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Bill Russell Net Worth – Who was Bill Russell?

Bill Russell Net Worth - Who was Bill Russell

The renowned former American professional basketball player, Bill Russell had a net worth of $10 million in 2022. The net worth of Bill Russell in 2022 was estimated as the same piece of information was in high demand following his demise on July 31, 2022.

Many have been looking for Bill Russell’s net worth of 2022 and thus we consider ourselves in a position to provide everyone with the exact piece of information including Bill Russell’s age, Bill Russel’s career, Bill Russell’s achievements, and much more other than Bill Russel’s net worth. 

Who was Bill Russell?

The foremost superstar African- American player, Bill Russell, died at the age of 88. Russell was considered the best-ever athlete of all time, and, he was the finest basketball player. Within a decade from 1956, Russell had earned 11 NBA championships, when he played for the Boston Celtics. Being the first superstar black player in the NBA, Russell has managed to become an all-rounder a dozen times and has also achieved five MVPs. 

Russell is one of the North American players who have made the record in the sports league as he has achieved a maximum number of championships. 

Despite his success, Russell was marginalized based on his color as racism was at its peak. Although he himself had a reason for pride in the country as Russell was the captain of the American basketball team, where they won a gold medal in the Summer Olympics held in 1956. In 1955 and 1956, Russell led the NCAA Championships for San Francisco Dons, in a row.

Name Bill Russell, William Felton Russell
BornFebruary 12, 1934
DiedJuly 31, 2022
Bill Russell Height6 ft 10 in
Bill Russell Weight215 lb
Bill Russell Net Worth$10 million
Bill Russell WifeDorothy Anstett (M. 1977–1980), Marilyn Nault (M. 1996–2009), Rose Swisher (M. 1956–1973)

Bill Russell Early Life

Bill Russell, the son of Katie and Charles was born in 1934 in Monroe, Louisiana. However, the young Russell was not brought up in his homeland as his parents moved to Oakland, California when he was only eight. Even before Russell was ten, his mother passed away and it was hard for the father-son duo to carry forward their life.

In his junior and senior years, Russell was a star at McClymonds High School as he won state championships for basketball. Russell, being black did not receive many offers from colleges, however, he was able to become a graduate of the University of San Francisco along with a scholarship.

Since the performance of the player was at its pinnacle, Russell was chosen as the college team basketball lead. To Russell’s captaincy, the team grabbed two NCAA championships, one after the other. 

Not only in basketball, but Russell was also a representative of the University of San Francisco in track and field. Owning the title of seventh-best high-jumper to date, Russell presented his best shot in the high jump in the 1956 Olympics. Bill Russell net worth is $10 million in 2022 When he dies.

Bill Russell and the 1956 Olympics

In the 1956 Summer Olympics held in Melbourne, Russell with the excellent coaching of Gerald Tucker directed his team to win the gold medal after defeating their opponent, the Soviet Union. Not only in the single game but Russell and his team were also leading in every game they participated in with an average of 53.5 points. The captaincy of the US basketball team was then advanced to an NBA player, in no time. 

Bill Russell and the Boston Celtics Championships

The Boston Celtics kick-started their game in the 1946-47 season. Ever since the team was formed, Russell made it glorious with his first play as a team member in 1956 December, where he won against the St.Louis Hawks with a record. Although the team had a previous best record, Russell once again brought attention to the Boston Celtics with his mind-blowing strategy and teamwork.

With 16 points and 31 rebounds, Russell again won against Syracuse Nationals in the Eastern Division finals, which paid the way for his team, Boston Celtics to appear in the NBA Finals, which was also won by Russell and his troop. 

Russell literally turned everything he touched into gold as the Celtics won 14 games back to back the very next year. While having a peek into Russell’s individual play, he scored 16.6 points and 22.7 rebounds per game. 

In the second last season of the decade, the Celtics captured the NBA title after winning 52 games non-stop, an ultimate record-breaker season. In the following season of 1960, the Celtics themselves broke their own record by winning 59 games in a row. In the 1960 Finals, the Boston Celtics managed to get their hands on the championship trophy. In four years, that was the third trophy received by the Celtics.

The success diaries of Russell in the Boston Celtics do not wind up there. In fact, Russell as a team has mesmerized the world, presenting the unique phenomenon of winning the championship title seven times, consecutively. Even the US professional sports league had not seen such a tremendous win for any team other than Boston Celtics to date. 

Russell, the sensational NBA player has so far gained extraordinary fame for multiple talents including his unmatchable man-to-man defense, phenomenal rebounding, and incredible shot-blocking.

Bill Russell’s Final Years as a Player

Creating history, Russell was chosen as the next team lead for the Boston Celtics after the retirement of their former coach, Red Aurbach. Being black, it was an honor for Russell to become the first ever black coach in the history of the NBA.

Unfortunately, the following season did not go as expected: Celtics were put to the ground by the ascendant Wilt Chamberlain and the Philadelphia 76ers. In the succeeding play of the same year, Russell managed to get back his victory, however, they had to bow their heads once again before the Philadelphia 76ers in Eastern Division Finals.

Cheering their fans, the Celtics came to the shore after sinking with an ultimate powerful comeback by winning the next three championships. After a while, the team was taken to the NBA Finals where they played against the Lakers, whom the Celtics defeated, marking the tenth earned championship title for Russell. 

The time came when Russell was mentally unstable as the assassinations of Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. coupled with the repercussions of the Vietnam War,  lured him in such a way that Russell began to wonder if he was not making use of his time.

Russell got stuck in the thought as he was in a condition where he believed that playing basketball was a waste of time and thought it was insignificant. Despite being one of the most successful players, Russell become offbeat with the NBA training and the legendary player began to gain a tremendous amount of weight. 

Coming from behind, Russell once again took his Celtics to the NBA Finals where they once again shared the track with the Lakers. The game opened the way for Russ to make a sensational history of winning the championship 11 times in 13 years. 

After Retirement Life of Bill Russell

After his playing career, the Go Up For Glory author, Bill Russell went on to coach the teams Seattle SuperSonics ( 1973- 1979), and Sacramento Kings (1987-1988). None of the coachings resulted in the expected success. However, the multifaceted basketball player, then completely took his time off from basketball and served as a CBS and TBS color commentator. 

After his retirement, Russell kick-started a vegetarian lifestyle and hosted the American television show, Saturday Night Live in 1979. The life of Russell was completely altered in the 90s, when he reduced his public sighting by living in Mercer Island, Washington, somewhat like a hermit. 

As one of the members of the National Collegiate Hall of Fame, the iconic basketball player, Russell was honored for his unparalleled impression on college basketball in 2006. From both Suffolk University and Harvard University, Russell received a doctorate in 2007.

The massive player and author, Russell was also introduced to the FIFA Hall of Fame, Basketball Hall of Fame, and Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. 

Bill Russell Personal Life

Bill Russell was in a romantic relationship with his college sweetheart Rose Swisher and the duo got married in 1956. Although the pair parted ways in 1973, Russell and Swisher had three children: Jacob, Karen, and William Jr. 

After 4  years, Russell wed former Miss USA Dorothy Ansett, which did not last long as the second marriage of Russell also ended up in a divorce in 1980. 

It was in 1996 that Russell and Marilyn Nault got married. She was Russell’s consort until 2009. 

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