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Trying Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Plot, And More Update

Trying Season 3 was released on 22nd July 2022 and with this release, a new chapter unfolded in the life of Jason, Nikki, and their family. You can watch the entire series on Apple TV+.

We all have grown up with a tendency to respect and care about our loved ones, but some are not as lucky as the rest of us. Trying is a story of one such lovely couple that is bonded together with great respect and affection. Their marriage is happy and now they want to move forward in their life toward the next big step of having a new member in their home. But due to some circumstances, they could not conceive and eventually decided to adopt their children and this is where the life of Jason and Nikki change forever.


Trying is about the challenges that Jason and Nikki have to face during the adoption process. It showcases the struggle of such couples and addresses the difficulties of life, spiced up with some witty humor. The first season revolves around the same theme but as the show progresses, the focus shifts to the struggles of being good parents for Nikki and Jason for their children.  

Trying Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Plot, And More

The third season makes its audience chuckle while discussing the key problems that parents have to undergo due to the age gap between them and their children. You can watch the Trying on Apple TV+ that went live on 22nd July 2022.

Trying Season 3 Release Date

Jason and Nikki not only have a dysfunctional relationship but some crazy stuff going on in both of their lives. They have weird friends and families to deal with while also getting ready for convincing the adoption authorities to the adoption of their children. By the end of season two, the adoption processes for Jason, Nikki, and their children are almost completed and the third season will be more about the complications involved in understanding the mindsets of the new members of their family.

The children are new to the family as well and they need their time to adjust to Nikki and Jason and they are taking the time to build a bond of trust. However, the entire third season is spiced up with the excellent comical writing and dialogue delivery of the actors.

Trying Season 3 was released on 22nd July 2022 and with this release, a new chapter has unfolded in the life of Jason, Nikki, and their family. You can watch the entire series on Apple TV+.

Trying Season 3 Apple TV+

Trying is one of those shows that not only entertain the parents but the entire family including teenagers. The universal humor and a relatable storyline allow this show to become a part of itself over the seasons. The entire course of its adventures and witty jokes makes it a fun ride to go through. The last few seasons not only entertained the audience but were able to create a bond with them that has made them wait for the third season.

You can watch Trying on Apple TV+ while the third season aired on 22nd July 2022. Apple TV+ is a streaming platform by Apple Inc and known for being the host of some of the best TV shows in the world.

Trying Season 3 Cast

Trying is one of those shows that has talented actors carrying a great storyline on their skills. All the actors do justice with their roles while being sensitive towards the subject. Following are some of the main actors that were cast for the roles in Trying season 3.

  • Esther Smith as Nikki
  • Rafe Spall as Jason
  • Eden Togwell as Princess
  • Oliver Chris as Freddy
  • Sian Brooke as Karen
  • Darren Boyd as Scott
  • Robyn Cara as Jen
  • Ophelia Lovibond as Erica
  • Phil Davis as Victor Ross
  • Paula Wilcox as Sandra Ross

Trying Season 3 created by Andy Wolton, who has done a great job in weaving different emotions in a single thread while managing a star cast effectively. The cast has done a great job and all the actors are delivering the performances that they are supposed to deliver.

Trying Season 3 Trailer

The trailer for Trying season 3 is out and it is worth all the buzz that is around the third season. The trailer gives us a glimpse of the third season and the new challenges that will come into the life of Jason and Nikki. While both of them are trying to create a bond with their new members of the family, things are not going as well as they thought they will, especially for Nikki. While the children are enjoying themselves with Jason, Nikki wants to get close to her kids as well.

However, on the sideline, the process of adoption has to be approved by the judges, and Jason and Nikki are trying their best to prepare for the approval interview.

The different aspects of troubles, struggles, variety, care, and the power of love are depicted beautifully in the trailer which has increased the expectations for the next season.

Trying Season 3 Plot

Trying Season 3 plot is around creating a new connection with the children and Jason & Nikki. With the new challenges of amalgamating the children to a new home and new neighborhood, Jason and Nikki are trying their best. However, in season 3, things are working out better for Jason while not as great for Nikki.

The story of Trying eventually boils down to the power of love that Jason and Nikki believe in and are willing to share with their children. They believe that their affection and care will eventually lead to making a strong connection with their children and they will accept them as their parents. Hope and love take the central theme as the season progresses.  


Trying is one of those shows that deal with human emotions beautifully while also incorporating comedy in between. It is a pleasure to watch a TV show that you can watch with your family and enjoy the entire course of a lovely couple to love their kids and provide them with the best they can. Trying Season 3 gives hope to a lot of families that are going through the same situations and it does while delivering them some smiles. 

We hope that this article will provide you with the right knowledge about the series and compel you to watch the next season as soon as it is aired on 22nd July 2022 on Apple TV+.

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