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Seoul Vibe Release Date And Trailer Is Out! What To Expect?

Seoul Vibe is a Korean adventure and action movie. Seoul Vibe will be released on 26 August 2022. It was indeed a part of the Netflix summer 2022 release schedule, which was unveiled on 27th April 2022. Following all that has been stated about the movie, we have provided the information we’ve discovered here. 

When Will Seoul Vibe Release? Where To Watch It?

The adventure and action movie, Seoul Vibe, was made by Kwon Oh-Hyun and John Yoo. The film’s producer was Andmarq Productions, with Moon Hyun-sung serving as the director. The movie was also co-produced by UAA and MCMC.  Seoul Vibe premieres on 26 August 2022 on Netflix.

We anticipate this film to be a runaway success when it debuts on Netflix sometime this year because of the cast’s amazing talent.

Nowadays, Korean TV shows and movies are among the well-known and widely seen Original shows on Netflix. This reveals why Netflix made large investments in the market of South Korea totaling several hundred million dollars. Netflix’s K-Drama lineup for the year 2022 is indeed looking incredible.

NameSeoul Vibe
Directed byHyun-Sung Moon
Written bySua Shin
Produced byAndmarq Productions
CastYoo Ah-in
Go Kyung Pyo
Moon So-ri
Kim Seong-gyoon
Release date26 August 2022

Netflix officially confirmed the new releases for a few new movies when it unveiled its summer 2022 film lineup. Seoul Vibe was, regrettably, only offered a hazy release date of summer 2022 at that time. 

The BBFC has rated the movie as “Appropriate for teenagers aged 15 and above,” designating it as such because of its violent scenes and its use of profanity. Seoul Vibe has a 138-minute running time.

Seoul Vibe Release Date

The brand-new South Korean crime thriller Seoul Vibe on Netflix takes us back to the 1988 Seoul Olympic games. Scheduled to begin on August 26, 2022, the latest Korean Netflix Original will be globally accessible.

The movie’s shooting commenced in August 2021 and ended at some point in the previous year. As a result, it has been under post-production for some time. It’s noteworthy that the movie’s expense was under $10 million.

The anticipated release date for the film is 2022. The filming of the movie took place in various different places in South Korea which are Incheon, Junggu, and Er Wang-dong.

Seoul Vibe Cast

It is the unique characteristic of Korean TV shows and movies that the viewers cannot identify what the movie is about or who is the main protagonist of the movie. In one way or another, Korean shows build the excitement of the audience and thus exceed expectations.

The same thing happened in the cast list of ‘Seoul Vibe’ as we know who the cast is but we are still confused about who is the main protagonist and who is not.

The cast of the Korean movie ‘Seoul Vibe’ is

Seoul Vibe cast

Social Media Talk About Seoul Vibe

Most people think that Korean dramas will not be famous in India or in the United States because we don’t know Korean, right? But no, that is not true as k-dramas are very much viewed worldwide. Millions of fans don’t even know Korean but watch k-dramas with English subtitles. That is why Netflix also started making its original k-dramas and movies. 

After the announcement of the “Seoul Vibe”, k-dramas fans who are the suckers of action scenes, could not hold their excitement. Below are some of the tweets which the fans made after witnessing the still cute Seoul Vibe. 

Ong Seong Wu, a gentleman who has been expressive since birth, is delighted to display it in Seoul Vibe.

“ Juhyun made her acting debut on Netflix among incredibly great performers who are well-known in the film business! Who’s doing it the same way she is?” Who’s doing it the same way she is?  Looking forward to meeting the top team! 

“After looking at the updated Still cuts,  I will say Sang gye dong Supreme team, thank you for blessing my eyes with such beautiful imagery and brilliant colors! “

The mindblowing adventure in Seoul is depicted in the movie Seoul Vibe which will premiere on 26 August 2022 and is totally packed with breath-taking adrenaline moments. The pictures were all fantastic, and “Seoul Vibe” will undoubtedly light up our summer.”

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What To Expect From Seoul Vibe

Seoul Vibe the sophisticated heist-action movie, which was directed by Moon Hyun-sung, centers on a group of car enthusiasts who band together to break a crime organization as the South Korean capital prepares to organize the 1988 Olympic games. 

A group of technicians and drivers known as Sanggye-dong Supreme Squad discovers some suspicious activity regarding a Premium slush fund in the week preceding the Summer Olympic games. Next to each other, Yoo Ah-in (playing a master driver with exceptional drifting abilities), Koh Kyung-Pyo (playing a club Musician), Lee Kyu Hyung (playing the human gps), Park Ju-Hyun (playing a skilled bike rider), and Ong Seong-wu (playing Joon-gi, the repairman), discover the truth behind a sizable scheme for money laundering.

Besides this, Netflix has also released its own synopsis which was shown before you start watching movies on the platform of Netflix itself. The synopsis of it is In Seoul, anticipation for the 1988 Summer Olympics is growing as they get closer to starting.

The music is nostalgic, the style is vintage, and the racing is world-class. The Sanggye-dong Ultimate Team’s drivers are presented with a proposition they can’t turn down and are entangled in a VIP slush fund inquiry.”

Episode Guide

It is very rare for the Korean movie as well as series to release a prequel or sequel to the original one. So there is no Episode guide for our viewers as Seoul Vibe is the original and only part of the movie yet.

It is just that the movie Seoul Vibe will be released on Netflix and it has a running time of 138 minutes which is 2 hours and 18 minutes.

Seoul Vibe Trailer

Like every other Korean movie, Seoul Vibe also reveals its official teaser. It only showed us the various cast members of the film with lots of cash, guns, and car racing. We only know that there is the best car racer among the cast and their group got a delivery job in the middle of the Olympic games preparation. And our guess is that the delivery is illegal as the payment is quite high for a single delivery. 

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