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Netflix’s ‘Look Both Ways’ released! everything you need to know.

Lili Reinhart fans are in for a treat as she appeared in the movie Look Both Ways which is on Netflix. Look Both Ways was released on 17 August 2022.

Lili Reinhart plays the character of Natalie who is almost going to graduate from college.

Her character is an aspiring artist who is seen to be at crossroads in the movie that show two different outcomes of her life based on the result of an event that takes place on the night of her graduation party.

All You Need To Know About Look Both Ways Cast, Plot, & More

The Look Both Ways movie is directed by Wanuri Kahiu who has shown keen interest in this project since its announcement. She has won awards for her previous projects and the audience was waiting excitedly to see what she brings to the table with this film.

Look Both Ways

Further in this article, we will get more information about Look Both Ways.

NameLook Both Ways
CastLili Reinhart
Luke Wilson
David Corenswet
Directed byWanuri Kahiu
Written byApril Prosser
Release Date17 August 2022

All About Look Both Ways

Look Both Ways was originally titled “Plus/Minus”. We heard about this project from its director back in 2021 and at that time, Look Both Ways didn’t have that title. The movie premiered on Netflix on August 17, 2022.

The duration of the movie is 110 minutes which seems like the ideal duration, not too short and not too long.

Wanuri Kahiu, the director, is very proud of the storyline and said that the movie will portray how a woman deals with various situations, no matter how difficult, and still somehow manages to make it all work showing how adaptive and resilient their kind actually is.

The movie shows the different roles of a female and how she manages to keep going regardless of the hardships.

The movie has a touch of comedy, romance, and drama which makes an interesting yet fun combination. The production companies of the film include Screen Arcade, CatchLight Studio, and Grand Electric. April Prosser debuted as a screenwriter for Look Both Ways.

Look Both Ways Cast

It is already known by now that Lili Reinhart is the protagonist of the movie Look Both ways and her character is called Natalie, who is about to graduate from college at the beginning of the movie.

She is famous for her role in the show “Riverdale” and the movie “Chemical Hearts”.

Danny Ramirez plays the character of Gabe in the movie who is seen alongside Lili Reinhart as one of her love interests. Danny is famously known for his movie “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”. The list of the Look Both Ways cast is given below.

Lili Reinhart (protagonist) will be playing the role of Natalie.
Danny Ramirez will be playing the role of Gabe.
David Corenswet who is famously known for “We Own This City” as jake
Luke Wilson who is known for his role in “The Royal Tenenbaums”
Nia Long is known for her role in “Big Momma’s House”
Andrea Savage, known for her role in “I’m Sorry”
Aisha Dae, who is famously known for her role in “The Bold Type”
Taylor Murphy, known for her part in “Everybody Wants Some” as Rick Benett

Look Both Ways Talk On Social Media

After seeing the official trailer, the audience was looking forward to seeing how Lili (Natalie) will portray the character of a mother and how the movie will showcase both sides of her life based on the result of a single event.

The audience sees how the movie depicts the struggles of a woman in a light-hearted way and shows how she beautifully blossoms from any situation put in front of her.

Look Both Ways: Everything You Need To Know

As the name of the movie suggests, we can see two sides of the life of the main character. Along with her, we look both ways, to see what course her life takes after she finds out whether she is pregnant or not on the night of her graduation party after which she is about to enter a whole new chapter of her life.

After having a look at the teaser of the film Look Both Ways, it is only fair that we expected good things from the movie. The look Both Ways cast is talented and the director has done remarkable work in the past.

The combination of both along with a beautiful storyline that highlights women and their different phases of life, and how they deal with things no matter what the circumstances and obstacles, will certainly lead to a good outcome in the form of this Netflix film.

It is refreshing to see Lili Reinhart playing the role of the mother as it is something we have not seen her do before. All in all, good things were received from this movie, and the audience had a good time. 

Look Both Ways Episode Guide

Look Both Ways is a movie and hence there is no episode guide available for the same. What we do know is that this Netflix movie is 1 hour and 50 mins long, which is a fairly good duration for the audience to be satisfied. 

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Look Both Ways Trailer

The official trailer of Look Both Ways was released a while back. In the very beginning, we hear Lily Reinhart interact with the audience asking them if they had ever wondered how things would be if people just went for what had come to their mind, every silly idea or desire, etc.

All the questions that she’s asking herself start with a “what if..?”. She asks a very significant question which is, “can a single moment change your life?”, immediately after which she is seen assembling pregnancy test kits. After this, the trailer beautifully depicts how the main character’s life could go on with two different outcomes of the pregnancy test she takes.

One outcome shows that the test came out to be negative and the other was, of course, the test coming out to be positive. On the one hand, she is seen going to LA to pursue her dreams where she wants to work under her idol, Lucy Galloway and in the process she hits it off with a coworker, developing a romantic relationship.

On the other hand, the situation in which she is pregnant leads her to Austin, where her parents live so that she can make them meet her baby’s father.

This situation shows that she has a little family with the baby’s father but she finds herself questioning where her life has taken her since she hasn’t seen her friends or done the things she usually did in a very long time.

Both the outcomes are showcased wonderfully and we hear the protagonist say that it’s not a single moment that defines your life but it’s actually all the moments.

The official trailer’s link is given below:

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