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Joker 2 Release Date Confirmed!! Latest Update About Todd Phillips’ ‘Joker: Folie À Deux’!

Joker 2 streaming is expected to be done on the online streaming platforms Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play, and a few other online streaming sites.

It is expected to be first released in theatres all over the globe. This follows a similar pattern to that of Part one which was released in 2019. Joker 2 release date is October 4, 2024.

Joker is an American film directed and produced by Todd Phillips. The movie explores the genres of drama, action, and psychological thriller. Todd also co-wrote the screenplay along with Scott Silver. The distributor of the movie is Warner Bros Pictures.

Joker 2 Is Happening And It Has A Terrible Title

The movie Joker is based on the characters from DC Comics. Thus, it primarily revolves around the character of Arthur Fleck. Set in 1981, the movie Joker provides a story of the origin of the character Joker Aka Arthur Fleck (played by Joaquin Phoenix).

The story is about a failed clown who was aspiring to be a stand-up comedian but his descent into insanity and nihilism resulted in a violent countercultural revolution against the riches of Gotham City.

Joker Folie à deux

Part one was a $1 billion grossing hit movie that also won an Oscar. The movie received some serious raves from movie critics. Joaquin Phoenix also won an Oscar for best performance by an actor in a leading role.

Joker 2 filming is yet, to begin with, the script being ready. Phillip shared a picture of Phoenix reading the script has confirmed the news that the movie is on its way. Production is expected to begin in December of the year 2022. The film will hit the theatres on 4th October 2024.

Joker 2 Release Date

Joker 2 plot will revolve around the on-and-off abusive relationship of Joker and Harley Quinn, Joker’s psychiatrist at the Arkham Asylum, a mental institution where Harley falls in love with Joker and agrees to become his partner in crime.

Joker 2 streaming is expected to be done on the online streaming platforms Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, google play, and a few other online streaming sites. It is expected to be first released in theatres all over the globe. This follows a similar pattern to that of Part one which was released in 2019. Joker 2 release date is October 4, 2024.

DC films in association with Village Roadshow Pictures, Warner Bros pictures, Join Effort, and Bron Creative are the production houses of the Joker.

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Joker 2 Cast

The official statements regarding the Joker 2 cast have not yet been released.

According to the confirmed news, it is known that Joaquin Phoenix will be reprising his role as Joker. A newly added member to the cast is Lady Gaga who will be playing the role of Harley Quinn.

Joker 2 Cast

It is also speculated that Zazie Beetz will also be reprising her role as Sophie Dumond. The news regarding the rest of the cast members is still being kept a secret.

The Talk On Social Media About Joker 2

Joker 2 spoilers have stated that Lady Gaga has officially been confirmed for the role of Harley Quinn.

It has also been stated that the upcoming part two of the previously hit movie is going to be a musical, thus confirming the ongoing rumors. Zazie Beetz has also been in talks as she is believed to be reprising her role as Sophie Dumond.

The image of phoenix reading the alleged script of the upcoming sequel of joker 2 has been making the rounds all over the internet.

However, the actor’s involvement with part two is still not been made official by the makers of the movie, it is speculated that Phoenix still must close a with the Warner Bros production house.

The trailer has not yet been released for the upcoming part two. Having the writers just getting done with the scripts, the first official trailer could be expected to be a long way off.

However, with the released teaser on 4th August 2022, the fans did get to know about the release date of the upcoming sequel, which is stated to be 4th October 2024.

What To Expect From Joker 2?

Joker 2 will be setting the grounds for the on-and-off romantic relationship between Joker and his sidekick and love interest Harley Quinn. According to the latest news it has been stated that Lady Gaga will be playing the role of Harley Quinn.

Details about the character of Harley Quinn (to be played by Lady Gaga) have been kept concealed.

It is not clearly known whether Todd Phillips and the other makers involved will be using the DC comic characters or would be seen striking out on their own, since this is what happened in many instances with the first part of the movie Joker.

Todd Phillips has been working along with co-writer Scott Silver for the sequel of the 2019 Warner Bos. Hit, Joker.

It was revealed by Todd that part two of joker will have the title “Joker: Folie à deux” thus meaning “madness for two” which might be an indication of the combination of Harley and Joker. The two supervillains are expected to be taking over Gotham city.

“Folie à deux” also refers to the medical term which causes two or more persons of the same family to share a common mental disorder.

Joker 2 Episode Guide

There is no episode guide for Joker two since it is a movie and not a series. However, the movie is expected to have a total runtime of about one hour twenty-two minutes to one hour forty minutes.

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Has Joker 2 Trailer Been Released?

The Joker 2 trailer has not yet been officially released. Since the release date has been confirmed, we will have to wait for the official trailer.

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