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EcoPlus Reviews – Is It An Any Car Friendly Fuel Saver Device?

Do rash driving and traffic jams often affect your car’s fuel consumption? Then this EcoPlus review can help you optimize it according to your driving habits. 

What is an Engine Control Unit (ECU)?  The engine control module controls a series of actuators in an engine that ensures optimum performance.

I am a car fanatic always exploring ways to improve the performance of cars. I am gonna introduce you to the EcoPlus fuel saver chip which can remap your car’s ECU to optimize fuel consumption.

EcoPlus Reviews – A Chip Tuning Box To Improve The Performance Of Your Car!

The makers of the module claim it to be a flexible engine optimizer that adjusts itself according to the car driver’s habits. 

Is it worth trying? Will it really help save on your gas expenses?

Go through the EcoPlus fuel saver reviews for more information. This EcoPlus review consists of features, pricing, benefits, and answers to some obvious questions. Continue reading for more. 

EcoPlus Reviews
Device NameEcoPlus
TypeOBD2 Fuel Saver
FitAny cars
BenefitsIt reduces fuel consumption.
Improve the overall performance of your vehicle.
Help reduce CO2 emissions from the car.
The fight against climate change.
Engine Oil TypeSuitable for both diesel and gasoline engines
ProsBoosts the fuel efficiency by 35–55%.
ConsOnly limited stock is available.
SpecificationsSaving fuel
Easy to install
Sleek design
Usage MethodPlugin Method
Overall Rating★ ★ ★ ★ ✩  4.7/5
Money-Back Guarantee30 days
AvailabilityOnly through the official website

What Is EcoPlus?

EcoPlus is an easy-to-use chip tuning box that works by plugging into your car to maintain optimum fuel consumption. It gets connected to the car computer from which it receives data about the car’s activity.

The EcoPlus module will get familiarized with the car after going some distance and helps adjust the boost pressure, fuel quantity, and the timing of fuel injection to enhance the performance of your car. 

The EcoPlus fuel saver is available on the EcoPlus’s official website which will be provided in this EcoPlus chip review.

You can purchase the EcoPlus gas saver chip from the website without any hassles and plug it into the On-Board Diagnostic 2 (OBD2) connector to enjoy the benefits assured by the manufacturer.

They also provide you with a secure 30-day full money-back guarantee which puts you on the safer side. 

EcoPlus – Main Features

  • Automatic remapping – After driving around 150 miles on the road, the EcoPlus chip tuning box retrieves data from the car and intelligently adjusts according to the driver’s habits. It automatically remaps the ECU to optimize fuel consumption. 
  • Easy to use – EcoPlus system is a simple module that can be easily carried around and plugged into the car’s OBD2 connector to enjoy the benefits. The chip gets connected with the ECU of the car and boosts performance. 
  • Eco-friendly – EcoPlus device is an electronic regulator module that is completely pollution-free without any emissions. The module can actually help reduce the harmful emissions from vehicles by optimizing the fuel usage and performance of the car. 
  • Performance enhancer – The EcoPlus module self-adjusts according to the driver and helps in increasing the horsepower and torque through regular usage. This helps your car improve its overall performance simultaneously keeping the fuel consumption in check. 

How Does EcoPlus Work?

EcoPlus fuel saver is a handy chip tuning box that can be plugged into the OBD2 connector of your car which is present under the dashboard of the driver’s seat.

The EcoPlus electronic module links with the car’s engine control module (ECU) and works based on OBD2 protocols that help it remap the ECU. It constantly retrieves information from the car’s engine and acts accordingly.

This helps EcoPlus control boost pressure, fuel quantity, and timing of fuel injection. This helps improve the total performance of the car.

Also, this EcoPlus review can assure you that the functioning of the actuators of the engine is kept under constant check by the module to optimize fuel consumption.   

EcoPlus Working

EcoPlus Benefits

  • Fights against climate change – The EcoPlus fuel optimizer helps in lessening fuel consumption that helps in yielding lesser carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide increase in the atmosphere gets reduced with the use of EcoPlus and hence fights climate change. 
  • Convenient and handy – All the functions that the electronic module is supposed to perform are all pre-programmed in it for your convenience. This makes it easy to plug and use without any external help. 
  • Highly compatible – The device is compatible with every car manufactured after the year 1996. On-Board diagnostics 2 (OBD2) was installed on all the cars manufactured back then and EcoPlus is plugged into the OBD connector of the car. 
  • Save money – The EcoPlus device remaps your car’s ECU to optimize fuel consumption and is programmed to reduce the fuel usage by the car. This helps you save a lot on your gas bills. 
  • Enhances your car’s ECU system – The ECU system gets continuously monitored by the EcoPlus technology and improves the functioning of the engine control unit. 
EcoPlus Benefits

EcoPlus Pros And Cons


  • Lightweight and handy in design making it easy to carry around and change.
  • Easy to plug and use and no maintenance required.
  • Optimizes fuel consumption. 
  • Decreases carbon dioxide emissions. 
  • Boosts vehicle performance. 
  • Increases vehicle’s horsepower and torque. 


  • With any number of purchases, the official website charges a shipping fee. 
  • The chances of stocks and offers running out is very high. 

Is EcoPlus Legit Or Not?

EcoPlus OBD2 fuel-saving technology is a trustable driver-friendly accessory exclusively developed by expert engineers for saving fuel.

The EcoPlus device is a chip tuning box that can be plugged into the OBD2 connector of a vehicle that remaps the vehicle’s engine control unit and optimizes fuel consumption by analyzing the drive.

It has been tested on-road by experts to ensure good performance and enhance the vehicle’s horsepower and torque. 

The EcoPlus sensor along with the reduction of fuel consumption also lowers the harmful emissions from the vehicle like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Your investment in buying an EcoPlus OBD2 connector is protected by the manufacturers by a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied with the device in a month you can return it to avail a full refund. 

EcoPlus Customer Reviews And Complaints

The EcoPlus consumer reports suggest the usage of the device is useful to increase vehicle performance. The majority of the customers backed the EcoPlus device and reported optimum fuel consumption.

EcoPlus Customer Reviews

Savings on gas bills were the most discussed feature of EcoPlus fuel saver. 

It’s inevitable that I came across some negative reviews also from users who were not satisfied with the product.

Genuine EcoPlus reviews support the device and praised it for the benefits obtained after using it. Complaints often came about the unavailability of the EcoPlus chip offline and in retail stores.  

EcoPlus Pricing And Availability

The EcoPlus gas saver can only be ordered online from the official website with the best offers and is not available in any eCommerce or retail store. 

The module is priced at $44.94 online which includes the shipping charge of $4.95.

Five EcoPlus chip tuning boxes can be ordered at the same time on a single purchase. The EcoPlus manufacturer also recommends buying more than one device which can help you save a lot on shipping.  

It is only available online because of the unauthorized supply of the EcoPlus device by other suppliers under the same name.

It is against the laws and if you wish for an authentic product provided with all the security, it is better to order it from the official website. 

EcoPlus Reviews Verdict

From my EcoPlus reviews, the EcoPlus fuel saver seems to be a legitimate device that could be recommended as an effective fuel saver.

The EcoPlus device remaps the ECU according to the information retrieved from the engine to optimize fuel consumption and boosts performance.

This helps the EcoPlus users to cut their monthly gas bills and maintenance expenses to a large extent. 

The majority of the EcoPlus customer reports are uncontrived and genuine according to my findings.

EcoPlus technology is an eco-friendly device that is pre-programmed and easy to plug and use. All your payments are secured with quick and easy delivery.

Furthermore, the EcoPlus manufacturer provides a 100% money-back assurance on dissatisfaction within 30 days with guaranteed hassle-free returns. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When will it show its benefits?

After riding for over 150 miles, EcoPlus self-adjusts to remap the car’s performance to optimize the fuel consumption without disturbing the driver’s habits. 

2. Is there a shipping charge associated with the purchase?

Yes, every purchase from the official website has a constant shipping charge associated with it which will be added during the checkout. 

 3. Is it safe to use?

EcoPlus is a simple electronic module that is absolutely safe to use on your vehicle and can only optimize fuel consumption and performance. It cannot harm your vehicle in any way possible.  

4. How can they claim it to fight against climate change?

The EcoPlus module works by decreasing fuel consumption which helps in reducing the harmful carbon dioxide emissions that in turn help fight climate change. 

5. How much time would it take for the delivery?

The majority of the EcoPlus customer reports stated fast and convenient delivery within 2 weeks of purchase.

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