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Country Singer Luke Bell Found Dead At 32!

Luke Bell, the greatest Popular American country musician, and the singer-songwriter was found dead one week after his disappearance. He was reported missing before August 20 and his dead body was found in Arizona on August 29. 

Who Is Luke Bell? How Did He Die?

Luke Bell is an astounding American singer born on January 27, 1990, in Lexington, United States. Luke Bell after completing his graduation, stepped into the world of music as a singer and songwriter.

‘Luke Bell’ was his first debut studio album. ‘Don’t Mind If I Do’ is another album with much recognition. His assignment with ‘Thirty Tigers in 2016 gave Luke an enormous break and with his self-titled album, he gained massive amounts of love and nationwide recognition. 

 Luke Bell Cause of Death

Apart from this Luke Bell’s personal matters are not much visible to the world. His marital status or his parents, he was too reluctant to share with the public. In spite of his personal issues he always said that even though he doesn’t have a family of his own, he always leaned on his loved ones back home.

He never felt that he was totally alone in his life. He always harbored the strength to stand in any adversity.   He was a very handsome man with very good features. His height was estimated at 5 feet 5inches with black eyes and hair. Luke was also an ardent lover of pets and he has shared snaps of pets on his social media. 

Luke had a very close friendship with Matt Kinman, ‘The Working Man’s Dream’ musician. He was the one who confirmed Luke’s death and announced it to the world. He disappeared in Tucson, and strangely his body was found after almost nine days found at the same place.

Isn’t it a bit dreary? Yes, it is. Kinman said when they were together at a program ‘ Saving Country Music’ he went to get something to eat and by the time he returned Luke was missing.  And also Kinman said that Luke recently changed his medication to control his issue and stabilize his condition. 

This incident was indeed selcouth. His friend never expected such an incident and he is still in a dilemma. As per reports, Luke was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder as everyone is familiar with, this disease can have an adverse effects if not seriously taken.

But being bipolar, Luke always harbored positivity within himself. His effervescent attitude towards life was indeed appreciable. Also Luke has got bodacious opportunities to tour with the riveting singers in country music, including Nelson and Willaims Jr. 

“ To be honest, I live in the day, and I count smiles. That’s it. Life’s not that bad. The downside, in some ways, is I don’t have a wife and kids, but at the same time, it’s pretty ideal right now. I just travel around to other cities and hang out with other people.

The goal is to have high hopes and low expectations and have a good time”. Luke said. His words reverberate around the world and people are being the skeptic that it is not a suicide or self-inflicted crime.

A person who has these thoughts, especially always trying to find an illumination at the end of the tunnel won’t choose death. But at the same time, being bipolar may be at some point he lost control over his senses, and that vulnerable point may be the reason behind it. 

Music was the only way for Bell to start his life from his predicaments. He never had a lineage of Music, with his inexplicable hard work carved out his own space and his songs engraved from within. The path he chose to build his career was pretty horrifying, and without a legacy of music, he was too bewildered. 

His fellow beings have mourned for him and they all paid numerous tributes to the singer through their social media accounts. Margo Price tweeted on August 30 that “Goddamn, rest east to our dear friend, Luke Bell

The death was indeed shocking to his friends and family and the actual cause of death has yet to be determined. The sudden selcouth missing was quite difficult to swallow for his intimates. He even dropped college to pursue music. He had to endure tremendous hardships to raise his career. A short stint in New Orleans was a breakthrough in his career. He was performing in various honky-tonks and in saloons. 

After overcoming the impediments, Luke has achieved growth in his career but his humble and modest attitude towards life was something great. His bipolar disease and the sudden change in his medication could be a reason behind his impulsive behavior and his disappearance.

This bittering news is something repugnant to his fans and especially to his fellow beings. His unswerving enthusiasm and love for music were his intrinsic values which he always harbored. The quiddity of his power in music always gave him new rays of hope. 

Being a stoic person Luke always harbored positivity and he never ever got defeated amidst the tribulations. The death of Luke Bell is something the whole world laments and he will never ever be forgotten. 

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