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The Walking Dead Season 11 part 3 release date

The Walking Dead is a horror television series produced in the United States that is based on the “Robert Kirkman”, “Tony Moore”, and “Charlie Adlard” comic book series of the same name.

The serial drama is developed by an American Film Director “Frank Darabont”. The series showcases a post-apocalyptic time where survivors hide away or kill the walking dead i.e. the zombies. 

There are 24 episodes in season 11. The first episode was aired on august 22, 2022 and the last will be aired on November 20, 2022.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Plot

These three authors form the premise of The Walking Dead franchise. The major part of the cast portrays survivors of the zombie apocalypse as they struggle to survive while constantly being threatened by walkers (zombie) assaults in the television series.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Part 3 Series

As modern civilization nearly is devastated and becomes an open ground for zombie attacks, these survivors eventually form organizations and communities having their very own code of conduct and interacting with other human survivors who are suffering from the zombie apocalypse too. 

There are a total of 11 seasons of The Walking Dead. The recent season 11 has a total of 24 episodes but all are not released yet.

The 24 seasons are divided into three tiers and parts three and the first 2 parts are already released. This season is going to put an end to the series The Walking Dead on November 2022 as they release the final episode.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Part 3 Release Date

There are a total of 3 parts in that 11th season having eight episodes each. The first installment will run from August through October 2021, the second from February through April 2022, and The Walking Dead season 11 Part 3 Release Date will be on October 2, 2022.

About The Walking Dead Season 11

The walking dead season 11 episodes total 24 which are divided into 3 parts. The walking dead season 11 Streaming is taking place at Disney +.

The walking dead season 11 Part 3 is still to be released. The Walking Dead Season 11 Plot of all three parts is as follows:

Part 1

It is safe to say that “hunger” sums up Alexandria’s season 11 part 1 theme. Following its conflict with The Whisperers, the primary residence of the majority of The Walking Dead characters since season 5 is in very bad shape.

The infrastructure has been decimated, the food supplies have run out, and morale has never been lower.

The majority of the season 11 plot is really put in motion by Maggie, Daryl, Negan, and a number of other characters being forced to descend into a perilous subway tunnel during the two-part season premiere.

The Reapers, an old enemy of Maggie’s organization, show up as a result of a chain of events that are started by that train ride. The remainder of the Alexandrians, however, are trying to remake their home.

Aaron, Rosita, Carol, Lydia, Jerry, and the other Alexandria homebodies are battling a powerful storm that could finally wipe the town off the map in episode 8, “For Blood.”

The season concludes with Judith Grimes and Aaron’s daughter Gracie trapped in a rapidly flooding basement of a safe house in Alexandria that has been undermined by rains, a collapsed outside wall, and numerous walkers.

The Repairs and Meridian: When Maggie, Negan, Gabriel, and Elijah devise a plan to raid Meridian, the home of The Reapers, and take their food, the Reaper storyline comes to a climax in the episode’s conclusion.

Maggie’s squad employs Whisperer strategies, dressing in corpse face masks and disguising themselves as a herd. However, the Reapers’ placement of landmines renders this technique useless.

Daryl, meanwhile, moves to kill Pope once his ruse becomes too difficult to maintain. But Leah slashes Pope’s throat first.

She is irritated with Pope’s heedless leadership style but isn’t quite ready to switch allegiances to Daryl. The major adversary in The Walking Dead season 11 part 1 is represented by The Reapers.

The Commonwealth: The, enormous community The Commonwealth is going to receive a lot of attention in The Walking Dead season 11 part 2.

The Walking Dead revealed this post-apocalyptic city-state, which is home to thousands of people, quite some time ago. In season 9, Eugene Porter made the city in West Virginia his first radio contact.

He led a team in season 10 that included Juanita “Princess” Sanchez, Ezekiel, and Yumiko to find it. At the end of season 10, when Eugene and his pals arrive in The Commonwealth, they spend the whole first episode of season 11 adjusting to their new surroundings.

Part 2

A group of survivors literally start The Walking Dead season 11 off with a bang by launching pyrotechnics toward an oncoming horde of walkers.

In the midst of the enormous explosions, a hardened Maggie (Lauren Cohan) engages in gory, gruesome, and highly skilled hand-to-hand fighting with the Reapers.

The characters of The Walking Dead are skilled combatants after 11 seasons. However, the difficulty that our exhausted survivors will encounter in the penultimate season has shown to be even more treacherous: surviving in society.

Part 3

Given that the survivors are at the start of a war with the Commonwealth, the remaining eight episodes are anticipated to be action-packed and exciting.

Hornsby will become enraged at Aaron (Ross Marquand), Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), Daryl (Reedus), and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) for opposing the Commonwealth.

Connie (Lauren Ridloff) and her crew have uncovered damaging material on Governor Milton (Laila Robins) and her son Sebastian (Teo Rapp-Olsson), and they have disseminated it among the people of the Commonwealth through a rogue publication.

Walking Dead Season 11 Part 3

The Walking Dead Season 11 Main Cast

  • Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon
  • Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier
  • Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene
  • Christian Serratos as Rosita Espinosa
  • Josh McDermitt as Eugene Porter

What To Expect From The Walking Dead Season 11?

It is definitely going to be the last season of The Walking Dead. Yes! Good things do come to an end.

This fall’s final episode of The Walking Dead Season 11 will be broadcast and is anticipated to leave the viewers wondering who will live. If taking the history of the series into account, Alden (Callan McAuliffe) was the last reasonably significant character to pass away.

However, before that, it would have to be Alpha (Samantha Morton) and Beta (Ryan Hurst), though they were only temporary characters. Will there be any significant character deaths before the final episode airs that remain a question?

It is expected that Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Maggie (Laurie Cohan) are both safe and will continue on to the Isle of the Dead. Also the same is true for Carol (Melissa McBride) and Daryl (Norman Reedus), as Carol originally intended to continue the series while Daryl will continue in his spinoff.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode Guide

Episode No.Episode TitleRelease Date
1Acheron: Part I15 August 2021
2Acheron: part 222 August 2021
3Hunted29 August 2021
4Rendition5 September 2021
5Out Of The Ashes12 September 2021
6On the Inside19 September 2021 
7Promises Broken26 September 2021
8For Blood3 Oct 2021
9No Other Way 13 Feb 2021
10New Haunts20 Feb 2022
11Rouge Element27 Feb 2022
12The Lucky Ones6 March 2022
13Warlords13 March 2022
14The Rotten Core20 March 2022
15Trust27 March 2022
16Acts of Gods3 April 2022
17-24 To be released

The Walking Dead Season 11 Part 2 Trailer

The Walking Dead Season 11 part 2 Trailer depicts a lot of action inside the walls of the Commonwealth. Also the entry of Carol(Mcbride) and Negan(Jeffrey Dead) into the community.

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