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Sanna Marin Finland PM Partying Video Leaked!

The Finnish politician, Sanna Marin, 36, backlashed after her partying video catering storm on the internet.

The video got leaked in which the Finland prime minister, wearing a sleeveless black top, danced to the beats along with other not-so-famous Finnish celebrities. The footage clearly focuses on Marin, who is thought to be drunk and unconscious, which has created a massive backlash. 

Sanna Marin Finland PM Partying Video Leaked!

Followed by her viral outbreak, the opposite parties are raising criticism with one even commanding her to take a drug test. Marin declined the drug accusation commands saying that she only took alcohol and cheered along with a noisy bunch of exuberant party attendees.

Ms. Marin, who for a longer time owned the title of world’s youngest government lead, which is currently stolen by Gabriel Boric, the Chilean president, was never at all hesitant to party along with her friends as she didn’t consider keeping such matters at bay. The public has several times come across photographs of the Finland politician while she attended music festivals, the only difference was that Marin this time partied in a boisterous manner, which prompted the mob to counterblast the politician. 

Earlier in 2021, Marin apologized for carelessly clubbing after testing positive for Covid-19. 

Marin, who is considered the coolest prime minister in the world at the moment by Bild, the German news outlet, admitted that she was fully aware that her moves were getting filmed but did not expect it to be the outbreak, which has probably made her upset. 

Under the clip, she penned down a comment which implied that she only danced and partied, which was to date legal, but clearly denied the drug usage when she wrote about how she was not connected with drugs or drug addicts. 

Riikka Purra, the opposition party had requested a voluntary drug test since the shadow was doubt was still revolving around Ms. Marin. 

In support of the request, Centre Party member MP Mikko Karna, who serves in Ms. Marin’s government also called out to her suggesting that it would be better if she undergoes a drug test voluntarily as soon as possible. 

As an open reply, Ms.Marin appeared shortly after the aforementioned comments where she confidently agreed to undergo a drug test since she was extra convinced about not taking any drugs.

The self-reliant 36-year-old shared a heated reply where she pointed at the interest of her generation saying that she has only done things that obviously anyone else of her age would be doing at the moment after shining some on the fact that she was a commoner who has a family, job and a bunch of friends. 

The prime minister further added that she has no plans of changing her behavior and asserted that she was going to be the same as she was before since there was no need for a change. In hope of acceptance from the public and the parties, she concluded her note.

Currently, the media is celebrating the party attended by Ms. Marin as it has brought about much of an engagement with the public. But still, there are several opposition parties who are wondering why the world is prioritizing such a baseless party case when there is much more to be discussed.

Those groups of parties are criticizing the media for spending their valuable time talking about useless matters leaving behind major domestic problems. 

Robert Sundaman, the media commentator and Finnish political journalist told BBC that Marin was getting all typical reactions for whatever she did. He pointed at both opinions saying that there were people who normalize women partying with their friends and who criticize the same. But gladly, no damage was caused to her popularity or her parties. 

According to Mr. Sundman, maintaining a friendship with Finnish celebrities was nothing to be trolled for instead that was something that made Ms. Marin unique from the other prime ministers. 

Last week, Ms. Marin was praised for her iconic style after being clicked with the photographer cum social media star Janita Autio, who was accompanied by the prime minister at the Helsinki music festival. 

Ms. Marin who barely has the support of her party was placed in power in December 2019 when Ms.Marin was only 34, owning the title of the youngest prime minister ever. 

In 2015, she initially confronted the public revealing her stigma while her mother who split up from her father when she was little, who also raised her until she was an adult, turned out to be a lesbian. 

Ms. Marin was elected as a member of Finland’s parliament when she was only 25 after she finished her studies at the University of Tampere.

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