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Loving Adults Release Date On Netflix And Latest Updates!!

In May 2021, Netflix announced that it was going to be releasing its first Danish original film, called “Loving Adults”.

The movie is a crime thriller that is based on a book. Loving Adults filming started last year and the movie is going to be released soon.

Loving Adults cast includes talented actors Dar Salim and Sonja Richter and it is directed by Barbara Rothenberg.

Loving Adults streaming will take place on Netflix and further, in this article we will get to know more about the movie’s plot, trailer, release date, and more. 

Loving Adults Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, And More

Loving Adults movie started its production in 2021 and was set to be released this year. This movie is a dark, suspenseful thriller that is surely going to keep the audience on edge.

The story revolves around a couple who seems to have the white picket fence dream life and everything seems to be going their way.

Loving Adults Netflix ?Movie

They have a son who has recovered from an illness and things in their life are looking up. But nothing is ever as it seems and there is more to what the eyes can see.

The wife finds out that her husband is having an affair with another woman. One might think that this is a cliché storyline but there are dark twists in the film that make it a little different.

The film is directed by Barbara Rothenborg and is an adaptation of a novel by Anna Ekberg. The production company for the movie is SF Studios which has also produced other Netflix shows like “Snabba Cash” and the movie “Red Dot”, which is in Swedish.

Name Loving Adults
Genres Crime, Drama, Thriller
Language Danish
Official site Netflix
Release Date August 26, 2022

Loving Adults Release Date 

The movie ‘Loving Adults’ is Netflix’s first Danish project and we are looking forward to it. The movie was announced in May 2021 and it was said that the Loving Adults filming would take place on the island of Fyn which includes the city of Middlefart as well. It was set to be released globally this year and the creators lived up to their word.

The Loving Adults release date was officially released a while back. The movie is going to be released on August 26, 2022. Loving Adults streaming will take place on Netflix and it was said that it will later be released on TV2 as well.

The film is based on the novel “Kaerlighed for Voksne” which is written by Anna Ekberg. The book has received a lot of appreciation as the author’s description of the events in the book are able to inflict true feelings of pain in the readers. the viewers and readers are expecting the movie to do justice to the book.

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Loving Adults Cast

The cast of the film includes:

  • Dar Salim
  • Sonja Richter
  • Sus Wilkins
  • Mikael Birkkjaer
  • Katinka Petersen
  • Lars Ranthe
  • Milo Campanale
  • Iris Mealor Olsen
  • Morten Burian
  • Salomon Stampe
  • Susanne Storm

One of the main characters, Dar Salim is famously known for the popular show “Game of Thrones”. Sonja Richter is known for her character in “The Bridge”. Sus Wilkins was a part of “Perfect Places” and Mikael Birkkjaer is known for his role in “Borgen”.

Lars Ranthe has starred in “Another Round” and Morten Burian, Benjamin Kitter, Karoline Hamm, and Natali Vallespar Sand were a part of “Speak No Evil”, “A Fortunate Man”, “Equinox”, “The Protectors”, in that respective order. 

Loving Adults Talk On Social Media

After the Loving Adults trailer was released, the audience had quite the opinion lined up.

According to the viewers, the movie seemed promising and they were pleased that it came in the form of a film and not a series. Another viewer said that the movie gave “Gone Girl” vibes which is another famous mystery thriller movie.

A viewer made a remark saying “Love should come with a warning label”, which is a dialogue from the movie that tells us that the trailer was captivating enough to understand the essence of the film.

A part of the audience also expressed that they hope that Netflix releases the English version as well since they don’t prefer reading subtitles.

After watching the trailer, the viewers hope that the movie will live up to the hype that the trailer has created and will not disappoint.

All in all the audience thinks that the movie seems interesting while it also is giving them the chills and they are ready to watch it when it streams. 

What To Expect From Loving Adults?

As mentioned earlier, the film Loving Adults is an adaptation of the book “Kaerlighed for Voksne”. The readers mentioned that it was hard for them to put the book down because the pain of the characters was beautifully described by the author.

Readers also mentioned that they expected a better ending from the book as it was too mainstream and seemed a bit artificial.

Let’s hope that part is taken care of by the creators of the film. In general, if the movie is anything like the book, we can expect a few things for sure.

The movie will mostly include a good romantic story involving a love triangle. The life of the upper middle class will be depicted well in the movie as a good description of this was also given in the book.

In the novel, as well as in the trailer, beautiful scenery including fjords, cliffs, and other tourist attractions. A tragic love story will be depicted as cheating is involved.

The pain of the characters will be seen. The book involved a murder so we can expect the same from the movie as well. Barbara Topsoe-Rothenberg is a talented director and it is only fair that the audience expects a good outcome.

Netflix also put its trust in her and SF Studios for its very first Danish film. Thriller movies in general have a very large fan base and from whatever information we have gathered until now, the film seems promising. 

Loving Adults Episode Guide 

Since Loving Adults is a Danish film, there are no episodes available for the same. However, there is always a possibility that the film may come up with a sequel.

Loving Adults Trailer

The loving Adults official trailer was released a while back and the movie is going to be streaming on Netflix soon.

The trailer begins with the two main characters in bed early in the morning. The husband receives a notification on his phone and the wife asks him who it is to which he replies that it must be from his work.

The very beginning of the trailer gives us the essence of suspicion building up. Dialogue is heard as the trailer moves forward, “Love should come with a warning label”.

Eerie music is playing in the background and the movie showcases beautiful backgrounds as well.

Further in the trailer, the wife is seen telling her husband that she doesn’t trust him and eventually finds him cheating on her with his colleague which fills her with rage.

Accidents happen, crime scenes, and a lot of intensity is built as the trailer keeps moving forward.

Viewers get the hint that the movie is going to show how love is capable of getting a person to do dark things and it isn’t always unicorns and rainbows. The official trailer is given below:

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