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Westworld Season 4

It’s already apparent that this season is going to be a roller coaster ride for the fans. Season 4 of HBO’s most popular show Westworld was released after over 2 years of waiting on June 26, 2022.

Westworld Season 4: MORE

Season 4 of Westworld picks up 7 years after the last episode of season 3 where Dolores sacrificed herself to defeat Serac.

Westworld Season 4; Episode 2 ‘Well Enough Alone’ Ends At A Cliffhanger

As season 3 had a suspenseful ending, the fans of Westworld from all over the world were very excited and eager about Westworld season 4.

The eight episodes of Westworld season 4 show that the series is back with a bang and two years of wait was worth it. 

HBO Westworld Season 4: Episode 1 Recap

The first episode of Westworld Season 4 named ‘The Auguries’ is set in the year 2060 and the episode opens by showing William trying to buy a plot from a businessman who isn’t ready to sell it.

William, who is adamant about buying the plot, threatens the businessman but the guy doesn’t take it seriously.

Then we can see the businessman in his walk-in closet with a bunch of buzzing flies ( we all have seen this before).

After the scene, we see the businessman giving an iPad to William which presumably is the plot that William is looking for.

Then the episode shows Dolores who is actually not Dolores. Dolores is a new person and her new name is Christina, who is working for a video game company called Olympiad Entertainment.

In the scene, it is shown that Christina is having trouble with her job as a storyline writer for background characters as her boss tells her that her stories don’t have enough violence or sex.

At the same time, Christina also gets many anonymous calls saying that she ruined their life. 

Then Season 4 shows Maeve who is meditating in a cabin in the woods and she has flashbacks of her daughter, Caleb, and everything that happened in her life. Caleb on the other hand is a married man who has a child and is leading a healthy life.

Later Christina is shown again in the first episode and her anonymous calls turn out to be a man named Peter, who happens to be a character in her games.

The Westworld Season 4 ends with Peter jumping off of a building after asking Christina “Is it up to me or did you write this too?”. 

HBO Westworld Season 4: Episode 2 Recap

The second episode “ Well Enough Alone” started off by showing Williams attacking Clementine in her home and asking her where Maeve is.

Then the episode shows Christina trying to write a new storyline for the background characters and trying to find out how she is responsible for ruining the life of Peter, and many other people.

Later in the second episode of Season 4, we see Maeve and Caleb together trying to untangle their own mystery while trying to get answers from William’s former associate.

When they find that Dolores-Hale and William have replaced the former associate and their family with hosts, they kill off the host posing as William’s associate and Meave gathers information from the other hoster with the power that she has.

Then Meave and Caleb are seen on a train that is not similar to the train that carried happy guests to the old Delos park which means that they are going to the new Delos attraction. 

Then as the episode continues, we see Christina who has been trying to find answers about Peter at Hope Center for Mental Health.

At the mental health center, she is tangled in a mess after knowing that Peter, who jumped off a building in front of her a few days back, has a wing dedicated to him years before he died. 

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