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Delhi Crime Season 2 Release Date, Story, Netflix, Trailer, Cast

Delhi Crime Season 2 Release Date, Story, Netflix, Trailer, Cast

Delhi crime is an Indian web series based on the themes of crime and drama. The show was written and directed by Richie Mehta. Radhesh More was the casting director along with Golden Karaven, Ivanhoe productions, Film Karavan and Poor Man’s production being the production houses of the series. The show was set in the aftermath of the Nirbhaya gang rape.

The series is based on true events, the name given to the characters in the series is not real. Since according to the Indian laws, the press cannot publish the real name of a rape victim. The victim of this tragedy was nationwide known as “Nirbhaya” which means fearless. However, her real name was Jyoti Singh. The adversities that she went through and eventually dies, made her become a symbol of women’s power and resistance towards rape all around the globe.

About Delhi Crime Season

Delhi crime story revolves around the heinous crimes that are conducted in the city. Season one of “Delhi Crime” was about the 2012 Nirbhaya gang rape case in Delhi. The event had shocked the entire nation.
Delhi crime streaming was done on the online streaming platform Netflix on 22nd March 2019. The web series had brought goosebumps to its viewers in the past while displaying the 2012 Nirbhaya gang rape case. It was not an easy watch and indeed had a trigger warning as well. The series is so engrossing but on the same hand, it is an exhausting experience.

According to a few sources, it is believed that season two of the famous Netflix series Delhi Crime will feature the Nithari serial killings case from the year 2005 and 2006 that took place near Nithari. The cast of the upcoming season two will be having Shefali Shah as DCP Vartika Chaturvedi, Rasika Dugal as Neeti Singh, Denzil Smith as Vishal Chaturvedi, Aakash Dahiya as Devinder, Swati Bhatia as Ira, Anurag Arora as Jairaj, Denzil Smith as Vishal Chaturvedi, Abhilasha Singh as Deepika, Rajesh Tailang as Inspector Bhupendra Singh, Yashaswini Dayama as Chandni, and Gaurav Rana as SHO Rakesh Verma.

Delhi Crime Season 2 Release Date

Delhi crime release date for season one was 22nd March 2019. The upcoming Delhi Crime Season 2 will be released on Netflix on 26th august, 2022.

Delhi Crime Season 2 Cast (Old and new)

The Delhi crime cast for season 1 is as follows:
Shefali shah (as DCP Vartika Chaturvedi), Rajesh Tailang (as Inspector Bhupendra Singh), Rasika Dugal (as IPS trainee), Anurag Arora (as Sub inspector Jairaj Singh), Yashaswini Dayama (as Chandni ‘Chandu’), Jaya Bhattacharya (as Sub inspector and Juvenile Welfare officer Vimla Bhardwaj), Vinod Sharawar (as SHO Vinod Tiwari), Adil Hussain (as Kumar Vijay), Denzil Smith (as Vishal Chaturvedi), Gopal Datt (as Sub inspector Sudhir Kumar),Sidharth Bhardwaj (as SHO Subhash Gupta), Mridul Sharma (as Jai Singh), Sanjay Bishnoi(as Akash),Guarav Rana( as SHO Rakesh Verma),Swati Bhatia (as Ira), Abhilasha Ginsh( as Deepika), Shobhna Bhardwaj( as Kiran) and Amitabh Acharya(as sub inspector Ashok Sharma)
The lead cast of season 1 will be seen reprising their roles for the upcoming season two of this famous series. Whereas there will be a few additions in the cast as well.

The Talk on Social Media About The Delhi Crime Season 2

Fans are looking forward to the upcoming The Delhi Crime Season 2 of this series which is going to be released on August 26, 2022. Season had a total of seven episodes in all and season two is expected to follow the similar pattern of 7 episodes.
Fans were impressed with this show, some of the Tweets from the audience read “A highly potent Netflix drama whose seven parts deliver a fictionalized version of events, though one being largely true to most of the essentials of the case”, and “Delhi crimes based on crimes and showcasing the dark side of the city Delhi including all crimes and brutality which has happened and still going on”, and “Excellent, excellent show.

A brilliant, haunting, and fascinating look at the infamous 2012 Delhi rape case.” Thus, showing how much impact it had on the audience.
Fans as well as critics gave positive feedback to season one of the shows for its script, premise, and performances of the lead characters. It also became the Emmy award winner for the outstanding Drama series at the International Emmy Awards that took place in September 2020. Thus, becoming the first ever Indian web series to win this award.

What to Expect from The Delhi Crime Season 2?

Delhi crime plot revolves around the brutal crimes committed in Delhi. Thus, the series tries its best to highlight the dark side of the city. Season one was focused on the police investigation and the strive towards justice against the horrific crime that was conducted.

The first episode began with the revelation of a wounded and naked couple lying near a drain, the victims were discovered by the Delhi Police. Later in the show, it was revealed that the girl was a rape victim. The girl (known by the name Nirbhaya) had gotten raped by six men who had fled the region. Which in turn led to the start of an investigation headed by DPC Vartika Chaturvedi.

Delhi Crime Episode guide

Delhi crime episode guide for season one had a total of seven episodes. The running time of each episode was between 40 to 60 minutes.

Delhi Crime Trailers in detail

The Delhi crime trailer for the previously released season one was released on 11 March 2019 and the show premiered on Netflix on March 22nd, 2019. The trailer gave a snippet of the Delhi police discovering the victims of the heinous crime and starting with their investigation of finding the men who perpetrated the crime. Also, the Delhi police department’s DCP Vartika Chaturvedi led a painstaking search for the culprits who were on the run. Highlighting how she promised the mother of the victim that she would bring justice to the family. The trailer also gave a picture of the public conducting candle march thus depicting the events that followed in real life as well during the ongoing police investigation. This is the YouTube link of the season 1 official trailer released by Netflix:

The Delhi crime Season 2 trailer was released by Netflix on 22 July 2022. The Delhi crime Season 2 trailer was 56 seconds long and started with the previous season’s lead female protagonist named Vartika Chaturvedi leading a discussion as to how many citizens of Delhi lives in colonies in poor condition followed by a voice saying that more murders have been conducted in the city. The Delhi crime Season 2 trailer showed a few glimpses of the previous seasons characters. This is the officially released trailer of the upcoming season 2 of Delhi Crime:

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