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Den Of Thieves 2 anticipated Release & Everything We Know So Far

Den of Thieves was released on 19th January 2018. And the sequel Den Of Thieves 2 is expected to be ready by late 2022 or early 2023. 

This is a movie involving a heist, and who doesn’t like heist movies?

The movie starts with a scene set in Los Angeles, California, with an armored truck stopping in front of a coffee shop. And within moments a team of robbers, led by Ray Merrimen (played by Pablo Schrieber) attacks and tries to break into the truck. In order to defend themselves, the guard stands their ground which leads the robbers to kill them. Following is a scene with police arriving and engaging in a shootout with the robbers. Eventually, Merrimen and his team take off with the truck, but he becomes furious with Donnie (O’Shea Jackson Jr.) for killing the guard. 

In short, Nick O’Brien is a hard-drinking leader of an elite unit of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, called the “Regulators”. Whereas Ray Merrimen, who recently came out of parole, joins the outlaws and becomes their leader. This group is a gang of ex-military men who uses their expertise and skills to take down the law. As O’Brien, Merrimen, and the rest of their team work to pull off the seemingly impossible heist of the city’s Federal Reserve Bank, they soon find themselves on a collision course. The cops try their best to stop this group of thieves. 

Den Of Thieves 2 updates

While Ray has this heist planning going on, his wife takes off with their kids as she learns about all the women her husband has been with, mainly strippers. Ray tries to make her come back but she doesn’t. Ray has a guy working for him named Donnie who works at the bar, and detective Nick, after finding him, makes a friendly chat with him before cornering and knocking him out. He then takes Donnie to an abandoned house where his group of officers is waiting to interrogate Donnie.

But then Donnie reveals that the only reason he got involved with Ray and his crew is that Ray was impressed with his skills as a great getaway driver. Then through a flashback audience learns that Ray is planning on robbing the Federal Reserve Bank and taking roughly $30 million in unmarked bills. +

Movie NameDen Of Thieves
GenreAction, Crime
DirectorChristian Gudegast
WriterChristian Gudegast
CastGerard Butler, O’Shea Jackson Jr., and 50 Cent are expected
PlotA sequel to the 2018 film ‘Den of Thieves.
Den Of Thieves 2 Release Date The Den of Thieves 2 release date is not yet confirmed.

Is Den Of Thieves 2 coming or not?

There is no official news about the release date or any other information about the movie to date.

Den Of Thieves Cast

For the cast of Den of Thieves 2 Pantera, it can be expected that Gerard Butler may be returning as Nicholas, “Big Nick”, the hard-drinking cop whose job will be to chase the robbers. O’Shea Jackson Jr. is anticipated to be reprising his role as Donnie. Christian Gudegast may be back in the director’s chair and wrote the screenplay for the first part. The film is expected to be produced by Gerard Butler, Alan Siegel, Mark Canton, and Tucker Tooley. 

Other members of the cast are not known yet, but it can be assumed that the crew will remain more or less the same. 

Cast members from Den of Thieves are: Meadow Williams will be back as Holly. Curtis James Jackson (50 cents) could be back as Enson Levoux (who works as a right hand of Ray Merriman).

In an interview held in October 2021 with Collider, O’Shea Jackson Jr upon being asked about the sequel, said-‘oh yes, it’s definitely happening. I have started preparing for it. When I was in Ireland, they got me a trainer and I lost 15 pounds in 28 days. Getting my superhero body is important for me, you know, to keep up with the pace of the movie. I’m going to be alright, getting into the right shape.’ And when asked about the script, he said, “Yes, it’s going down.”

The first part was about Christian Gudegast’s baby. Nobody knew, not even him, that it would become what it is today. Yes, you hope that, but you never know. And now we are going for a sequel. He understands that he has to give the audience what they want. We’ll see. I can’t wait for people to see what he has me doing for this one.’

Talking on social media about Den of Thieves 2

Many reviews for Den of Thieves are available online, and the audience seems to be waiting for the sequel Den of Thieves2. Tweets read about the reviews of the first part. The acting is said to be strong, and the heist parts are described as “fun to watch”, although they have some truly tense moments. The world’s understanding of Los Angeles is that it is the bank robbery capital of the world.

The movie shows how many bank robberies happen in Los Angeles over a span of one year, broken down into months, days, hours, and even minutes. After rolling out the stats, the movie does in fact prove the point of Los Angeles being the world’s capital of bank robberies. Not all the stories of this naked city can be “heat”, but this one kinda is. 

What do we expect from Den of Thieves 2 if released?

The first part engaged enough of the audience to get them started on a sequel. The Den Of Thieves 2 Pantera may pick up from where the previous movie left off. The first movie was inspired by a real-life attempt made to rob the Federal Reserve Bank of Los Angeles.

Part two is expected to be based on a true event—the Antwerp Diamond Exchange Heist of 2003—which may have the two lead surviving characters at the center of the movie; the original mastermind, Donnie (Jackson Jr.), who’s on the run with the former Pink Panther mafia after the diamond heist goes wrong. And they are being hunted by Interpol and O’Brien (Butler), who has left his life and family in L.A. 

One might expect Donnie to lay low after being tracked by Interpol, but instead, he gets involved in the plans to pull off a heist on the world’s largest diamond exchange. When the ‘Den Of Thieves 2: Pantera’ begins, the scene is expected to shift to Europe, and we are likely to see a superfluity of exotic locations. This movie is expected to cover a lot of European locales, like from London to Belgium, the Cote d’Azur, Marseilles, and Montenegro, which will be a change from the gritty original. 

Den of Thieves expected plot

Den of Thieves 2 may be titled ‘Den of Thieves 2: Pantera’

The first movie directed by Christian Gudegast was released under the name “Criminal Squad” in some countries. The movie faced generally favorable critic reviews and made a commercial success of $80.5 million after being made on a budget of $ 30 million. 

When Gudegast talked about the sequel he said ‘all of it would be set in Europe. And it may be about Big Nick hunting Donnie, who gets involved in the diamond heist. Now that he’s teamed up with the Pink Panther mafia, both of them will be hunted down. There can be another group hunting for Nick too, but I won’t reveal that now.’ He further talks about how the sequel will have different kinds of twists and hopes that it’ll be surprising for the audience.

Gudegast revealed a trail of movies that have inspired the upcoming sequel. They have included the likes of ‘Gomorrah’ (a less popular Italian film which was made about modern-day crime families), and ‘Suburra’ (an Italian movie of the gangster genre, based on politics and power play in Vatican City and Rome). The 2000 crime comedy ‘Sexy Beast’ and Robert De Niro’s heist thriller ‘Ronin’ have also influenced the making of this sequel. 

Den Of Thieves Trailers

Watch the first part to jog your memory. Den of Thieves is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. The trailer can be watched on YouTube. 

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