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HBO Announces Los Espookys Season 2 Release Date!

HBO Announces Los Espookys Season 2 Release Date

Los Espookys is an American Television series, exploring the genres of Comedy and drama. The show was created by Julio Torres, Ana Fabrega, and Fred Armisen.

The executive producers are Fred Armisen, Lorne Michaels, and Andrew Singer. The production companies of the show include Broadway Video, Más Mejor, Antigravico, and Fabula. Los Espookys Streaming is done on HBO Max.

Los Espookys Season 2 Release Date, Plots, Cast, Trailer & More

The series displays a group of friends trying to make the best out of their fears. Thus, attempting to gain from a lucrative business resulted from their passion for fear.

Their primary job consists of fabricating horror movie scenes and letting people into thinking that they were real. The show is known to be a complete package of horror, mystery, and comedy.

Will There Be A Second Season Of Los Espookys?

The filming for the Los Espookys Season 2 started in February 2022 after having been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was stated by the makers in April of 2022 that they wrapped up the shooting in February of 2022, the show was expected to be in the post-production phase.

Los Espookys season one premiered on June 14, 2019, on the online streaming platform HBO. Season one had a total of about 6 episodes. The series was renewed for a second season in the July of the year 2019. 

The upcoming season two is expected to release on September 16, 2022, on the online streaming platform HBO Max.

NameLos Espookys Season 2
CreatorsFred Armisen
Ana Fabrega
Julio Torres
StarsAna Fabrega
Julio Torres
Cassandra Ciangherotti
Languages English, Spanish
Original networkHBO
Release DateSeptember 16, 2022

Los Espookys Season 2 Release Date

Los Espookys release date for the upcoming season two is September 16, 2022. All the episodes will release on the online streaming platforms HBO Max and Hulu. 

Season two of the series was supposed to be released earlier but the release got postponed due to COVID-19 concerns.

Los Espookys Season 2 Plot

Los Espookys plot revolves around an idea coming from a group of friends who were trying to turn their love and interest in horror into one successful business venture. Their job consists of making up horror movie-like situations and tricking the viewers into believing that they were real, all of this taking place in a dreamy Latin American country where the strange, spooky, and eerie things are just a part of daily life.

Los Espookys season 2 is sure to continue from the cliffhanger of the season one ending. In the previous season one of the series, we saw the four friends starting with a new business venture of producing spooky movies. In the hopes of earning millions, they spent a day at the scary mansion and were scared by a woman called Los Espookys. Further arising situations led them to bring some alien species back to life and creation of false dreams for a sleeping patient.

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Where To Watch Los Espookys Season 2?

Los Espookys Season 2 will be available to stream on the online television platform HBO Max and Hulu. The show will release all its episodes on 16th September 2022

Los Espookys Season 2 Cast

Los Espookys cast for the upcoming season 2 consists of the series’ primary lead character Julio Torres ( played by Andrés) portrays the role of Renaldo’s best friend.

Renaldo (played by Bernardo Velasco) happens to be a horror enthusiast who brings his friends to form Los Espookys.

Úrsula (played by Cassandra Ciangherotti), is an intelligent, useful, and simple friend of Renaldo. 

Tati (played by Ana Fabrega) Úrsula’s sister, and Los Espookys’ appointed test dummy.

Tico (played by Fred Armisen) who is portraying the role of Renaldo’s uncle, and a focused employee of a valet parking organization.

The rest of the cast members include:

Additionally, the audience will witness a few recurring cast members as well like Martine Gutierrez as Karina. A few guest stars includes Kim Petras, Isabella Rosellini and Yalitza Aparicio.

Social Media Talk On Los Espookys Season 2

As speculated, there will be a few guest appearances in the series’ latest episodes starring Isabella Rosellini (playing herself) and Yalitza Aparicio (playing the moon). Kim Petras is also expected to be seen but no information has been revealed about her character.

Spike will also be returning as the water spirit (Sombra del Agua).

The Los Espookys Season 2 trailer looks quite promising and fans are expecting it to be more fantastic, more mysterious, and more spooky.

What To Expect From Los Espookys Season 2?

According to the Los Espookys spoilers of the upcoming season 2, the show’s lead character Renaldo (played by Velasco) will be seen haunted by a beautiful ghost of a beauty pageant winner. Whereas Úrsula (played by Cassandra Ciangherotti) will find an old acquaintance just to challenge the political status Quo.

Tati (played by Ana Fabrega) will try to adjust to her newly wedded life alongside balancing her new gig. Julio Torres ( played by Andrés) will navigate through his way trying to look for his actual place after giving in to his inner demons as well as Tico (played by Fred Armisen)  will be seen searching for a new career and purpose after the end of his valet career.

Los Espookys Season 2 Episode Guide

The episode guide for the upcoming season two of the series is not yet revealed by the makers of the show. 

Los Espookys episodes will have an average runtime of about thirty minutes to forty minutes and it is expected that season two will also have a total of six episodes. Thus, following a similar pattern to the series’ previous seasons.

Los Espookys Season 2 Trailer

The makers of the show released the Los Espookys season 2 trailer on July 28, 2022. The one-minute fifteen seconds long trailer gave a glimpse of what the fans might expect in the upcoming spooky series.

The trailer started with Armisen directing and yelling “ Go to me the cemetery. Dig up the coffin and look at the corpse.” Gives a glimpse of Renaldo and his gang uncovering the most fascinating mysteries including the case of a former beauty pageant queen.

The Youtube Link of the Los Espookys Season 2 trailer is listed down below:

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