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5 LGBT Movies You Ought to Binge Watch

Other than social media, screens are a huge influence on how we behave and think and how we relate with those around us. In addition, the film is a crucial aspect that promotes queer visibility in the modern world.

As such, there is a dire need for movies about LGBT people that are not based on stereotypes. However, there is a scarcity of films that celebrate LGBT youth and the struggles they undergo in their daily lives. It is, therefore, important that we be grateful for every worthwhile queer film and show.

In that regard, here are 5 movies about LGBT people you should watch this month;

1. But I’m A Cheerleader

This is a 1999 movie that follows the life of a high-schooler, Megan Bloomfield. Her parents send her to an inpatient conversion therapy camp trying to cure her lesbianism.

Directed by Jamie Babbit, the movie focuses on issues such as social conformity, gender roles, and sexuality. Megan is a typical high schooler with a footballer boyfriend, but she doesn’t like kissing him. Instead, she likes staring at her fellow cheerleaders. Paired with her vegetarianism, her family convinces her to go to rehab.

While this movie seems like it addresses real societal problems, it’s not as bold and definitive as you would want it to be. However, the script is emotionally centered, and the cast is the perfect manifestation of social satire.

2. Boys Don’t Cry

Well, not all movies about LGBT people are about rainbows and roses. Sometimes, they depict the actual struggles and brutal realities of a queer person in America. In the old days, apps like Taimi for transsexuals were nowhere to be seen, making it harder for queer people to find a social circle that would be fully accepting their identity.

This is exactly what the directors of the movie Boys Don’t Cry were working towards – to tell a true story without bending it to conform to a hetero audience which was beautifully achieved. The film is blunt and truthful without taking away from the story or emotions.

Based on a true story, the film follows Brandon Teena, a popular young guy who’s new to Nebraska. He drinks, cusses, and surfs, and is a lady charmer. According to the women, he’s the most considerate and sensitive guy they’ve ever met, and it’s no surprise he is dating Lana, the town beauty.

However, Brandon fails to mention a few very important things. Not only was he born a woman, but he’s also wanted in other towns for GTA and other crimes. Brandon’s life starts to fall apart when his best friend finds out.

The movie illustrates the cruelty and violent intolerance that humans tend to have towards those they consider different. Boys don’t cry is packed with raw emotions of love, hate, courage, confusion, hopelessness, desperation, and strength. The movie offers an accurate depiction of how manipulative and unforgiving the Bible belt can be towards people who deviate from the straight path. The movie celebrates the life and unjust death of Brandon.

The film is a great watch because it addresses real-life issues that trans people face without romanticizing or sentimentalizing them. In addition, the director was working from a great pool of knowledge on the subject matter.

3. Edge of Seventeen

This 1998 movie is a romantic comedy-drama about a teen who struggles with his sexuality during their last day of high school. The film follows the life story of its screenwriter Todd Stephens and about his coming out in Ohio during the 80s.

Eric and Maggie are super close, in the only way a straight girl and a closeted boy could be. However, this kind of naivety blinds them to a reality that holds true even today. It’s not uncommon for close hetero friendships where one party is closeted, and the other sees potential for a romantic relationship.

Eric’s sexual awakening is true to real-time. It is accurate, strange, and awkward in ways only queer people could understand. The sex also seems to be physically painful for Eric, and it seems like he idealizes such experiences as being more romantic than they are.

Eric makes a lot of rash and horrible decisions throughout the show, and he’s constantly lying to the people close to him.

This is a great watch because it’s written and directed by persons who have experienced the queer life.

4. Moonlight

This award-winning movie follows the life of a young black man as he experiences life and struggles to find his place. This movie paints a contemporary picture of the African-Americans as they go through an intense and personal journey of family, friendship, identity, masculinity, and love.

Compared to most movies about LGBT people, moonlight is filled with deep truths and compassion, and they are well portrayed with extraordinary performances of the cast.

The film follows Chiron as he deals with a neglected childhood, anger issues during his adolescence to self-realization and fulfillment as an adult. Other than being wonderfully shot, the movie is open-ended, mysterious, and masterful. But even with all these complex and deep themes, the movie is never moralizing or preachy.

This movie is a great watch because, other than the great script and cast, the director focuses on the unsaid to push the movie over the dramatic edge. Moonlight understands that human connections shape the trajectories of who we turn out to be.

5. Crush

Crush is one of the best LGBT movies 2022 meant for modern LGBT youth. The film follows a young girl who joins her school’s track team to pursue her crush. Instead, she finds herself falling for another teammate instead, thus getting to experience what true love feels like.

While the story might be light and have an easy-going flow, it offers enough and just content for the typical coming-of-age teen story. It takes the edge off sex conversations and matters involving teen sex. The movie also addresses the drama that comes with having multiple attractions, awkwardness, and confusion, something that most teenagers struggle with.

Crush focuses more on coming of age instead of coming out experiences. Still, unlike most movies meant for LGBT youth, it offers an accurate depiction of how modern society views issues on gender identity and same-sex relationships.

This film appeals to a larger audience, not only because of the trope and humor but because it retains the love story and offers a happy ending.


Even though there are plenty of movies about LGBT people, most of them are produced based on stereotypes, and they are targeted at the hetero audience. So, it is important we appreciate every queer film that celebrates the LGBT community for what it is.

What are some of your favorite LGBT movies in 2022 you think we should binge-watch? List them down below!

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