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Devil In The White City Expected Release Date And Everything We Know

Devil in the white city is an American television series exploring the genres of Historical nonfiction, drama, thriller, and action.

In 2019, the online streaming platform Hulu started developing a series based on the book The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America.

The executive producers of the series will be Leonardo DiCaprio, Stacey Sher, and Martin Scorsese. The series was announced in January 2022.

Is There a Season 2 For Devil In The White City?

It is said that the famous Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves will star in the series and that Todd Field will be directing the first two episodes of the show.

Devil In The White City

The series will be directed by Todd Field, who happens to be nominated thrice for the Oscars for his work including In the Bedroom and Little Children. The Famous Hollywood actor Leonardo Dicaprio purchased the rights to the film in the year 2010.

Devil in the white city streaming will be done on the online streaming platform Hulu. As of now, no details regarding the show’s release date have been disclosed.

Devil In The White City Expected Release Date

Devil in the white city’s release date has yet to be mentioned by the makers of the show. The filming for the series has not yet begun but is expected to start very soon. The show will not be released in the year 2022 or 2023. It is most probably to be released after 2023. The release date is expected to be released soon once the final casting of the series is done.

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What Is The Plot Of Devil In The White City?

Devil in the white city plot will revolve around the story’s two lead characters, Daniel H. Burnham and H. H. Holmes. The series is going to be filled with drama, action, thriller, mystery, and suspense. The show will try and tell the incredibly famous story of the two famous men and their true realization of the Chicago World fair (1893), the amazing white city happening to be one of the wonders of the world.

The two men will be witnessed driven with rage and power in this appeasing murderous tale of the legendary Fair which in turn changed America and put it out on the course for the twentieth century.

Where To Watch Devil In The White City?

The Devil in the White City series will be available to stream on the online streaming platform Hulu. As of now, Hulu is the only expected streamer of the show.

By the phases of filming and production of the series, added information about other online streaming platforms acquiring the rights of the upcoming series might be revealed.

As of now, it is being speculated that Hulu will be premiering all the episodes of the series.

Is Devil In The White City Cast Confirmed?

So far, the upcoming series Devil in the white city cast members has not yet been announced by the creators of the series.

Keanu Reeves is the only confirmed member of the cast announced on the project who will be seen playing the role of Daniel H. Burnham.

It would be Keanu’s first-ever United States television role after his short-lived role in an animated show called Bill and Ted (1990) and he also did appear in a Swedish series called Swedish Dicks in the year 2014.

The casting of the character of H.H Holmes has not yet been revealed but a lot of guesswork is going into some of the behind-the-scenes talents involved.

Todd Field will be giving the directing duties whereas the production will be taken care of by Scorsese and Dicaprio.

The Talk On Social Media About Devil In The White City?

Devil in the white city spoilers also stated that the producers of the series were also eyeing Robert Pattinson for a role in the series, but no confirmation has been given about it.

According to some of the floating rumors regarding the casting of this upcoming show, it is being speculated that the only confirmed cast member of the series Keanu Reeves will be playing the role of the fair architect named Daniel H. Burnham and not the role of the serial killer H.H Holmes.

None of it is confirmed as of now but it is strongly being speculated and came in as some information when Deadline stated in January of 2022 that Keanu Reeves was in talks to star in this upcoming project.

What To Expect From Devil In The White City?

It is also expected that the Devil in the white city will follow the storyline of the book and will be categorized into four distinct parts, where the starting three parts will take place in Chicago between the years 1890 and 1893.

Whereas the fourth part will happen in Philadelphia Circa 1895. The book tries to tell the true details and story of Daniel Burnham (played by Keanu Reeves), who happened to be the architect behind the 1893 world fair, and of H.H Holmes, a renowned serial killer who used to attract his victims to their deaths in a well-planned “Murder Castle”.

The architect Daniel H. Burnham will be portrayed as the driving force behind the White City.

It also gives a true depiction of the white city, the known massive landscape of visions and ideas filled with a lot of white buildings set in an amazing area of canals and gardens.

Then comes the villain of the show, the killer H.H Holmes, who will be seen as a good-looking handsome man with a set of dreamy, blue-colored eyes.

Who will be very well using the attraction of the great fair and his own devilish traits and charms to attract young women to their deaths?

The audience will witness Daniel H. Burnham overcoming the political barriers, fighting the personality clashes and everything Chicago, thus trying his best to transform the swamps of Jackson Park into the greatest show on Earth.

H.H Holmes will be seen building his own edifice called the World’s Fair Hotel, which was in all reality a gas chamber, a place to torture the living, and a crematorium as well.

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Does Devil In The White City Have Any Episode?

No information regarding the episode guide of this upcoming series has been provided by the makers of the show.

All the episodes will be released on the online streaming platform Hulu. No other information regarding the runtime and episode number of the Devil in the white city episodes has yet been confirmed.

Is There Trailer For Devil In The White City?

Devil in the white city trailer has not yet been released. No information about the filming of the series has come to the surface, the trailer is expected to be released as soon as some filming begins.

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