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Remarriage & Desires Release Date, Trailer On Netflix, Cast, Synopsis, And More

“Remarriage & Desires” Season 1  is a South Korean TV series directed by Kim Jeong-min and mainly featuring Kim Hee-sun, Lee Hyun-Wook, Jung Yoo-jin, and Park Hoon. The Netflix original series streamed on Netflix globally on 15th July 2022 i.e. Friday. The show was at that point one of the most anticipated and the trailer aroused the crowd’s curiosity miles and steps above.

Remarriage & Desires Released Date, Trailer, And Cast

The series has rapidly been a subject of discussion among devotees of Korean shows since the declaration of its creation and the arrival of the mystery. What’s more, as the delivery date gets close, the stand-by is getting terrible.

This series is a parody of Korean culture that is represented by want. Set at the selected matchmaking office Rex takes special care of the highest levels of society, aggressive spirits desire to overhaul their status by wedding or remarrying into the positions of the world-class.

Basically, it likewise gives a look into the relationships of the super-rich and high societies as well as the organizations that arrange with them. They seek to seize somebody from the “Black” level, the most noteworthy gathering comprising the top 0.001 percent of the populace.

Remarriage & Desires is one more particular sort of show that is being presented by the K-drama industry. It was written by Lee Geun Young. Yet again this show uncovers something pertinent in the ongoing social, in the general public of Korea, and in the social orders of different nations.

The story follows Seo Hye-Seung whose principal intention is – retribution against legal counselor Jin Yoo-hee, who drove her better half to the brink of death. She is presently prepared to make Jin Yoo-hee pay for all that she persevered and all that she lost including the trillionaire she needs to wed.

She sets on her very much arranged vengeance system by enlisting herself at ‘Rex’ – a match-making conglomerate. The show obviously is displayed as a parody of business-situated high society families in South Korea, for whom relationships are simple business ties and the working of the match-making business. Remarriage & Desires has three strong female leads, every last one of them solid-willed and zeroed into the point of doing everything without exception to finish their plan.

Remarriage & Desires Release Date on Netflix

Much anticipated impending Netflix k-show ‘Remarriage & Desires’ delivered its official trailer. The Netflix original series streamed on Netflix globally from 15th July 2022 i.e. Friday. The show was at that point one of the most anticipated and the trailer aroused the crowd’s curiosity miles and steps above.

Remarriage & Desires, a vengeance, a want, and parody-based series, is presently delivering its most memorable first season on Netflix. The debut of the first season of Remarriage & Desires happens on Netflix on the fifteenth of July, 2022.

Fans can never again keep up with their understanding in light of the fact that the trailer has proactively started various bits of hearsay, speculations, and sensations of energy. there are eight episodes in all of the series. In addition, the length of every episode will be roughly around an hour.

Remarriage & Desires Cast 

The South Korean TV series “Remarriage & Desires” is directed by Kim Jeong-min. The story of the series is written by Lee Geun-Yeong. Likewise, it is being produced by Image9Tiger and Tiger Studio.

The cast and characters in the Netflix K-Drama are –

  • Kim Hee-sun as Seo Hye-Seung: a regular upper-working class housewife in Gangnam.
  • Lee Hyun-Wook as Lee Hyeong-Joo: an endeavor organization leader.
  • Jung Yoo-jin as Jin Yoo-hee: a legal counselor at an enormous partnership with a craving to turn into the top class.
  • Cha Ji-Yeon as Choi Yoo-seon: a delegate of Rex, the nation’s top-class proficient marriage organization.
  • Park Hoon as Choi Yoo-sun: a teacher who has a dispute with Choi Yoo-seon over his dad’s gigantic fortune.
  • Kim Sa-Kwon
  • Lady Jane as a station host
  • Kim Mi-Kyung Lee Hyeong-Joo’s mom
  • Kim Yoon-Seo
  • Lee Doo-Seok
  • Jung Woo-hyuk
  • Yang Mal-bok

Remarriage & Desires Plot

At the unique matchmaking authority named Rex, the upper citizens of the community are taken care of. Individuals from the matchmaking administration are aggressive and try to redesign their societal position by wedding into the positions of the world-class people, specifically those recorded under the “Black” level, a tip-top gathering comprising just 0.001 percent of the populace.

Remarriage & Desires Trailer

Remarriage & Desires exposes the real nature of our general public and human instinct; it is a fair gander at how want and aspiration can go crazy dishonestly. This capricious, mocking series was delivered to the north of 190 nations all over the planet just through Netflix on 15th July 2022.

Netflix has delivered a brand new trailer for the Korean-language series, ‘Remarriage & Desires.’

The trailer of Remarriage & Desires illuminates the general public where marriage is a business element controlled by a partnership called ‘Rex’. The trailer all through gives energies of the blockbuster k-show series ‘Penthouse’ and maybe more confounded than that with power, selling out, contest, and vengeance at play.

The 8-episode restricted Korean series is good to go to prevail upon both conventional Netflix crowd and k-show fans through its restricted episode configuration and against industrialist treatment likened to the k-drama series named Squid Game. Besides the fact that the show gloats of a power-stuffed cast, in addition vows to convey a nail-gnawing show.

The trailer catches the longings of individuals needing to wed into abundance and the shadow of retribution hiding in it. At the point when very rich person Lee Hyung Joo (played by Lee Hyun Wook) pursues the matchmaking organization, Rex, its CEO Choi Yoo Seon (Cha Ji Yeon) concocts a major intention to track down the best lady of the hour for him.

Seo Hye Seung (Kim Hee Sun) meets Jin Yoo Hee (Jung Yoo Jin) at Rex, who totally annihilated her life, and rapidly discovers that she is searching for somebody from the “Black” level to wed her.

As Hye Seung can’t pardon her for destroying her everyday life, she chooses to wed somebody from a similar level to retaliate against her. Hye Seung then runs over her most memorable love Cha Seok Jin (Park Hoon), another dark-level part, whose stepmother is the organization’s CEO.

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