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Best Anne Heche Movies To Honor Her Hollywood Legacy

The popular and established actress, Anne Heche has had a mind-blowing acting career throughout multiple decades in which the icon flabbergasted her audience enormously.   Entitling her to numerous accolades, the cinematic journey of Anne Heche has been commendable. 

With her unparalleled mindfulness and observation, Heche has evolved into a better actress before whom the makers had to stand in a queue. Eventually, picking up the finest movies of Heche became a bit tricky and demanding.

So as to unriddle it, we have listed the top 10 best Anne Heche movies solely based on their popularity, acceptance, and collection. 

Since Anne Heche has a bevy of first-class films to count on, often her fans end up in ugly fights, debating over which one is better than the other. To end the squabble, we have dived in to choose the most entertaining movies by Anne Heche, which of course each one of you would agree with.

However, it is a naked truth that the best performances of Anne Heche essentially do not bloom from the greatest of movies. Thus, we would agree and would like to apologize if your favorites are missing from the list.

Top 10 Best Anne Heche Movies

1. Return to Paradise (1998)

The list of the top 10 best Anne Heche movies is ruled by the romantic-thriller Return to Paradise, where the story speaks about three friends, Lewis, Sheriff, and Tony, portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix, Vice Vaughn, and David Conrad respectively. 

Anne Heche in the movie plays the character named Beth Eastern who is Lewis’ lawyer, the one to inform the other two friends about the custody of Lewis. Heche has made her part appreciable, with her prominence in acting and the movie has led her way through in pursuing a prosperous career. 

Although Heche was barely on screen in the first half, she literally made the film famous by giving her best, in a way, better than her co-stars. 

2. Six Days Seven Nights (1998)

Top Rated Anne Heche Movies

What you are thinking is true. The year 1988 was definitely a landmark year for Anne Heche as a couple of her best movies were released in it. 

Starring along with the Friends’ fame David Schimmer, Harrison Ford, and Jacqueline Obradors, Anne Heche has given her ten in the movie Six Days Seven Nights. 

Heche portrayed the role of a fashion magazine editor, Robin Monroe, who happens to fly along with her boyfriend Frank Martin to Makatae while the duo was accompanied by the pilot Quinn Harris and his girlfriend Angelica. The story interchanges the partners as Heche’s Robin ends up with Martin and vice versa.

Six Days Seven Nights managed to hop to the top tier in the top 10 best Anne Heche movies, because of the justice Heche has offered to the character throughout the movie. 

3. Fatal Desire (2006)

Top Rated Anne Heche Movies

The 2006 television movie titled Fatal Desire has assured the number three position in the top 10 best Anne Heche movies with its unparalleled acceptance from the audience mainly for Anne Heche. 

Heche literally seduced anyone who watched the movie with her extra appealing gestures and movements in the role of Tanya Sullivan, a married woman, who happened to fall deeply in love with a 40-plus man, Eric Roberts through the internet. 

The specific character portrayed by Heche has been the crowd favorite ever since the film was released on television. In fact, Fatal Desire was one such movie that might have also ignited a kind of infatuation with the lady diva.

if you have not watched it yet, give it a shot, you won’t regret it for sure.

4. Donnie Brasco (1997)

Top Rated Anne Heche Movies

Again a 90s movie on the list of top 10 best Anne Heche movies!! Isn’t that amazing for a star to maintain her stardom throughout a decade? Alright, let us see what the movie has got.

The crime drama film, Donnie Brasco helmed by Mike Newell, only starred Al Pacino and Johnny Depp, handing one of the other side characters to Anne Heche. 

Then you might be wondering how this movie appeared in the top 10 best Anne Heche movies. Well, we have the answer for that too. 

As Maggie Pistone, Heche displayed her potential in such a way that it became almost impossible for the audience not to take her name while talking about the movie Donnie Brasco. Heche is seen as the wife of the main lead Joe Piston, with whom she has 3 daughters. The suffering of a criminal’s wife, being a mother to three, was effortlessly showcased by the saga in it, which is why the movie is the number 4 best in her career. 

5. One Kill (2000)

While entering into the fresh decade, Heche mesmerized her fans with one of her best works, One Kill, a television movie, which is said to be the 5th best movie of Anne Heche. 

Based on a true story, One Kill talks about the tragedy in the life of a single mother, Mary Jane O’ Malley, a marine officer who is intimidated by her senior, Capt. Walker Rendall with whom she falls in love without knowing the truth regarding his marital status. 

By the way, the single mother about whom we were talking is none other than the legendary entertainer, Anne Heche, who in the climax of the film ends up taking the life of her one-time lover, Rendall after a heated struggle. 

The panic and its aftermath portrayed by Heche cannot be classified as a “reel” and not “real” as she delivered a hell of a performance in the scene, through which the actress gained unmatched popularity.

6. Walking and Talking (1996)

Top Rated Anne Heche Movies

Despite being an American independent film, Walking and Talking, starring Catherine Keener, Liev Schreiber, Kevin Corrigan, and Anne Heche has found its way to get through the crowded list of top 10 best Anne Heche movies. 

The movie is actually centered around Catherine Keener’s Amelia, but Anne Heche’s Laura, the BFF of Amelia also gained attention from equal sets of eyeballs as she was not any less than the former.

The movie tells the story of two best friends, who get parted after one gets married. If you and your best friend are also going through the same, Walking and Talking would be a nice option. 

7. Girl Fight (2011)

Top Rated Anne Heche Movies

Girl Fight is a movie starring a bunch of girls including Jodelle Ferland, Genevieve Buechner, Keeli Purvis, and our all-time favorite Anne Heche

Over and again, Girl Fight is the second movie that can be seen in this set of the top 10 best Anne Heche movies which is based on true events. It speaks about the jeopardy of a teen, Haley, played by Jodelle Ferland, who is physically attacked by a group of a girl gang. 

Do not worry, our Heche is not the leader of the nasty group, for she plays the role of a tolerant mother, Melissa, who is always good to her beloved daughter.

Since the plot of the movie can be relatable for many of you, it earned much reach throughout the young audience. 

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8. Psycho (1998)

You can never say that you did not like the horror mystery thriller Psycho after watching the film as it has in store a number of iconic moments which is the foremost reason for the movie being included in the top 10 best movies of Anne Heche. 

It’s hard to resist recommending the movie as everyone including Anne Heche has done a commendable execution of their respective roles in the modern remake of the 1960 movie, Psycho. Her role as Marion Crane, a woman who is blind in love, ends up doing a robbery to provide financial support to her boyfriend and gets killed before she gets a change of thought. 

The murder happens in Norman Bate’s Motel, where she tries to hide from the police. Although Crane had no toxic intention while she was in the motel with Norman, he ended up striking her from the back while Crane was taking a shower in hope of returning the robbed cash the next morning. 

Marion Crane was an exceptional role ever portrayed by Anne Heche which is one of the reasons why you are reading about Psycho as the 8th best in the top 10 best movies of Anne Heche. 

9. The Juror (1996)

Top Rated Anne Heche Movies

Based on the novel, George Dawes Green, The Juror is an American thriller film starring Joseph Gorden, Demi Moore, James Gandolfini, and Alec Baldwin. 

Although the legal movie received more negative reviews, Heche’s role as the protagonist’s friend Juliet was highly encouraged and admired. 

Heche in the movie only had a brief role where she sleeps with Mark Cordell, one of the customers of Annie (the protagonist), who murders her. 

Since Heche’s role is very tiny, the movie has only managed to hop to the 9th position in the top 10 best movies of Anne Heche. 

10. Wag The Dog (1997)

Top Rated Anne Heche Movies

In the American black comedy Wag The Dog, Anne Heche played the character named Winifred Ames, who makes her alleged intervention to the public by snatching their curiosity only to divert their attention from the cruelty of their president, who was caught red-handedly making advances on a young girl. 

The movie was released in the 90s at the time of Heche’s burgeoning career. Over time, the hitmaker had tremendously grown her name in the entertainment industry by being a part of movies like the listed ones. It is of course an eternal loss for Hollywood that one of the brightly lit candles has been already blown off. 

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