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Rap Sh!t Release Date, Cast, And Plot- Spoiler Alert!!

HBO Max is one of the top subscription-driven OTT platforms that churns out the most original content under Max Originals. Every week there is an original that plans to catch the attention of the original movie lovers. HBO Max also showcases podcasts. And the latest to join the bandwagon is Rap Sh!t. Issa Rae is back with a bang and in style, not as an actress but as the executive producer of the show Rap Sh!t. This is an upcoming comedy show, which will be aired on HBO Max. The show already made its debut at the American Black Film Festival, a month back. It will Hit the OTT platform on July 21.

Rap Sh!t Release Date

The series is supposedly going to air eight episodes, one every week, with the final deadline being set on September 1. There are others who are backing the show, with their expertise, including Jonathan Berry, Montreal McKay, Syreeta Singleton, Dave Becky, and Deniese Davis, as executive producers. Issa Rae has also written the premiere episode, which is going to air on July 21. She also happens to have co-written the final episode with Syreeta.

Rap Sh!t Release Date, Cast & Spoilers

The storyline seems to be quite engaging, and HBO Max will surely keep its reputation. All those who are inquisitive about the storyline get a sneak peek into the same. The series Rap Sh!t mainly focuses on the relationship of two long-lost high school friends. The storyline revolves around Shawna and Mia. Both friends come together after a long hiatus to form a rap band. Viewers will get to witness their success journey and also the ups and downs faced by musicians in the industry. The announcement of the show comes on the heels of the finale of Rae’s successfully running series, Insecure which ended last year. Rae seems to have made a fine move to move on to more exciting ventures, and this show seems to be one of them.

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Rap Sh!t Cast

The cast of Rap Sh!t has a heady mix of actors in lead roles. There are actors, comedians, and real rappers. Now, many out there must be wondering who these two ladies in lead roles will be reprised by. So, the cat is out of the bag now.

  • KaMillion will play Mia
  • Aida Osman is also a star in her own right, well-known for hosting the show, Crooked Media culture and politics podcast Keep It.
  • Shawna happens to work in a hotel, while retaining her passion for rap music.
  • Mia is a single struggling mother who does multiple jobs to support herself and her child. She also does make-up as one of the odd jobs. Now, this has got all hooked.
  • Jonica Booth as Chastity
  • Devon Terrell as Cliff
  • RJ Cyler as Lamont
  • Chastity plays the character of a sex worker in the series. She also happens to call herself the ‘Duke of Miami’.
  • Cliff happens to be Shawna’s long-distance lover. Additionally, Lamont is an aspiring producer who has the ability to spot and nurture talent.
  • Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut reprises Fatima, who is Cliff’s close friend.
  • Daniel Augustin, who plays Maurice, Shawna’s colleague
  • Amandla Jahava, who reprises the role of Jill, who is Shawna’s friend and someone who works with Spotify.

Rap Sh!t Spoiler Alert!!

According to Rae, one of the executive producers of the show, there is a lot of real-life inspiration for the show. Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B happen to be the real-life rappers who may have charged Rae, to go for it as the brain behind the series. In a recent interview, Rae pointed out how social media played a huge role in the success of the two rap stars. The series, Rap Sh!t will definitely have some of that, in the form of social media playing a huge role in the success of the leading ladies. Instagram and live streaming platforms also play a huge role in the life of the characters, Shawna and Mia.

When Issa Rae, had announced the completion of her hit series, insecure, fans were bewildered and got emotional. Now, it is time for all those fans to celebrate, as Issa Rae will be back, but as executive producer on the show.

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For the unversed, Issa Rae has been fighting racialism, in a subtle way, by including black characters as protagonists in her shows and series. She has already won TIME’s 100 most influential people, and her last show also got nominated for the Golden Globe and Emmys. Now, she is riding high on success and plans to emulate the same success through none other than Rap Sh!t.

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