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Shakira Net Worth 2022 – Tax Fraud Case In Spain!!

Shakira is a Colombian singer who is popular throughout the globe. Moreover, she has been in the limelight since the age of 13. One will be astonished to hear about her net worth, which is somewhere around $300 million now. A singer, songwriter, belly dancer, and social worker, in her own right, she is one of the most successful musical entertainers that the world has right now.

Shakira Net Worth 2022

The ‘Queen of Latin Music’ has had her share of fame while rising to a pedestal across the Hispanic countries. Having entered the English market with her fifth music album, she managed to consolidate her position in the international market.

Shakira Net Worth 2022 - Tax Fraud Case In Spain!!

After smelling sweet success in 2001 with Laundry Service, she went on to do many more Spanish albums to solidify her position as an international crossover music star. Many of her songs have risen to the top five in multiple countries. Those songs include, Hips Don’t lie, Waka Waka, and Loca. 

One will be astonished to hear about her net worth, which is somewhere around $300 million now. A singer, songwriter, belly dancer, and social worker, in her own right, she is one of the most successful musical entertainers that the world has right now. She is also second to Gloria Estefan as a Latin Singer. Her main source of income is her musical genius. Shakira has been charged with tax fraud recently. But, before going into the details, the world needs to know much more. 

Shakira’s Journey 

Shakira was born in 1977, on February 2, in Barranquilla, Colombia. Shakira is a Spanish and Italian. Shakira has eight other siblings from her father’s previous marriage. Moreover, she grew up on the northern Caribbean coast of Colombia. When Shakira was four years old, she managed to write her first original poem. Her father also wrote stories on his typewriter, which probably inspired her to write her own thoughts on paper.

After she took this hobby seriously, the written verses started turning into melodies with her father’s support. Her father also has a role to play in inspiring her. She first heard the instrument, Doumbek, a traditional drum, used in Arabic music. It is also accompanied by belly dancing. She went on to show her interest in belly dancing as well, in school. Shakira was a hyperactive child in school. 

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Shakira started garnering attention for her singing skills between the age of 10-13 years. She made a name for herself at the local events in her hometown. She also met a local theatre producer, who went on to introduce her to a Sony Colombia Executive named Ciro Vargas. Shakira got the opportunity to attend the audition and got a three-record deal. Shakira released her first album in 1991. She is a highly successful, Colombian singer and has a number of awards to her credit. The awards she has received to date include:

  • 3 Grammys 
  • 13 Latin Grammys
  • 4 MTV Video Music Awards 
  • 7 Billboard Music Awards 
  • 39 Billboard Latin Music Awards 
  • 1 Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Award 

Billboard also listed her as the ‘Top Female Latin Artist of the Decade’ in 2009. Shakira also happens to be one of the three female artists, who has two YouTube videos with over a billion views. 

Shakira Career

Shakira has been in the industry since the 1990s, but initially, she did not taste success. She tasted success in the 2000s and onwards. Amazingly, Shakira has sold more than 125 million albums across the globe, and her El Dorado tour in the year 2018, also raked in $75 million.

In 2012, Shakira also signed a $30 million deal with Live Nation and Sony Music, to release three of her albums. Shakira also sold her music publishing rights in the year 2021 to Hipgnosis Songs Fund Limited. The deal must have been in millions, but no one seems to know the exact figures. 

Shakira had also taken to coaching contestants in the show, The Voice for two seasons. Reportedly, she made a cool $ 12 million each season. Shakira is one of the biggest musical geniuses of the recent decade, having made a good fortune. If reports are to be believed, she owns real estate throughout the world. She supposedly had a 21,000 square ft mansion in Miami, which she sold for an undisclosed amount lately. She also owns properties in Uruguay, Barcelona, and the Bahamas. 

Shakira Personal Life And Relations 

Shakira was involved with an attorney from Argentina called Antonio de la Rua for 11 years, from 2000-2011. They were in a live-in relationship, and supposedly ‘as good as married.’ When they broke up, Rua still looked after her business legalities. However, in 2012, things turned sour, with Rua suing her for $100 million. She supposedly owed him that money, after she terminated the legal contract for business consultation in 2011. However, he did not win the trial.

She went into a relationship with a Spanish football player named Gerard Piqué in 2011. He was ten years younger to her. They had met during the shoot of her song, ‘Waka Waka’. They have two sons together, but they are not together anymore. They split in June 2022. 

Shakira is a philanthropist and is the founder of Pies Descalzos Foundation, an NGO for children in Colombia.

Shakira’s Recent News And Tax Fraud Claims 

According to recent reports, Shakira is all set to go to visit court, as she has been accused of tax fraud. The singer has rejected the charges and plans to face the prosecutors to defend herself. She is extremely confident that her innocence will be proven after the end of the judicial process. According to her publicist, she has always abided by law and order.

Moreover, she has paid taxes according to her consultant firm Price Waterhouse Coopers. The counsel for her said that probably the Spanish authorities who are trying to defame her may be mistaken somewhere. 

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According to the ones, who have levied charges against her, she has not paid $15 million as taxes between 2012 and 2014. So, it is believed that if she has a tax bill of that amount, she must have earned many times more. Tax eviction crime is stressed here. Shakira is said to be richer than her ex. However, they were never married, so each one’s wealth remains with the individual. Now, the world is looking forward to the trial, where Shakira will try to defend herself. 

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