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Best In Dough Season 1 released! all the updates

Best In Dough Season 1 premiered its first 10 episodes on Netflix on Monday, September 19, and released three more on September 26. The last four episodes will run on October 6.

In December 2021, the show was a part of Best in Dough 2022 programming. Best in Dough has now announced more details about the series, which is good news for pizza-loving fans. They have learned about the judges, hosts, and contestants in the last several weeks and the from the released episodes.

Best In Dough Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, And More 

“Best in Dough” is Netflix’s first pizza cooking contest program and one of the first culinary shows in the industry to concentrate only on the subject of Pizza. Best in Dough attempts to tap into the universal love of Pizza to deliver viewers a new competition show that’s both delicious and educational. Best in Dough has had some popular food series in the last several months, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Best In Dough Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, And More

A pizza cook-off has been absent from the plethora of culinary programs that major streaming platforms commission and Pizza is one of the few things that people throughout the globe have in common. 

Best In Dough Season 1 Release Date

Best in Dough premiered the first 10-episode season of Best in Dough. The first three episodes were released on September 19 and released three more on September 26. The last four episodes will run on October 6.

Gordon Ramsay‘s “American Road Trip” premiered on Best in Dough in January 2021, followed in December by the cheerful “Candified: Home For The Holidays.” Morgan Neville and David Chang’s “Ugly Delicious” and “Baker’s Dozen,” presented by actress Tamera Mowry-Housley and former White House pastry chef Bill Yosses, respectfully, making October 2021 an excellent time for Best in Dough’s gourmet customers to tune in to.

Although it’s unlikely that Best in Dough will show “Best in Dough” over the holidays because of its non-festival subject matter, it may air in the middle of 2022. So, until Netflix officially announces it, pizza lovers will have to endure their impatience.

Where Can You Watch Best In Dough Season 1?

Beginning on September 19, 2022, viewers can only access Best in Dough via streaming services. 

“They cannot wait for other people to see Best in Dough.” Is there anybody who doesn’t like a good pizza party? They can declare without a doubt that the time spent working on Best in Dough was the one experience in their life during which they gained the most weight and had the most fun.

“The job that could only be described as a dream come true. In a world where no two people can agree on anything, they can all conclude that Pizza is the most OK food, and this show is like a massive helping of paradise.

Best In Dough Season 1 Cast

Wells Adams, the bartender from Bachelor in Paradise, manage the new Best in Dough program, Best in Dough, which premieres this week. Pizzana’s Daniele Utidi, who hails from Los Angeles, serves as the show’s primary judge. Utidi is regarded as one of the country’s most renowned pizza cooks. It’s little wonder that Pizzana, his pizzeria, has become so well-known in the city.

Pizza judges Millie Peartree, Eunji Kim, and Bryan Ford joins Adams and Utidi in the competition.

Amanda Morris, Ian Winslade, and Yoko Hasebe appear in the evening. Also serving as judges are Ashley Mincey and Shealyn Coniglio, two well-known social media stars.

This year, Utidi is a judge on Best in Dough’s Best in Dough competition. “It’s been the ambition to share a passion for pizza via Pizzana for the last five years, and so pleased to convey that love to Best in Dough’s audience.”

  • Wells Adams 
  • Millie Peartree
  • Daniele U’Diti
  • Eunji Kim
  • Bryan Ford

Best In Dough Season 1 Trailer 

On the other hand,  on Instagram by the head judge Chef Daniele Uditi, fans can expect to see a wide variety of pizza connoisseurs competing in each show episode.

The contestants are expected to include Italian Nonas, pizza enthusiasts, Neapolitan pizza experts like Chef Uditi, children, pizza champions, professional chefs, and fine dining chefs. Each set of contestants will face a series of tasks in their episode.

Even though Best in Dough has not disclosed who will be competing in “Best in Dough” or what hurdles they could face in the program, the excellent judging panel suggests that the pizza competitions will be rather tricky. In light of Bryan Ford’s fondness for sourdough and his admission on Instagram, he enjoys unorthodox pizza toppings like pickles instead of mustard.

Contestants may be tested on their ability to make sourdough starters and create creative new topping combinations for Pizza. In addition, since Chef Uditi has a history with Neapolitan Pizza, it may test the competitor’s ability to prepare at some point throughout the competition.

Best In Dough Season 1 Plot 

Every year, the reality program “Best In Dough” brings together pizza-crazed contestants from various walks of life to compete for a cash prize. The first-ever pizza tournament has begun!

When Best in Dough premieres on Netflix on Monday, September 19, pizza-obsessed contestants from around the nation will vie for a cash reward. Best in Dough intends to release three 30-minute episodes in the first two weeks, followed by four in the third week, all building up to a conclusion on October 3.

In addition to Adams and Uditi, are some other known figures. Eunji Kim, a comedian and culinary influencer, and Bryan Ford, a baker famous for the sourdough craze of 2020, are also sitting in on the judges’ panel, together with Millie Peartree and Eunji Kim.


Chef Daniele Uditi, who specializes in Italian Pizza and has written some cookbooks, is a co-host and the chief judge for the Best in Dough competition. He is the proprietor of the Los Angeles restaurant Pizzana, a pioneer in the sourdough trend. He is a qualified master of Neapolitan Pizza by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. On the judging panel with him, there is Chef Millie Peartree, pizza enthusiast Brian Ford, Enuji Kim, and comedian Enuji Kim.

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