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Orphan: First Kill Release Date On Paramount+, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Latest Updates!!

Orphan: First Kill was rumored to be released in January 2022. But as the date came and passed, the audience realized that they’ll have to wait for a little longer. Months later paramount pictures announced the new official release date of 19th August 2022.

Orphan: First Kill is an upcoming American psychological horror thriller. This is a prequel to the 2009 film Orphan starring Isabelle Fuhrman in the lead role of Leena Klammer where she pretends to be a young girl names Esther so she can escape Estonia.

Orphan: First Kill Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And More

In ‘Orphan’ 33-year-old Esther disguised her murderous self as a child, thanks to her condition hypopituitarism which causes her growth to stop and terrorizes her new adoptive family.

The family decides to look into her background only to discover that the orphanage she claimed to belong to did not have any records of her ever staying there.

Orphan First Kill Release Date

As she proceeds with her creepy and violent behavior, the family discovers the truth about her. Her name isn’t Esther and she isn’t a child but actually, a 33-year-old mental patient who escaped and has killed a lot of people. 

And after 13 years, the audience will finally get to know the backstory of murderous Esther and what made her make the choices she did.

Here’s everything you need to know about this sequel- cast, plot, release date, and much more.

It is believed that the sequel is somewhat inspired by a real-life case of identity theft with the addition of gory twists from the writers.

The early nineties seem to be the timeline of this true crime event where a boy went missing and was found 3 years later.

Name Orphan: First Kill
Directed by William Brent Bell
Based on Characters
by Alex Mace
Starring Isabelle Fuhrman
Rossif Sutherland
Julia Stiles
Language English
Release dates July 27, 2022 (Philippines)
August 19, 2022 (United States)

The family brought this boy back whom they thought was their “16-year-old” son, only to be revealed 5 months later by a private investigator who analyzed the mismatch of fingerprints and told the family that this wasn’t their son but a 23-year-old French guy.

The Orphan: First kill movie will revolve around exploring the backstory of a young Esther who escapes from a psychiatric facility in Estonia and makes her way to America, she does so by impersonating a lost daughter of a very rich family.

The film follows exactly what it says in the title- the first kill of the orphan Esther. Orphan: the first kill will come out on 19th August 2020. 

Orphan: First Kill Release Date

Orphan: First Kill was rumored to be released in January 2022. But as the date came and passed, the audience realized that they’ll have to wait for a little longer.

Months later paramount pictures announced the new official release date of 19th August 2022.

With the release of this sequel, Halloween will be coming early this year for the fans of ‘Orphan’ who are waiting for ‘Orphan: First Kill’ for a long time now. 

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Orphan: First Kill Plot

The film begins with the parents learning that their daughter Esther, who had gone missing for 4 years when she was 6, had finally been found.

But in reality, what the police found was not their daughter but an older woman who looks like ten (due to her stunted growth because of her hormonal disease called hypopituitarism) and claims to be their lost daughter. But nobody knows about this.

Orphan First Kill Plot

After reuniting with their daughter and realizing that this must be traumatic for her, the family arranges a session for her to speak with a child therapist.

The therapist discovers the girl’s unusual behavior- like her occasionally slipping into a Russian accent, expressing skills she never had before, and acting violently- and informs the family which leads them to question the identity of their daughter.

While the mother, Tricia, and her son Gunnar are suspicious about Esther, the father, Richard, believes that his wife is getting paranoid about losing her daughter in the first place and there’s nothing wrong with Esther.

But after discovering the truth about this murderous “woman child”, Tricia decides to protect her family at any cost. 

Where To Watch Orphan: First Kill?

Orphan: First Kill will be released on selected theaters and online platforms. It will be available on Paramount for which you’ll need to buy a subscription for $4.99 per month.

As the prequel, Orphan is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, the audience should keep an eye out on the same and AppleTV+ which offers digital purchases. 

Orphan: First Kill Cast

  • Isabelle Fuhrman as Leena/Esther
  • Kennedy Irwin as young Esther
  • Julia Stiles as mother, Tricia Albright
  • Rossif Sutherland as father, Allen Albright
  • Hiro Kanagawa as detective Donnar
  • Samantha Walkes will be portraying the child psychologist Dr. Segar
  • Lauren Cochrane as officer Leahy
  • Dave Brown as Dr. Novory
  • Gwendolyn Collins as Anna Troyev
  • Alec Carlos as Mike
  • Jade Michael as Madison

Isabelle Fuhrman was just 10 when she portrayed the character of an adult woman Esther who was supposedly 10 too (but was actually a 33-year-old, woman child). Now Fuhrman is back in the sequel to reprise her role as Esther.

The film crew was tasked with making the actress appear younger, and to accomplish this they used a combination of techniques like using two child actors as body doubles, make-up, and of course some visual effects. Kennedy Irwin who’s 12, will portray young Esther.

Orphan: First Kill Talk On Social Media

The prequel, Orphan, left the audience with so many questions about her past- orphan: the first kill has been waiting for a long time now. 

‘Orphan’ got mostly positive reviews with people describing it as one of the best films in the horror/thriller genre.

What To Expect From Orphan: First Kill?

the audience can expect to get some answers about Esther’s past and how she ended up the way she did.

The sequel might give answers to some questions like- will the family find out what happened with the real Esther (their daughter) and what to do with this fake one? 

Will The Albrights Face The Same Fate As The Colemans (2009 Orphan)? 

As most people who will be watching the sequel Orphan: First Kill have already watched the prequel orphan, hence they already the family’s outcome is going to be, but what is captivating about this one is discovering to what extent can our protagonist goes to preserve her “identity”. 

Orphan: First Kill Trailer

The trailer begins with Tricia receiving the news about her daughter who is still alive. But soon she realizes this is not her daughter and the following DNA test confirms that.

Esther can be seen attending therapy sessions with the child therapist the family appointed.


Later, the therapist describes her observation by saying to the family that watching Esther was like watching a performance.

With Esther saw standing behind the detective who was performing the investigation to reveal Esther’s true identity, it can be guessed that he might be her first kill.

Toward the end of the trailer, Esther can be seen going head-to-head with Tricia, whose only aim is to protect her family at any cost. 

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