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10 Most Expensive Lego Sets In The World [Updated List] 2022

For anyone with an incredible craze for stacking up collections, Lego sets are exclusively for you. Legos are, in simple words, playing toys or building blocks that were launched in the late 50s. With the skyrocketing demand for the sets, their prices have also been tremendously heightened. Have you ever wondered which is the most expensive lego set in the world?

The prices have reached their maximum range, kicking behind the rates of stocks, bonds, and whatnot, peaking faster than gold, by which it can be stated with utmost confidence that the toy cannot be merely considered as a play tool but should be looked upon as a good investment. 

Reselling of Lego sets has become popular in the US since a single block from the set can be sold for multiple cents. 

Top 10 Most Expensive Lego Sets Ever Made

The iconic toy, which is loved and appreciated by most individuals is a bit on the dear side, as you will be paying through your nose. No need to raise your eyebrows, though, it is indeed a fact. On the other hand, in this very case, ‘spending’ hides an inner meaning of ‘earning’ as well, since the Lego sets would pay you better in the future. Well, that is one of the major reasons why it is said that spending on Lego sets, would never go in vain. 

Anyway, let us take you to a good read on the 10 most expensive Lego sets, which are listed below,

H.C. Andersen’s Clumsy Hans

Kudos to the H.C. Andersen Lego set for topping the list of exclusive Lego sets! 

The 2015 edition of H.C. Andersen’s Clumsy Hans tops the world’s most expensive Lego sets, which are worth $7375

H.C. Andersen’s Clumsy Hans

Upon the launch, the original 80 pieces of the Lego Sets were given to 80 Lego ambassadors, among whom only a few have so far sold their unique pieces. That is one of the biggest reasons why the H.C Lego set is so highly demanded in the market.

Due to the soaring demand, the price of these has also risen. However, if you are an adult in reality and an old soul in mentality, this antique piece is worth buying for $7,375, which is rare and unique at the same time. 

Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon

The Star Wars fans, attention here, The Millennium Falcon Lego sets are exclusive to quench your thirst for $4530.

Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon

The Star Wars Lego set must have astonished you considering its fanbase and style. The set also holds another title other than being the movie fame, as Millennium Falcon is the world’s second-largest Lego set with 5,174 pieces. 

The box of the set is packed with astonishing toys of miniatures that are of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Luke Skywalker. 

If you are a massive fan of Star Wars then the heroism it would bring when you possess it would be unimaginable. However, it sounds like a good deal and worth the pennies.

TMNT Antonio’s Pizza Rama 

What an improved ideology! 

The world’s most expensive pizza slice could probably be this one, which is $4276 per slice. Who would not wish to have a bite of it?

TMNT Antonio’s Pizza Rama 

If you have bought one, simply admit that you are owning one of the rarest pieces available in the whole universe.

It is still crazy that a pizza slice could cost a fortune.

Piper Airplane-2012 Edition

Among the remaining Lego sets, Piper Airplane is worth $4016, as per the unanimous opinion of many. The cool feature of this particular set is that it offers miniature airport figures that multiply the value of the set.

Piper Airplane-2012 Edition

Although the particular building set is not as cool as the top-3 sets, Piper Airplane is still much better than the upcoming Lego sets in the series. 

Han Solo On A Tauntaun

From the name, you might mistake this for a Millennium Falcon or a Star Destroyer. To begin with, the set, in actuality, is cooler than the formerly mentioned famous Legos. If not, why would such a non-attractive set have been mentioned as the fifth-best Lego set out of the top ten? 

Han Solo On A Tauntaun

The question alone depicts the answer to it, as the set is more valuable despite not being one of the most eye-catching or prettiest Legos.

To date, Han Solo on Tauntaun is one of the most expensive Star Wars Lego set that is worth $3156.

Taj Mahal

With 5923 pieces, the Taj Mahal is the biggest Lego set among the top 10 most expensive Lego sets in the world. Once the set is built, it is incredibly large and beautiful.

Han Solo On A Tauntaun

The eye-catching massive Lego set, which costs $2865 only, is an amazing sight to watch for hours because the Taj Mahal Lego sets are breathtakingly amazing. 

Any Lego lover, with passion and patience, would definitely enjoy the purchase. 

The Legoland Train- 2014

How about a Lego train? Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Well, there are fans who have head over heels fallen for the combo, just like any other Lego set.

The Legoland Train- 2014

The Legoland Train-2014 combo has a building set of a train as well as a slew of mini-figures to help engage you within the set. Initially, the set was launched in 2014, and if by some means you can manage to get your hands on the same in 2022, then you are about to be proud of the move, as the set is currently worth $2750.

Shake your hands with the deal. It is definitely about to bring a boom for you. 

The train set was made after looking back at the history of Legos, and the item was a huge reward for the Lego Inside Tour attendees.

LECA Automobile – 2005 edition

Want to think outside of the box? Is a car your thing?

Not to boast, Leca Automile is not that great of a kind or pretty looking. However, one thing can definitely be assured, which is the uniqueness and the variety it possesses. 

LECA Automobile - 2005 edition

If you are someone who is addicted to cars, especially old ones, then why not give a chance to a car Lego minifigure? You might have to spend $2350 on a pack, but that would not be too much to enhance your collection. Apart from the top 5 sets, this one indeed makes you satisfied. 

The LECA Automobile sets were exclusively handed over to the LEGO Inside Tour attendees. However, they are lucky today because the sealed set of Leca Automobile is today made available for a higher margin of $4,780. The red car gains around 28% a year, but unfortunately, the set was not witnessed either in the primary market or on the secondary market recently. 

The sale trend for the car edition has remained almost similar throughout the last 4 years, with a slightly higher sale in the last year. 

Grand Carousel 

Want to think outside of the box? If so, how about a remote-controlling Lego set? 

Second, last on the list of most expensive Lego Minifigures in the world is the Grand Carousel, which comes with 3000 individual pieces to stack. 

Grand Carousel 

Since the item can be given a 10 on 10 for its function, you can either opt for the set merely for the purpose of collecting valuables or even play with it. 

Unlike the previously mentioned Lego sets, this one from a single sight tells you how easy it is to handle. The bigger Lego is huge and pretty once the process is completed and the benefit shall be enjoyed for $2300.

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The colorful circling set makes you engage and hooks you onto it with its mind-blowing prettiness and beauteousness. Along with the mini figures of humans, animal Lego Minifigures are part of the set that goes up and down when fitted correctly. 

If you are not an expert on Lego sets, then there is no need to be edgy since the Grand Carousel building instructions are available online, which shall be considered while beginning with the attachments. 

Yoda Wearing ( I heart NY shirt)

How cool and odd is its name? Well, 2013 released I Heart NY T-shirt, worn by Yoda, shone miraculously at the New York Toy Fair, thinking how such a thing could impact so much.

Yoda Wearing ( I heart NY shirt)

The uniqueness it carried was sort of different as the set featured some dope street-style fashion. However, considering it would not be a regret for sure as the piece holds its individuality that cannot be ruined under no means. 

The last set in the 10 most expensive Lego sets ends with Yoda wearing an I Heart NY shirt, costing $2275 exclusively for the tiniest one-piece Minifigure Lego. 

The wording is so common not only on T-shirts but also on tea cups, key chains, and so on. 

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