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MultiVersus Characters Tier List – 10 Best Characters Of MultiVersus

Player Fight Games’ free-to-play crossover fighting game, MultiVersus, published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, features a bevy of fictional characters, picking from HBO, DC Comics, Warner Bros, and Cartoon Network, who are already leading in the beta versions, securing their future. 

But, before that, being familiar with the already acquainted faces would be more than important since they are loading to come back with a bang through the best fighting video games ever launched in decades. For a fighter, the coming years would be stormy with their favorite tier snatching victory from their jaws of defeat.

Here we display their MultiVersus characters tier list so that no fighter shall miss out on any lead point in deciding who their bias is.

But before digging into the beef, it is equally inevitable to know that the MultiVersus characters tier list which we have thrown here, is ranked in accordance with what has amazed us, personally. It is not necessary that when you throw two coins, both show up on the heads, isn’t it?

Whoops! We sincerely hope that we are on the same side of the booth for sure. Fingers crossed, let us see where our favorites contradict. 

MultiVersus Characters Tier List

MultiVersus Characters Tier List

Followed by rumors, the MultiVersus, which is set to launch on August 9, 2022, exclusively on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S was officially announced in November 2021, later which the open beta versions were released in July 2022. 

Without further hold, sit back to know why according to us the best is best and the worst is worst.  


What are you looking at? The Best of the Best MultiVerse Characters? Exactly!


MultiVersus Characters Tier List

The flirtatious woman coupled with her childish exterior is the finest of all fictional characters among the MultiVersus tier, who often appears in colorful attires and has a strong rival against Batman. It ain’t a secret anymore that the Joker is her “Pudding”.

Creating a troublesome environment for the superheroes is her major trait. With her good looks and extraordinary charm, she made sure what she needed was on her table. 

Harley Quinn, the fantastic MultiVersus character, is built for her sudden appearance in front of her enemies, surprising them out of the blue. One of her superpowers is that she has a Stuffie Bat, upon whom she has full control as the Bat would be exploded with her command, blowing off her enemy to whom he is attached. 


MultiVersus Characters Tier List

You must be living under a rock if you are not familiar with who Batman is. An introduction to the foremost MultiVerse character, Batman, is nearly not a necessity. Still, let us renew your thoughts. 

Ever since The Dark Knight was accessed to his unparalleled power, which is predominantly with his beyond comparable mobility that the superhero manifested from his Bat-Grapple, Batman has been one of the most pleasing Multiverse characters. 

Without flickering from here to there, Batman assures his enemy is locked from 4 sides with his special attacks and bombs. Nothing to brag about Batman’s Bat-Slide and Batarang projectiles though. 


MultiVersus Characters Tier List

Sporting the iconic sword, Finn is from the Adventure Times, who can never be escaped from as he is a lot more like Harley Quinn sometimes. With crooked teeth and colorful clothes, Finn swings from one end to the other focusing on his foe. 

Occasionally, Just like Quinn, Finn is also capable of handling damages. However, getting into a fight with Finn needs a lot of planning. Unanticipatedly, the nemesis would be finished as the fantastic fighter Finn is backed with his exceptionally powerful hits. 


MultiVersus Characters Tier List

The man of steel, the popular and all-time favorite, Superman is stuffed with superpowers that make him a superhuman under earthly standards. With the bulletproof body, he is ineffective against weapons that are raised against him. 

Well, you might know what those eyes are capable of. He sees things that are opaque with his see-through powered eyes or even melt things with a glare.

Even the kids are well acquainted with the senior most MultiVersus character, Batman, who has his signature costume colored in blue and red with an “S ” emblem on his wide chest. 

While siding with him, you must know that he lets the opponent score at the beginning, but obviously, he can score a kick when the right time comes. In MultiVersus, Superman has a “tank” character, who is designed in such a way that he can easily sponge up the damages caused so far. 


We are not disappointed if your favorite has been pointed out in the second category, but we still think that you might end up on the losing side if you do not take proper advantage of these MultiVerse characters’ standard strengths. 


MultiVersus Characters Tier List

Known for his killer moves, Shaggy has evolved a lot over time as he has been using his 10% power, whereas he was stuck on 1% for an eternity. His temper tantrums, which are often termed ‘Shaggy’s Ultra Instinct”, are enough to trigger Shabby on the battlefield.

Even though the opponent has built up hype in the initial round, Shaggy would gather himself and send him flying with just a power-pack single, yet advanced move. 

There is a high chance that you might miss the chances of triumph if you do not know what Shaggy’s true powers are. There is a lot about Shaggy that ultimately makes him the epitome of a brawler. However, mastering the character would be a bit tricky and the course can be grueling at times. 


MultiVersus Characters Tier List

Jake The Dog, simply called Jake, has been plucked out of the Adventure Times, specifically skilled with his magical stretchy powers. Paired with Finn the Human, Jake has created a good mood life for himself, leaving no thoughts of where he actually came from. 

Jake can easily be denoted as a hero or an adventurer by the Bruiser character who is somewhat kind of an odd one among his peers, including his best bud, Finn. 

Just like his appearance, Jake’s powers are also unique as he simply attacks or even eats the enemies by mastering his Rubber Stomach. Well, Jake’s pocket is in actuality overflowing with kinds of superpowers, which would be a must to check out.


MultiVersus Characters Tier List

The four-time NBA champion Lebron James made his debut with MultiVersus recently. His character detailing has popped many eyeballs in thinking about what a ball player has got to do on the fighting platform. 

It turns out that Lebron James is an interesting Multiverse character, inspired by a Twitter meme, who has been inserted into the Multiverse team to create fun moves that would obviously be with his ball.

Lebron James as a fighter would be seen attacking the opponent on their faces with his extra powerful ball kick and he can also pass the ball to his teammates, which would ignite excitement throughout the game. 

His ball tricks are not over yet. Bonking the ball on the floor would create a mere earthquake and when he spins it on his finger, the enemies over him would be squashed. 

Yet, there is a big “but” in it- Lebron James’ basketball is snatched at times, turning him into a powerless hero. 

However, MultiVerse has generated an even better introduction with James to the game.


MultiVersus Characters Tier List

Popular for his flippant, insouciant personality, Bugs Bunny often amazes with his anthropomorphic grey and white rabbit appearance. Being the official mascot of Warner Bros Entertainment, he is famous for his signature question, “Eh…What’s up, doc?”.

The pride of Looney Tunes, Bugs Bunny is more than his appearance. Though you might end up judging him for his buffoon look, he is a small packet with big sparkles. 

He can only aid you in winning when you have first set him up accordingly. Once done, you will be witnessing another level of performance on the battlefield. 

Since he is a Bunny, he has expertise in dodging the attacks with his Bunny Burrow move. 


Sorry to expose, but the remaining MultiVersus characters are not that good at all. They are low-key and require proper timing and mastery to bring the maximum out of them in the field, unlike other top-tier bruisers. 


MultiVersus Characters Tier List

Leaving the Looney Tunes, Taz has occupied his place in MultiVersus now. If you are wondering why a powerful player like Taz is listed under the bottom tier, let us clear the air as Taz has almost lost many of his powers in his updated version, which is why he is down. 

However, to the existing roster of MultiVersus, Taz is a good welcome, considering his unmatched kill power. He simply grabs the opponent and throws him away out of sight. 

By now, it is already accepted why Taz is known for his Knockback. Not only form a short gap, but he can also easily blow a hit from a long distance as well. 

The unique Bottomless Pit Passive Ability possessed by Taz helps him heal and also uses the power to turn his nemesis into the cooked chicken. 

The nerfed powers of Taz include the then famous Taz-nado ability and entrapment. Although he still is packed with power, there isn’t much to talk about. 


MultiVersus Characters Tier List

As an assassin, in Game of Thrones Arya Stark would be seen in the MultiVersus, with the powers she had in the former. With the neutral special, she can steal the faces of her opponents in a flick of time. Since she has mastered making use of the MultiVerse character’s faces she has stolen, her flexibility is incomparable. 

It requires an enormous amount of patience to learn her projectiles and other unique features and that facility is lacking today. 

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