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End Of The Road Release Date, Spoiler, Trailer & More

End Of The Road 2022 a magnificent crime thriller will be streaming on Netflix from September 9, 2022. Crime thrillers are the most welcomed genre across the globe with wide acclamation. Thriller movies will always have a special space and value among the other genres.

End Of The Road Release Date Was Scheduled By Netflix! What To Expect?

Crime thrillers could grip you at the end with its intricate plot and bewitching events. The comedy will be everyone’s cup of tea whereas crime thrillers are not.

For some people, it may be nugatory and nondescript. But most of the population across the globe will find crime thrillers copacetic and enthralling.

End Of The Road Movie

This stupendous film commenced in the scorching summer of 2021. The filming started on June 14, 2021 and wrapped up on August 6, 2021. The landscapes which could fascinate the audiences are in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the US.

Where Was End Of The Road Movie Filmed?

Millicent Shelton, one of the deadly talented men is the director of End Of The Road and its original script was penned by Chritopher J Moore. The riveting screenplay is written by David Loughery as we all are pretty familiar with his deadly talent as a scriptwriter,  the box office hit ‘The Intruder’. 

On Netflix, this September there are umpteen releases happening. One of the much-anticipated releases would be that of this movie called End Of The Road. Psychological thrillers are in great numbers to be premiered. But End Of The Road movie could give you a nail-biting experience in which you won’t be able to feel your eyes and Ears.

MovieEnd Of The Road
DirectorMillicent Shelton
WritersChristopher J. Moore
StarsQueen Latifah
Beau Bridges
Official siteNetflix
Release dateSeptember 9, 2022

End Of The Road (2022) Release Date

As per the information, the End Of The Road 2022 movie release date will be confirmed on September 9, 2022, on Netflix. Now it’s just a  matter of days. This distorted, esoteric gripping crime thriller would be inexplicably enthralling to its audiences and it will evoke a zestful fear and trepidation with no doubt. 

Where To Watch End Of The Road Movie?

As everything is now available at the tip of the finger, movies, and series are also available just a tap away. Before the pandemic, OTT platforms were only meant for films and series after their theatrical success. But now the Pandemic really changed the face of everything and the entertainment industry invited a profound change by premiering films on OTTs.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + Hotstar, and Sony Live are the prominent OTT platforms across the world. So this resounding crime thriller will be streaming on Netflix from September 9, 2022, onwards. 

End Of The Road Movie Cast 

End Of The Road movie cast includes:

  • Queen Latifah as Brenda
  • Ludacris as Reggie
  • Beau Bridges
  • Jesse Luken as Harvey Ruck
  • Keith Jardine as Mace
  • Shaun Dixon as Cam
  • Frances Lee McCain as Val
  • Tabatha Shaun as Shelby
  • Travis Hammer as Skinny
  • Phuong Kubacki
  • Mychala Faith Lee as Kelly freeman
  • Aaron Valentine as Zach
  • Micah McNeil
  • Amie MacKenzie as Lucy
  • Rachel Michaela
  • Tim Stafford
  • Jasper Keen
  • Efrain Villa as Pepe Ochoa
End Of The Road 2022 Cast

These are the leading characters who will be coming into your lives, and their inexplicable performance, it will make you stand on your toes. 

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End Of The Road Plot

The End Of The Road crime thriller is directed by Millicent Shelton. We are familiar with Shelton’s promising talent from shows like, ‘Run the World, ‘ ‘Titans’, ‘Insecure’, and ‘30 Rock’. So this film would also be as stunning and fascinating as Shelton’s other classic work is, without any doubt. 

End Of The Road plot revolves around a woman named Brenda, who is recently widowed. When she was dealing with the great loss, the next thunder hit her head. She was fired from her job and she became jobless. She was the only breadwinner of her family, which now consists of her 2 children and her younger brother, Reggie. They decided to turn over a new leaf and set out to migrate to Houston as a new ray of hope. 

Her children and Reggie are not much content with this migration and they were not talk to each other for a long three hours drive. But Brenda and her family were not anticipating an impending nasty twist and turn in their life. 

When they decide to take a rest in a building and try to get some sleep, they happen to hear a loud noise, which seems like a  fight. 

When they saw a man get killed by an anonymous person, they slowly started to realise that their life is now turning to another side of the river. The handsome money they got, Reggie’s obduracy made them hold the cash. Now with this money, Brenda had to pay more than she ever imagined. A diabolical mysterious killer targets them.

Her desperate journey to find her son is in vain. An awesome countryside trip without their knowledge turned into a way to hell. Brenda beyond her imagination fought for her son and their life. The rest is for you to watch and see. This stupendous crime thriller will give you an inexplicable amount of fear and trepidations. 

Social Media Talk On End Of The Road Movie

End Of The Road 2022 Trailer

In the End Of The Road trailer, the central character Brenda with her two children and her younger brother Reggie is migrating to Houston to start a new life. Her son is asking questions and he is a little perplexed about being homeless. When he raises such a question, Brenda asserts that until we all are together, we will never be homeless. 

The story takes its leap when they encounter a drastic event with none of them even in their nightmare anticipated. When Brenda asks them to sleep well because they have a tiring day of travel awaiting them in order to reach their destination. All of a sudden they happen to hear a raucous and they step out of that building to check what is happening outside. There start their predicament. They happen to see a man terribly suffering from a fatal wound and Brenda calls him,  heart out to rescue him but in vain. He died and Reggie notices something in the cupboard.

The next scene in the trailer is where police arrive there and do their duties. They accentuate that this a clear-cut murder out of animosity and vengeance. When the hefty money bag was taken by Reggie, he soon declared to Brenda that this money could save their lives. Bewildered, Brenda warns Reggie that at the same time this money could be the end of our lives too. But Brenda had to abide by Reggie’s recalcitrant attitude and they decided to set out on their journey. 

Out of the blue, everything turns upside down, when she receives an anonymous call. The anonymous speaker calls her name and Brenda actually stooped into nervousness she asks him how on earth is it possible for him to know her name. The anonymous villain said to her that Brenda and her family hold something that is meant for him and he had held something that belongs to them too in retaliation.

When she happens to notice that her beloved son is missing, she learns the bittering naked truth that her son is in deep peril and he has been held hostage by him. She wonders in nowhere for her son and demands to have her son back. Her efforts are in vain, they decide to fight back. Reggie says to Brenda “ it’s us or them”.

‘Desperate times, desperate measures. They go beyond what they are capable of to have her son back. And at the end of the trailer, Brenda holding a gun says that “No one messes with my Family”. 

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