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Lady Gaga Officially Confirms Role Of Harley Quinn In Joker 2

‘Joker’ is an astounding film about a psychopathic, schizophrenic clown with zero sympathies embarking on a journey into mass murder. People around the globe have been avidly waiting for its sequel with great zest.

The iconoclast character played by Joaquin Phoenix won the 2020 OSCAR for the best male actor category for his role. The sequel will be released on Oct 4, 2024, director Todd Philips has announced it and thus viewers across the world are in great anticipation. 

Harley Quinn In Joker 2

The name of the sequel will be ‘ Joker: Folie a Deux’ and the great news is that Lady Gaga, the most bewitching American singer-songwriter will be leading the role of Harley Quinn. Lady Gaga will reportedly get $10 million, a hefty salary indeed, as remuneration. The movie is expected to cost around USD 150 million. 

Lady Gaga Officially Confirms Role Of Harley Quinn

The Joker movie has a wide range of viewers because of its stupendous making and magnificent acting skills. It is the story of a stand-up comedian who embarks on a downward spiral that leads to massive killings.

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Arthur Fleck was leading a life of abject social and financial issues where he couldn’t even provide basic medications for his mother. This movie demonstrates the contemptuous nature of society where people like Fleck had to endure tremendous atrocities.

Secluded, bullied, and disregarded by society Fleck decides to retaliate by embarking on a journey that he had never foreseen. Fleck descends into madness and metamorphosis happens there. He transforms into the criminal mastermind known as Joker. 

When fleck went to a children’s hospital to entertain them as a clown, unfortunately, the gun that fleck brought with him fell out on the floor. Because of this action, Fleck was rebuked and he was in deep frustration.

On the desperate way back he encountered a scene where a woman was being harassed by three men. With his unintentional laughter, the three men came after him, and by the time the woman was able to flee. They beat him to the floor, and to his surprise, Arthur in self-defense fights them.

But having had enough, Fleck pulls out his gun and shoots the two relentlessly. Fleck ran behind him and killed the left. This was the starting point where Fleck realized the malevolent nature that has been hidden in him. Without being bothered by the repercussions he started a new journey in his life as a joker, where he became an unscrupulous ruthless monster. 

High-class society considered the lower class as clowns. They were marginalised and they were forced to endure suppression and oppression. A little shred of kindness was out of the equation. Arthur fleck became the psychopathic clown with zero sympathies.

Society’s inclination toward nihilism and anarchy, people were so focused on their lives and their benevolence intrinsic in them was washed out. Society’s audacity and stringent rules and regulations made the lives of the low class a living hell.

The scorched lives of the low class were unattended or unacknowledged. They were stooped in dolour and a petite show of affection and kindness was beyond their reach. Joker symbolises the people who feel isolated from or angry at society.

Society considers the low class as an abomination and the hostility and aversion towards them is inexplicable. They consider the low class as redundant beings and their escapades towards them will push the poor to the edge.

So Fleck, deprived of his basic amenities and labeled as a good-for-nothing clown, a laughing stock decides to retaliate and no one under the sun could dissuade him from his new path.

Though this film depicts a stark reality of the present scenario, the film was critically acclaimed. Retribution and mass killing are not the way to express anger or frustration at society.

But when the loathe and revulsion towards them increases then some people will choose a way too different path. The psychological conflicts of the joker and  Arthur Fleck are incomprehensible.

Arthur leading a carefree life and fully embracing his insanity shows how much he was stooped in disappointment. Being inspired by the murders the Gotham citizens are dressed like clowns and this symbolizes how much the society was desperately in need of a retaliation.

Class division leads to tremendous issues, especially violent anarchy.  Seemingly Fleck leads a dreary normal life without any aspirations. Being a clown. Fleck desperately tries to engrave a space of his own in society.

But as the story unfolds, there appear the vile dark sides of the character which were concealed for quite a long time. Albeit mentally ill, poor, uneducated, and unaccepted Arthur lays the groundwork for his inevitable and eventual turn into the prince of crime in Gotham. Arthur believes,”The worst part of having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don’t”. 

So here being insane is the best shot to escape from societal norms. The despondent forgotten Arthurs will lash out violently and there is no point in being annoyed about that. So the film Joker portrays the stark realities of the stereotypical society where a major strata of the society are forgotten, unattended and deprived of their rights.

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