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Is Beverly Hills Cop 4 Release Date Revealed?

The Beverly Hills Cop franchise has received a lot of love since the time of its release. In the year 2019, Netflix announced that they would release the 4th part of this famous franchise, but the movie didn’t make it due to constant delays and hurdles.

Beverly Hills Cop 4 Potential Release Date, Cast, Spoiler & More Updates!

Beverly Hills Cop 4 release date hasn’t been officially announced as of now but we do know that the movie is confirmed and will mostly finish filming by October 2022. The plot of the film will revolve around the jolly cop Axel Foley who in his own unique ways has solved various crimes.

Beverly Hills Cop 4

Further in this plot, we will get to know more about the Beverly Hills Cop 4 plot, spoilers, where it will be streamed, and more.

Why Was John Ashton Not In Beverly Hills?

The first part of the Beverly Hills Cop franchise was a box office hit during the time of its release in the year 1984 and it was followed by a second part which too was fairly successful. The third part didn’t receive positive reviews and after a long wait, Beverly Hills Cop 4 will finally be released sometime soon and is going to be directed by Mark Molloy.

Beverly Hills Cop 4 release date hasn’t been officially announced yet but it is confirmed that Netflix will be receiving this sequel. The movie, of course, will bring back Alex Foley in all his glory who will be seen solving another crime with his own twisted ways. It is speculated that the upcoming action-comedy Beverly Hills Cop 4 will release in the year 2023. 

MovieBeverly Hills Cop 4
DirectorMark Molloy
StarsJoseph Gordon-Levitt
Eddie Murphy
Production companiesEddie Murphy Productions
Original NetworkNetflix
Release dateNot confirmed yet

Beverly Hills Cop 4 Expected Release Date 

As mentioned earlier, the Beverly Hills Cop 4 release date hasn’t been officially announced as of now but looking at how things are going with the movie we can expect its release in the year 2023. According to reports the movie is most likely going to conclude its filming in October 2022 and if that is the case we can expect this upcoming action-comedy to be released sooner.

Since Beverly Hills Cop 4 has taken its own sweet time to finally be revived, it will not be much of a shocker if this upcoming part is shelved again. If that is the case, the audience will have to wait longer. Not much is known about this upcoming film as of now except the fact that the genres associated with it are going to be action and comedy and it will include the very famous actor Eddie Murphy, who will be back playing his role as Alex Foley.

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Beverly Hills Cop 4 Plot

The first two parts of the Beverly Hills Cop franchise have received a lot of recognition and love from the audience and the third part, unfortunately, couldn’t do so well. one thing common about all the three parts of this franchise other than the humorous action is the fact that Detroit cop Alex Foley has always found a way to get to Beverly Hills and that is always because unfortunate incidents have targeted the people who he is close to.

The character of Alex Foley has always been portrayed as this clumsy loose cannon who isn’t deemed fit by his superiors to do his job but somehow still always has managed to get it done. Beverly Hills Cop 4 plot is also going to revolve around this fun cop who yet again receives a call from an old friend with news regarding his estranged daughter being in trouble. He returns to Beverly Hills to take care of things and finds himself stuck in a conspiracy that includes both the outlaws as well as the police.

Where To Watch Beverly Hills Cop 4? 

Much about Beverly Hills Cop 4 streaming is not known as of yet since the movie’s release date has not been officially announced yet. What we do know is that in the year 2019, it was Netflix that was going to receive this upcoming action-comedy’s 4th part and after all the delay it is now known that the upcoming action-comedy is going to be exclusively distributed by Netflix itself.

Hence, the Beverly Hills Cop 4 streaming will take place on the famous platform Netflix. This movie will most likely be available for the audience to watch in the year 2023. Beverly Hills Cop 4 filming is currently in progress and will mostly be concluded in the month of October this year. Once that is done, we can expect this sequel to be released soon on the streaming platform Netflix.

Beverly Hills Cop 4 Cast

The main cast of the Beverly Hills Cop franchise includes a bunch of extremely talented actors. The list of a few of the main characters from the previous parts is mentioned below.

  • Eddie Murphy played the character of Alex Foley.
  • Judge Reinhold has played the character of William “Billy” Rosewood.
  • John Ashton played the character of John Taggart.
  • Lisa Elibacher has played the character of Jenny Summers.
  • Ronny Cox played the character of Andrew Bogomil.
  • Paul Reiser played the character of Jeffrey.
  • Gilbert R. Hill has played the character of Douglas Todd and more.

Beverly Hills Cop 4 cast will definitely include Eddie Murphy who will be back playing his role as Alex Foley and along with this, it has now been confirmed that Taylour Page and Joseph Gordan-Levitt are also going to be a part of the cast. A while back it was also suspected that either Channing Tatum or Tom Hardy will be playing the role of the antagonist of this film. Now such news has been confirmed and the cast will be updated as soon as more information about the sequel is released.

Beverly Hills Cop 4 The Talk On Social Media

The hype of this upcoming action-comedy sequel is real since the franchise has a separate fan. Fans have taken to Twitter and other social media platforms to express how they feel about the news of Beverly Hills Cop 4 releasing.

The upcoming film has a hashtag on Twitter that is “BeverlyHillsCop4” and the audience is very excited to see their favorite Eddie Murphy back playing his role as the disoriented funny cop Alex Foley. The viewers also expressed that any movie from the franchise would be incomplete without Eddie Murphy and that they hope that this upcoming film will be better than its immediate predecessor.

What To Expect From Beverly Hills Cop 4?

Beverly Hills Cop parts 1 and 2 were box office hits and even though the third part wasn’t as good, the film’s franchise still has a large fan base and the movie has stayed with the audience since the time of its release. The star cast of this franchise is extremely talented and the plot followed has been similar for all the 3 parts.

The upcoming 4th part also seems to be going in the same direction. Keeping all this under consideration, it is only fair that we expect good things from this film. One thing can be guaranteed, the movie is going to be filled with action since it is a cop film and if the essence of its previous parts is revived, it will also be extremely funny.

Beverly Hills Cop 4 Trailer

Beverly Hills Cop 4 trailer hasn’t been officially released yet and can be expected to be released once the filming of the movie is concluded or around the time of its release.

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