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Anne Heche Suffered Severe Brain Injury And ‘IS NOT EXPECTED TO SURVIVE’

Anne Heche

Representatives of Anne Heche, 53, have shared the most tragic news stating that the sensational actress would probably fail to survive.

The reports have been flaring about Heche being diagnosed with catastrophic brain damage followed by the fiery car crash the saga was involved in. A rep has stepped up to talk about the urgency in her organ donation process elucidating that the Emmy-winning massive actress’ condition was critical and that Anne Heche was in a coma ever since the mogul was hospitalized.

It has been six days after Heche slammed her Mini Cooper into a house in the neighborhood of Mar Vista, Los Angeles and her condition has been getting worse with each passing day.

At the behest of Anne Heche’s family, her frontman implied that Heche’s chances of survival are one in a billion due to the unfortunate car crash that occurred a couple of days ago. He also explained that the Spread star previously had a wish to donate her organs to which the authorities are still in discussion as the star was only meant to breathe on the life-supporting system. Also, the experts have been reported to be in the process of testing whether any of her organs were in good condition so that they can bestow them. 

Anne Heche’s spokesperson then continued his words in expressing the valuable gratitude to the whole of the wellwishers who were decoy praying for the recovery of the beloved entertainer who has been suffering from countable spoiled injuries as an aftermath of the destructive car crash on Friday, August 5. 

In the uttered statement, the rep spilled his kind acknowledgment also to the dedicated and sincere doctors and attendants of the Grossman Burn Centre at Wills Hospitals, who were day and night running behind each of the procedures to bring back the icon and save the hope of a million. 

In the name of the devastated family, the rep told the media that Anne Heche’s legacy was unparalleled as the kind soul had a huge heart with which she has touched almost everyone who has crossed their path with Anne Heche.

He added that the owner of the generous spirit was more than ordinary for her overwhelming care and acceptance towards the ones she loved and said that the baron would forever be remembered for her unmatched honesty and missed for her incomparable light.

Anne Heche had not opened her eyes or gained consciousness for a second since the incident. The diva ended up incubated followed by the blazing car crash which also destroyed a home. Luckily the house owner and his pet were saved at the opportune moment with the intervention of one of the neighbors who apparently failed to rescue Heche as the car started to burn like hell. 

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On Monday, another rep reported that the Hung fame was in an emergency situation where Anne Heche would require surgical intervention and mechanical ventilation to pull through as her burns and pulmonary damages were not serene, but severe. 

As soon as the heartbreaking news of the accident broke into the public air, many Anne Heche fans, devotees, friends, relatives, and her exes barged into the scene displaying their warm support. 

Actor James Tupper, with whom Heche spent most of her life shared his sorrow on social media sending her virtual love and support. Tupper coupled his wish with a sweet of Anne Heche with their 8-year-old son, Atlas.

Apart from Atlas, Anne Heche has mothered Homer, 20, with her ex-husband Coley Laffoon. After the high-profile relationship with Ellen DeGeneres, Anne Heche was also linked with Thomas Jane, who shared his prayers and thoughts for Anne Heche and referred to the talented woman as one of the best of her generation, alluding to the hell of acting she had previously delivered. 

However, Ellen did share almost nothing as when the massive entertainer was asked about her past love’s condition, she literally passed the question saying that the duo was not in touch and thus she had no commands regarding that. 

Meanwhile, Anne Heche was engaged with her numerous projects till last month, winding up on her movie Girl in Room 13, which will be dropped by Lifetime in the fall. The movie starring Anne Heche is anticipated to direct her buffs through an emotional rollercoaster without a doubt as the mogul does not seem to survive until the release since the hopes are already hung on a string of threads. 

The investigations are still continuing on the other side of the occurrence, as many speculations have been arising in regards to the images and video clips that focused on the crazy driving of Heche and the bottle of booze in her car.