Zlatko Buric, Andreas Lykke Jørgensen, Jason Hendil-Forssell, LiIi Zhang, and Dragana Milutinovic are its main cast members. No information has yet surfaced about the total budget involved during the making of this upcoming series.

What Is Copenhagen Cowboy Tv Series About?

The director of Copenhagen Cowboy certainly stays true to his usual signature style of displaying bloody, bright, neon, and magnificently beautiful aesthetics in his work, the recently released trailer of the series displays several clips assembled, and the clips are known to be having a similar vibe to some of his recent works such as Only God Forgives (released in 2013) and The Neon Demon (released in 2016).

Copenhagen Cowboy series streaming will be done on the online streaming platform Netflix, no official date has yet been provided by the makers of the show. A special release will be held at the Venice Film Festival on 9th September before its official Netflix release. 

MovieCopenhagen Cowboy
CreatorNicolas Winding Refn
StarsPer Thiim Thim
Ramadan Huseini
Production companiesProduction companies
Official siteNetflix
Release Date On Fim Festival9th September 2022

Nicolas Winding Refn’s Copenhagen Cowboy Release Date

Copenhagen Cowboy expected release date on the online streaming platform Netflix is not yet been released by the makers of the show. It is expected to be released by the fall of the year 2022 as per the ongoing rumors. However, the series is going to premiere at the Venice Film Festival on 9th September before its official worldwide release on the online streaming platform Netflix.

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Copenhagen Cowboy Plot

Copenhagen Cowboy’s plot revolves around a young girl named Miu (played by Angela Bundalovic). After a lifetime of servitude and on the edge of starting a new beginning, Miu will be seen traversing the ominous and dark landscape of the eponymous city’s criminal netherworld.

Later in the series, Miu will go on her hunt to search for justice and attempt to enact vengeance for herself, she then encounters her nemesis named Rakel, and the two will embark on an odyssey through the land of natural and the supernatural.

The past will eventually get transformed into something else and will play a key role in defining the future of the two. The two women will be seen discovering that they are not alone in this harsh world, but they are many.

Where To Watch Copenhagen Cowboy TV Series?

The new upcoming Danish series the Copenhagen Cowboy by Nicolas Winding Refn will be available to stream on the online streaming service Netflix. As of now no information has been revealed by the makers of the show about whether the series will be available to stream on any other online streaming services as well or not. Apart from this, the Copenhagen Cowboy series will also be releasing at the Venice Film Festival on 9th September 2022.

The viewers will be able to stream all six episodes on Netflix, the Copenhagen Cowboy release date has not yet surfaced but it is expected to be released before the end of the year 2022. The show will be releasing all its episodes in one go, it will not be following a weekly release pattern. 

Copenhagen Cowboy Cast

Copenhagen Cowboy cast members include Angela Bundalovic, Lola Corfixen and Zlatko Buric playing the part of the show’s main characters. The other cast members include Andreas Lykke Jørgensen, Jason Hendil-Forssell, Li Ii Zhang, Dragana Milutinovic, Mikael Bertelsen and Mads Brügger followed by a few other actors as well.

Social Media Talk On Copenhagen Cowboy Series

Copenhagen Cowboy spoilers have not yet surfaced since the show’s plot has been kept concealed, not much information has been provided by the makers or the cast members.

However, it is known that the director of the series also happens to be the director of the Pusher trilogy, Drive, and the Neon Demon has dropped some hints regarding future collaborations with Netflix.

In an interview, the show’s director Nicolas Winding Refn stated that with this upcoming Netflix series “Copenhagen Cowboy”, he himself will be returning to his part while attempting to shape his future through this series, it will be stated as an expansion of his constantly evolving alter-egos but this time he will be doing it in the form of his young series heroine, Miu.

What To Expect From Nicolas Winding Refn’s Copenhagen Cowboy?

Copenhagen cowboy is expected to be a neon-drenched noir series, which will display some amazing crime action and drama. The fans can expect a well-pleasing aesthetic type of a setting. The show will revolve around two of its main characters.

The audience can also expect some good amount of action number to be coming from the two women. It will be

Copenhagen Cowboy Episode Guide

The episode guide for this upcoming movie has not yet been completely disclosed by the makers of this upcoming Danish series named “Copenhagen cowboy”. The show will be having a total of six episodes, the episode names have not yet surfaced.

Each episode will have an average run length of about forty-seven minutes to one hour. All six episodes will be dropped in one single go, Netflix will not be following a weekly release pattern. The show is primarily made in Danish language, but it will be available to stream in English as well.

Copenhagen Cowboy Trailer

Copenhagen Cowboy Trailer was released on 4th September 2022. The one-minute and fifty-nine seconds long trailer starts with a girl standing in neon lights, and the trailer shifts to the other characters at a dining table again in neon lights.

The Copenhagen Cowboy trailer had several other clips which did not reveal much except for the pictures of a girl with flowers on her face and then a group of people with guns. There were several clips changing at high speed followed by techno music. At the end of the trailer, the same girl was again standing under neon lights.

The YouTube link of the Copenhagen Cowboy series’ officially released trailer is given below:

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