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Prey For The Devil Movie Release Date, Cast, Trailer And More Updates

Prey for the Devil is an upcoming American film exploring the genres of supernatural, Thriller, Exorcism / Evil Possession, and horror. The film is directed by Daniel Stamm with Robert Zappia being its writer. Paul Brooks, Earl Richey Jones, Todd R. Jones, and Jessica Malanaphy are its producers along with Gold Circle Films and Lionsgate being the involved production companies with the movie. Lionsgate also happens to be the original distributor of the film.

The story of this upcoming movie prey for the devil is provided by

Robert Zappia, Earl Richey Jones, and Todd R. Jones. The United States is the country of origin with English as its original language. The movie’s main stars are Jacqueline Byers, Colin Salmon, Christian Navarro, Lisa Palfrey, Nicholas Ralph, Virginia Madsen, and Ben Cross. 

What Is Prey For The Devil Movie Be All About?

Prey for the Devil streaming will be done 28th October 2022. It is going to be having a theatrical release. As of now no information has yet been revealed about the movie’s affiliated streaming platforms which will also be releasing the film. According to the ongoing rumors it is expected to be streaming on the online streaming service Amazon instant Video, Vudu, iTunes, Peacock, and Google Play.

Prey For The Devil

The movie Prey for the devil was earlier titled as the devil’s light and was scheduled to be released in theatres in the unites States on January 8, 2021, which was later moved to February 11, 2022, by Lionsgate and then in July of 2022 the movie was given a new title which is “prey for the devil”

Prey For The Devil Release Date

Prey for the Devil Release date is 28th October 2022. The movie is set to hit the theatres during the Halloween season and as of now no information has been provided by the makers of the film as to where else the fans might expect to stream to the movie, according to a few sources it is believed that the film will also be available to stream on the different online streaming services like Amazon instant Video, Vudu, iTunes, Peacock, and Google Play.

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Prey For The Devil Plot

Prey for the Devil’s plot revolves around the theme of demonic possession and the act of exorcism. The movie features the time when due to the global rise in demonic possessions, a catholic church reopens its wings of exorcism schools to help and train priests in the art of performing an exorcism.

It is then when an unlikely warrior rises who happens to be a young nun on this spiritual battlefield. The young nun named Sister Ann (played by Jacqueline Byers) steps in to learn the rite of exorcism. Although nuns are not allowed to perform exorcisms, a professor (played by Colin Salmon) agrees with Sister Ann’s gifts and trains her.

With the fellow student’s father (played by Christian Navarro), sister Ann gets thrust onto the spiritual frontline and finds herself caught in a battle for the young girl’s soul. Sister Ann believes that the young girl happens to be possessed by the same demon that also tormented her own mother some years ago. It later comes to her realization that the devil wanted her right where she was 

Where To Watch Prey For The Devil?

The upcoming horror movie Prey for the Devil will be available to watch in theatres during its official release date which happens to be 28th October 2022.

Apart from the theatrical release the movie will also be releasing on different online streaming services as well, as of now no proper or official announcements have been made by the makers or the cast of the film but as per the ongoing rumors it is expected to be available to stream on Amazon instant Video, Vudu, iTunes, Peacock, and Google Play.

It is also not confirmed whether the movie will be available to stream for free on these streaming services or will be available to purchase by the audience. 

Prey For The Devil Cast

Prey for the Devil cast includes

  • Sister Ann (played by Jacqueline Byers)
  • Little Ann (played by Debora Zhecheva)
  • Father Quinn (played by Colin Salmon)
  • Dr. Peters (played by Virginia Madsen)
  • Cardinal Matthews (played by Ben Cross)
  • Father Dante (played by Christian Navarro)
  • Sister Euphemia (played by Lisa Palfrey)
  • Father Raymond (played by Nicholas Ralph)
  • Father Bernhard (played by Velizar Binev)

The Talk On Social Media About Prey For The Devil

Prey for the Devil spoilers have stated that it will be a female nun who will be performing the act of exorcism. This has created a buzz around all the horror movies fans, they are excited to see what skill sets their new female protagonist will be accessing which her males’ colleagues does not have.

Fans are waiting for this movie also because the movie will be featuring Ben Cross in his final movie before his death in 2020, it is a dedication towards his memories.

What To Expect From Prey For The Devil?

Prey for the devil is going to a horror movie dealing with the theme of exorcism which is forbidden to be performed by female nuns. However, in this upcoming movie, the fans will witness a female protagonist taking up the role of a male father performing an exorcism.

The movie is going to be filled with horror, thrill, and dark acts of exorcism. It is expected to be like no other horror movie and will feature an increased intensity of the events of demonic possessions.

Prey For The Devil Trailer

Prey for the Devil trailer was released on 14th July 2022. The two minute forty-one seconds long trailer opens with a clip of sister Ann describing how her mother struggled with depression and recalls back to the time when she was a little girl and all the events that were so tong for her and her mother who was assumed to be possessed by a demon. She also mentioned that the demon that was possessing her mother’s body did not really want her, but it wanted Sister Ann.

Then came the clip of a classroom filled with male aspirants to learn the art of exorcism with just one female which was Sister Ann.

It was later shown a little girl called Natalie possessed by a demon, which according to Sister Ann was the same demon that even possessed her own mother. The trailer ended with clips of different patients who were possessed by the same demon, who was also asking Sister Ann to let him in.

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