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I Am Groot Disney+ Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, And More

I am Groot Release date

The premiere of the first episode of the series titled “I Am Groot” took place on Disney+ on August 10th, 2022. I Am Groot is Groot’s very own miniseries, and it premiered on Disney+. Groot is developing into his tree.

What Is I Am Groot About?

Baby Groot stars in the spin-off film I Am Groot, which is based on the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. Rocket Racoon is the first character to be seen with the Flora colossus known as Groot by his side. When Groot is captured by Kylin and forced to work with the other Guardians to steal the Orb, the audience is allowed to learn more about him in the film Guardians of the Galaxy.

After the first film, we have all fallen so deeply in love with this kind and kind giant that it breaks our hearts when he decides to give his life to rescue his buddies. Rocket unearths a fragment of the primordial Groot and plants it, causing it to give birth to a new Groot offspring known as Baby Groot.

Baby Groot quickly became one of the most well-liked characters in the Marvel universe, and now that he has his series, many Marvel fans are looking forward to it. We have compiled all we know about the I Am Groot television series here as a stopgap measure.

I Am Groot Rlease Date

On August 10, 2022, Disney+ debuted the first episode of the series titled “I Am Groot.”

It’s released on Disney+ before She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, which premiered on August 17. An early “I Am Groot” screening was held at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood.

The first episode of the Groot miniseries was shown at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood

Before certain showings of Thor: Love and Thunder, the theatre will play an exclusive screening of the short film Magnum Opus. The short film “I am Groot” was shown before the 4:15 p.m. showing of Thor on July 18 and 19, while the show was displayed before the 1 p.m. showing of Thor from July 20 to July 24.

I Am Groot Movie Trailer

The official trailer of I am Groot was released on 23 July 2022

I Am Groot Streaming

Kirsten Lepore is in charge of directing the series, which Marvel Studios produce. Kevin Feige, Louis D’esposito, Victoria Alonso, Brad Winderbaum, and James Gunn (Peacemaker) serve as executive producers. They are among the other team members responsible for outstanding job. It was initially premiered on the Disney network. fans can’t contain their happiness.

I Am Groot Cast 

In this new animated series, which is being produced as a spin-off, we can see a lot of characters. Vin Diesel, a well-known and widely recognized actor in the film industry, is returning to his role as the voice of infant Groot.

Nevertheless, a safe wager would be placed on those has, just like in the last series. All other actors that make the star cast:

What Is I Am Groot About?

Because Marvel and Disney maintained a high level of secrecy on the storyline of I Am Groot. The show’s first season consists of five brand-new, shorter episodes that introduce brand-new characters we have not seen before. In a tweet, Marvel unveiled the poster for the series, showing Groot hanging out with two adorable aliens.

Some sources released that series would cover “Baby Groot’s glorious days grown up, and getting into mischief among the stars.” In spite of the lack of details, we can still get a sense of the show’s main storyline.

Groot’s youth implies the story takes place around Guardians of the Galaxy Part 2. For this reason, the shorts take place in the second round of adolescence rather than the first.  First of all, Groot has his spin-off, but we are set to see more of the Guardians still – they are set to appear in Thor: Love and Thunder and in their Christmas movie, which is called Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. The first spin-off of a Guardian is Groot. A Baby Groot putting forth his best effort.

The television show is inspired mainly by Stan Lee’s original idea for Groot. Baby Groot demonstrates his dance talents. The I Am Groot series includes Kristen Lepore serving as the director. Lepore contributed her writing to the show as well. The program is produced by Kevin Feige, Victoria Alonzo, Louis D’Esposito, Brad Winderbaum, and James Gunn, who are all executive producers.


I Am Groot is the first Guardians of the Galaxy spin-off, and we can see that its success will pave the way for other possibilities for the other Guardians to star in their miniseries. he has had a unique place in our hearts. The I Am Groot miniseries launched on Disney+ on August 10, 2022. El Capitan Theater in Hollywood screened the first episode before some of the other Guardians of the Galaxy flicks. I Am Groot premiered on Disney, according to Marvel and Disney.