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King Of Jazz Joey DeFrancesco Net Worth, Wife, Bio, And Cause Of Death!

Joey DeFrancesco the effulgent saxophonist, trumpeter, and jazz organist of America was born on April 10, 1971, in Pennsylvania. He was a profoundly wonderful musician and unfortunately, he passed away on August 25, 2022, at the age of 51. Joey DeFrancesco net worth is estimated at approximately $2 million. Fortunately born into an amazing musical family he had inherited all the qualities of being an awesome musician just like his ancestors. 

Joey DeFrancesco Biography

Being born lucky enough into an amazing musician family, he has managed to portray his legacy into the world. He was named after his grandfather and his father, and grandfather all come from a musical lineage.

He was indeed lucky when he won an amazing contract with Columbia records at the age of sixteen. Because of his intrinsic talents, doors to the music world were widely opened in front of him. 

Joey DeFrancesco  Net Worth

 ‘All of Me’  was his debut album, and from his debutant program, he has managed to swoop into the lives of music lovers. He began playing with instruments when he was four and at the age of five, he started to play songs by Jimmy Smith verbatim.

Since he hails from a musical family of three generations with such strong pillars of strength, he joined a band at the age of ten famous, most renowned Jazz musicians like Hank Mobley and Philly Joe Jones were there. By having a good start in his life in the field of music, he brought light to his future by giving a concrete base. 

NameJoey DeFrancesco
Date Of BirthApril 10, 1971
Age51 years
Date of DeathAugust 25, 2022
CareerJazz Trumpeter (Musician)
WifeGloria DeFrancesco
NationalityUnited States
Net Worth$2 Million

Joey DeFrancesco Net Worth

Joey DeFrancesco had immense wealth when he passed away. Joey DeFrancesco net worth was estimated to be about $2 Million. At the time of his death, he had earned a lot, and unfortunately, he left all his wealth, fame, and his family behind and took a heavenly residence. Born in Pennsylvania, on April 10, he began his career as a resounding musician and earned a hefty net worth of $2 Million. 

Joey DeFrancesco Early Life

Joey started building up his career at a very small age. Rather than playing with toys, he always had musical instruments in his hands. By having a strong musical legacy he also inherited the paths of his father and his grandfather.

He attended Philadelphia school to study creative and performing arts. At this school, Joey got the chance to develop his interest in organs and he studied piano and organ. His academic studies were quite interesting and he won several awards during high school. 

Having been born into a baronial family his music caliber and talents were mind blogging. Solemn musical abilities, he just made a permanent abode in the mind of his audiences. 

Joey DeFrancesco Family

Born into a three-generation family of music, his father was Papa John DeFrancesco who was an organist and had won the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame’s living legend award in 2013. His mother is Mrs. DeFrancesco and she does not have a musical lineage.

His grandfather Joseph DeFrancesco was an astounding saxophonist and clarinet and Joey was named after his grandfather. He was not the only heir to this musical family and Johnny DeFrancesco was his one and only sibling.  

He had all the qualities of his father and grandfather and even his father let him come to his sets when he was five. He was so lucky to be born into an amazing musical family and with his talents, he has proved his lineage. 

Joey DeFrancesco Wife

He had a beautiful wife named Gloria DeFrancesco and they both have an amazing child named Ashley Blue DeFrancesco. By inheriting all of his legacies Joey had inspired his only child to step into the musical world.

Like what Joey did with his inherited legacy, now his child will inherit all of the father’s qualities and talents and by her abilities, the world will always remember Joey DeFrancesco.  

Joey DeFrancesco And His Weight Loss

As Joey’s photo indicates, he was indeed a stout man. So when he decided to have weight loss he had to undergo tremendous treatments related to weight loss. So as per the sources, he had to encounter lots of health issues that were strongly fatal.

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Joey DeFrancesco Career Beginnings

Joey the Multi-instrumentalist started to use instruments when he was at the age of four. Even his father made him come to his sets when he was five. As per records, Joey had an amazing start in his career when he was at the age of sixteen, he signed a riveting exclusive contract with Columbia Records. That was his career breakthrough.

His debutant performance in All of Me gave him hordes of fans across the globe and after this Joey joined Miles Davi’s band. It was a concert tour for five days in Europe.  In Davi’s Album Amanda Joey played the keyboard which was mesmerizing and the album reached Number one on the Contemporary Jazz Albums chart in 1989.

Joey DeFrancesco Career

When Joey was doing a television show ‘ Time out’, Davis happened to see this talented man and asked the program host. That question of Davis brought a huge milestone in Joey’s career. 

DeFrancesco at the age of eighteen began touring around the world. The touring gave him irrefutable fame and recognition. His music style was solemn and indeed soothing and music lovers across. DeFrancesco, a multi-talented person was best known as a Jazz organist and also a singer, trumpeter, saxophonist, and last but not least a keyboardist. 

Joey DeFrancesco Awards

  • Joey DeFrancesco, the multifaceted man was nominated for Grammy Awards, four times. 
  • For the DownBeat Critics Poll Joey was a nine-time winner.
  • Also every year, since 2005, Joey won the Down Beat Readers awards.
  • Joey had won umpteen JazzTimes Awards too.  
  • He is also an amazing member of the Hammond Hall of Fame. 

Joey DeFrancesco Cause of Death

The death news of the famous Jazz organist Joey DeFrancesco made the world startle with sorrow. Even his family members were aghast that they never expected, their son would soon find his abode in heaven.

He died at his home and his death left the world in a deep state of sorrow. Even before his death, according to sources he was taken care of by medical teams. He was under their treatment for quite a long period. He died on August 25, 2022, which left his music with no master. 

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